Google May Bring Gemini AI To Gmail And More Soon

Google May Bring Gemini AI To Gmail And More Soon

Date: April 05, 2024

Google has been working to integrate the capabilities of Gemini AI into its other services, like Gmail, which you may experience soon

Ever since AI's boom in 2022, every big tech player has been exploring ways to enhance its services by integrating AI capabilities. Google is one of the larger fighters in the AI arena, with Gemini AI as its biggest tool to rival OpenAI, Anthropic, and others. The tech giant plans to integrate Gemini AI’s capabilities into its general services to transform end-user experiences drastically.

Gmail is the first service that may soon begin witnessing the power of Gemini AI. Google plans to enable AI in Gmail to offer quick replies without the hassle of creating one from scratch. The AI will read the received messages and form three reply suggestions, which users can edit, add, or change based on their preferences. After choosing the right option, users can continue editing the content in the main Email interface. 

The features have been rolled out to select internal teams and stakeholders to try Gemini’s capabilities to improve work on Gmail. The teams are testing pre-written replies generated by Gemini to understand the received mail's accuracy and the suggested replies' efficiency. We will have to wait for a Google announcement or feature rollout details on this matter.

This effort is part of a larger vision to enable every service with AI enhancements. AI features will remain a part of an added layer, as the tech giant will keep non-AI as the base framework for the general audience. The company also plans to introduce a singular paid access for AI features across its offerings, OneAI. The subscribers of OneAI will get free access to integrate any AI offering on any Google tool they use.

AI is blurring the lines between improvement based on need and improvement because one can. With AI features revealing new capabilities, businesses quickly grab the best of their functions to scale, minimize errors, improve efficiency, and unlock quicker creativity. Because emails are one of the most used professional modes of communication, general users may become lazy in catching their essence. This may result in users choosing the best pre-built answer instead of putting much effort into verifying if it meets the end goal.

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