Google Maps Becomes More Immersive & Time-Savin

Google Maps Becomes More Immersive & Time-Savin

Date: February 29, 2024

Google Maps has come forward with multiple updates that help users navigate routes without the hassle of interacting with the phone too much.

Google Maps is the go-to app for navigation across the globe. With the inaccuracies and lack of features in other map applications, Google Maps has ruled the industry for over a decade. Both iOS and Android users prefer Google Maps to get directions, share location, and much more. 

The tech giant has been working on features that can further enhance user experience and navigation capabilities for over a year. It has finally launched the updates, including Immersive View, Glanceable Directions, and Saving Recent Activities. The latest features will be rolled out gradually across all iOS and Android devices worldwide.

Glanceable Directions

The Glanceable Directions feature allows users to safely and conveniently track their journey through the lock screen. The move helps users prevent interaction with the phone by allowing them to glance at the journey route while on the move quickly. The app automatically updates the route map if a user deviates from the previous path while walking, driving, or cycling. 

Users can now access additional information through the lock screen that was not available before. The alternate route, ETAs, upcoming turns, and more features were only available in the full-screen mode before Glanceable Directions was launched.

Immersive View

The immersive view is a new AI feature by Google that allows users to get a multi-dimensional perspective of a location. The feature is now available in Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence, and Venice. The company is working on adding immersive views to 500+ renowned landmarks worldwide. The AI-powered feature constructs multi-dimensional perspectives of various locations backed by reliable information presented in layers.

Saving Recent Routes

Users who create multiple stops for a route can now save them for later use in the recent highlights section. According to the Senior Product Manager at Google Maps, users now have the flexibility to remove previously visited locations, plan multiple trips simultaneously, and share the routes with others for input. Google Maps will also generate custom routes based on multiple locations selected, which will be saved automatically in the Recents section.

Google’s AI introductions will grow rapidly, as the giant is heavily invested in bringing the top AI-powered capabilities to all its platforms. Being one of the most used navigation apps in the world, Google Maps will probably get the updates first.



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