Huge Potential For Meme Tech To Be The Next Big Disruption

Huge Potential For Meme Tech To Be The Next Big Disruption

Date: May 31, 2024

Alex Taub, an active investor with multiple successful exits, has claimed that the meme industry will undergo revolutionary tech transformation.

What do you do if you want to send a meme to your friends or family? Google the template and customize it on editing software. Sounds like too much work for a layman meme sharer, right? We mostly come across new or viral memes on social media platforms. Searching for a meme is a daunting task on social media as they are not great search engines. Finding relevant hashtags, remembering the page that posted it, and scouting its timeline take a lot of time and energy. This usually leaves a meme-sharing session left incomplete.

Alex Taud, a longtime founder of multiple successful startups, feels that the tech industry will soon address this issue, and it will be the next big thing. In a conversation with a tec media house, he claimed that he has a big thesis that meme tech is going to be the next big thing. Memes have expanded from mere indirect jokes to a complete industry employing thousands of people globally. People have established amazing careers on social media platforms just by creating memes that either go with the trend or are themselves trendsetters.

But not everyone can make a meme go viral. The limitation may not necessarily be in the maker's creativity but in the tech they have at their disposal. The existing list of meme-making apps and software is a joke on its potential. The global meme industry is expected to reach $6.1 billion by 2025. That is an impressive number for an industry that exists just because people have fun.

Tech innovation is not required to be impactful or needful. Likewise, meme tech does not need to find a real-world impact to evolve. It is already an accepted way of communication worldwide and is growing rapidly as an indirect way to portray serious messages with enhanced relatability. The biggest platform offering meme creativity is GIFY, which Meta has already acquired. Independent applications don’t provide a robust library or tools to make making memes easy.

According to Alex, if this gap is filled, it will disrupt multiple social media platforms. General users will flood the social media platforms with their creative side, and meme pages can expand their creative capabilities manifold. Overall, meme tech has a big opportunity to become the next big thing.

Arpit Dubey

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