Google’s Latest AI Creates Music From 100+ World Instruments

Google’s Latest AI Creates Music From 100+ World Instruments

Date: December 04, 2023

Google, the largest tech company in the world has launched a new AI tool that lets users create music from over 100 world instruments easily.

Earlier, creators of artistic products like music, songs, etc., had to do it all by themselves unless they had a lot of money to outsource the task. Now, AI has made all of these things easier without the need for an expert’s intervention. Google, a leading tech company across the globe has introduced a new AI tool that can generate new music from over 100 world-renowned instruments. The Arts & Cultures Lab, led by Simon Doury, has created Instrument Playground, which utilizes large language models to learn the minute details of instruments.

The use of AI to create music is not a pioneering step by Google. Many companies have introduced their version of music generators with both wonderful capabilities and disappointing limitations. These tools have been useful only to some extent in music or art production, but fail to offer a complete solution.

How To Use Instrument Playground?

Instead of trying to cover a broad ground, Google’s Instrument Playground comes with a limited use case. It allows users to utilize instruments from around the world to generate music. It’s that simple. Instruments from India like the Veena, or Mbira from Zimbabwe are present in its extensive library of 100+ instruments. This gives an easy and simple additional layer of music to artists who want to explore the real-world usage of an instrument in their production before investing in it. The AI tool uses MusicLM which generates a 20-second sound clip of selected instruments based on the custom prompts. Users can elaborate on the mood including gloomy, sad, cheerful, and many more, to create music in a powerful text-to-sound conversion process. 

Playing With The Sequencer mode

The sequencer mode, just like the actual sequencer of instruments, combines up to 4 music instruments to create multiple layers of music loops that they can use later. The output produced offers custom formats that work with most music production software. Google has also created sample music purely from the tool to explain its capabilities and the artistic freedom it offers.

Here’s one of them, if you want to know how impressively Instrument Playground works.

It is important to understand that the product is relatively new and may come with its own learning curve mistakes. Till the official product is rolled out, testing the waters is the best an artist can do with this product.

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