HALO AI Headband Claims It Can Control Your Dreams

HALO AI Headband Claims It Can Control Your Dreams

Date: January 31, 2024

Artificial Intelligence has now reached the human brain, with HALO’s AI-powered headband claiming it can induce and stabilize lucid dreams.

Have you seen Inception? Would you pay for a device that can give a similar experience? How much are you willing to pay for a commercial device that claims to do something as powerful as Christopher Nolan’s vision? Prophetic, a startup working in the field of expanding human consciousness, has brought an innovation that can allegedly induce and control your dreams. HALO AI headband is an AI-powered device that sends signals to the brain to stabilize dreams.

The product is retailing at a whopping $2,000. The company behind this innovative idea, Prophetic, has claimed that this solution will revolutionize human capabilities beyond physical sleep improvement methods. HALO runs on Morpheus-1, Prophetic multimodal AI model trained on brain data to take ultrasound holograms as instructions instead of text prompts. It then understands the right signals to send and stimulate the prefrontal cortex.

How Does It Work?

The way HALO works is extremely simple for a user. They need to wear the headband before going to sleep. The device automatically tracks sleep cycles to find the right brain signals indicating the REM cycle. When a user reaches the REM cycle, it then sends a series of instructions that can send signals to induce dreaming. The device can also control and stabilize REM sleep cycles that cause dreaming.

"It will be autonomously happening while you wear the headband," Prophetic CEO and cofounder Eric Wollberg said in a demo describing how the Halo works.

Is It Fit To Use?

The company has not made any public comments on the efficiency, errors, or risks of the device on brain activity. However, the team has already started its human trials by offering the early testers $2,000 worth of devices for free. Surprisingly, over 400 people have already signed up for the beta program in just four hours of its launch. The final beta testing phase will begin in Spring 2024. 

HALO is not the first-ever sleep-controlling device on the market. Neuroon Open sleeping mask, Aurora dream band, and InstaDreamer bracelet already exist with the claims of giving control of dreams to their users. However, none have been made commercially available to the public yet.

Outside the sleep-controlling realm, brain technology is emerging rapidly as a new market with decent investments worldwide. Artificial intelligence is powering the development of brain technology, and the recent generative AI boom has increased the investments and output manifold. With official documented evidence of the HALO’s capabilities, this product may revolutionize human sleep and also provide breakthroughs in treating various diseases.

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