Grab Partners With OpenAI In a First-Of-Its-Kind Deal

Grab Partners With OpenAI In a First-Of-Its-Kind Deal

Date: May 30, 2024

Grab is a superapp in the Southeast Asian region. The company has formed a strategic partnership that will help its end customers experience AI capabilities.

Grab, a super app renowned in Southeast Asia, has partnered strategically with OpenAI to improve its customer experience and add new service capabilities. This partnership deal will unlock Grab's AI capabilities to help its users access better features and services. Grab will utilize ChatGPT's AI capabilities to enrich user, partner, and employee experience.

Grab has made its official announcement on its website furnishing various details of the deal and its resulting impact. For end users, the app will host a new AI chatbot for smarter query resolutions in faster timelines. It will integrate OpenAI’s state-of-the-art text and voice capabilities to meet the specific needs of customers navigating the application. With the improved AI accuracy, OCR functions in devices will run faster. 

The latest collaboration will help the end consumers and the Drivers, Merchants, and Enterprise leaders. It allows users to deliver or receive anything within a city, from food and groceries to insurance products and payments. However, the majority of its user base belongs to the younger generation.

Grab’s collaboration with OpenAI will enhance the accessibility of the app for the disabled and elderly using AI to improve the convenience of operation. In terms of customer support, it plans to run a pilot ChatGPT chatbot project to understand how AI can help better understand and resolve various issues. The company is also updating GrabMaps to provide faster routes and automate high-quality data extraction from images. 

Regarding the collaboration, Philipp Kandal, Chief Product Officer, Grab said, “We’ve been a pioneer of AI adoption in the region, and believe that generative AI has a lot of potential to further transform the way we solve problems for our partners and users. We’re excited to work with OpenAI as a partner to help accelerate the exploration and use of this technology within Grab. Our goal with any new technology has always been to use it to solve real problems, at scale. Equipped with the latest tools, we look forward to building novel and delightful experiences for our customers while improving the way that every Grabber works.”

Grab is known globally as one of the best food delivery apps in Southeast Asia. The AI boost Grab has received will extend its service offering excellence, expand scope of services, and benefits to the employees. The company is planning to run multiple pilot projects within internal teams and partners to improve productivity, communication, and a collaborative ecosystem.

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