Google Will Start Deleting Your Inactive Account Soon

Google Will Start Deleting Your Inactive Account Soon

Date: August 21, 2023

Google recently sent an Email to its vast user base regarding an important update on the account inactivity policy and deletion.

Google has recently reached out to its global user base of nearly 4.3 Billion accounts regarding an important policy update around account inactivity. Google will start deleting the accounts that have stayed inactive for 2 years or more. Even though the policy update has been rolled out, it will be executed from 1st December 2023 onwards.

Users who have not logged into their Google account for at least 2 years will lose their account soon. The account will be considered inactive if you are a Google account holder who has not logged into it for 2 years on any device or through a third-party application. 

Inactive Account Deletion Process

Google has given a leeway period of around 2 months to all its users to change the status of their accounts to active by simply logging in. It will also start sending intimation emails to all the accounts and their respective backup accounts. Google has stated that each user will be notified repeatedly for a period of 8 months before their account is permanently deleted.

What Will Happen To The Deleted Accounts?

Once your account is deleted, it will not be recoverable. Also, the deleted accounts’ email IDs will not be reusable either. So, if your account is gone, it will stay gone forever, and you will not be able to create a new Google account using the same. This policy is applicable across the Google platform and all its respective products.

How To Maintain An Active Status

If you want to keep your Google account, you only need to log in to it within 2 years of its last use. Remember that a Google account you have kept logged in but have not accessed or used in 2 years will still be considered inactive. So, kindly keep visiting your logged-in Google accounts if you do not want them to fall into the list of dormant accounts.

Another Update To Keep Your Account Safe

Google One has recently rolled out a new feature called Dark Web Report to help you identify if your sensitive information is lurking around the Dark Web. The Dark Web is a notorious place, and most users don’t even know that their information has been compromised or used for illegal activities. So, use this tool to stay safe and identify any security leaks your personal information may have been subjected to.

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