Google Stadia vs. Apple Arcade: Which Is Better?

Let's find out the detailed comparison between the two different visions of gaming.

Google Stadia vs. Apple Arcade

Everyone wants a piece of the gaming streaming services industry. Recently Google announced its upcoming gaming platform called Stadia and a week later Apple introduced Apple Arcade with its Apple TV plus streaming services.

Apple Arcade games will allow you to play games on any iOS devices, including Apple TV, whereas Google wants you to stream games anywhere via its Chrome browser. Both services look quite similar to each other but if you research deeper then you will find that there are plenty of differences.

Comparison Between Google Stadia and Apple Arcade

If you are thinking about which one you should choose to spend your hard earned money in the future, you will like to examine these points before making the decision to purchase.

Comparison Between Google Stadia and Apple Arcade
  Apple Arcade Google Stadia


iOS, Mac, Apple TV Any device that runs Google Chrome

Game Lineup 

100+ Indie and AAA titles, including Sonic Racing

AAA games include Doom Eternal

Streaming or Download?

Download Streaming


TBD monthly fee TBD


Fall 2019, 150+ countries 2019, U.S., UK, Europe, Canada


No Yes

1. Lineup Of Games

Google Stadia

The game lineup for Googe Stadia is still a secret. But there is one thing for sure that Bethesda’s majorly anticipated shooter Doom Eternal is arriving at the service. Assassin’s Creed, NBA 2K and Doom (2016) demonstrated on the platform during the Google Developer Conference 2019.

Google Stadia

Therefore, we are likely to assume that these games will be available on Stadia as well. As per the report, Google will also release its own original games under the Stadia Games brand.

Apple Arcade

Apple stated that it will provide a collection of 100-plus exclusive and apple new games. It will consist of familiar franchises and indie experience games. As per the confirmation, the lineup will include LEGO brawls, Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, Beyond a Steel Sky, The Artful Escape and Sonic Racing.

Apple also plans to invest in indie studios with the aim of bringing exclusive games to its services.

2. Platforms

Google Stadia

It has more advantages as via Google Stadia you can able to stream to smartphones, tablets, smart TV’s and PC’s that can run Chrome or Youtube.

Stadia will support the most modern USB controllers that also include a keyboard and a mouse. While playing via PC, Google will provide its own gamepad known as Stadia Controller. The device pairs through Wi-Fi to ensure better connectivity to your games in the cloud.

It will also carry dedicated buttons for capturing videos for YouTube and displaying Google Assistant for gaming tips.

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade games are restricted to Mac, iOS and Apple TV devices. But Apple has one big advantage over Stadia i.e. you can play games offline by downloading them. This is very beneficial for people with weaker internet connections. With Arcade you can sync your progress even at the time of changing your device just like Stadia.

3. Availability and Pricing

Google Stadia

It is expected to arrive this year with only an initial launch planned in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Europe. The pricing structure is still not revealed. There can be a single recurring fee or you will have to buy games on a lump-sum basis.

Apple Arcade

It is expected to launch in more than 150  countries this fall. The price of the Apple Arcade is yet to be finalized. However, Apple said that the entire game collection will be provided for a single monthly fee. You can also share the subscription with others via the ‘Family’ sharing feature.

Final Thoughts

So, now as per the above comparison, Google Stadia and Apple Arcade are different in vast terms. Gamers will have a totally different experience while using these services.

Apple Arcade has focused more on keeping its library stacked with small but quality enriched games. On the other hand, Stadia promises to bring big blockbuster games on any device if the user is streaming them from the cloud. Stadia's success will depend on its gaming collection and offline support.

Google Stadia is a beast for gamers who prefer console games and have better internet connectivity. If you are a gamer who prefers indie games then Apple Arcade will work wonders for you.

It is very soon to say for sure who will win this battle. But one thing that is guaranteed is a lot of excitement for game lovers.

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