Google Lays Off 100 Employees From Global Cloud Units

Google Lays Off 100 Employees From Global Cloud Units

Date: June 04, 2024

Amid extending economic uncertainties, Google is cutting over 100 staff from its cloud infrastructure services divisions across locations.

Google has remained among the top tech giants that have laid off employees in the last three years. In latest turn of events, Google has finalized the cut off of 100 staff members in its cloud infrastructure services divisions across locations. An internal representative cited that the major roles cut off from the cloud unit include sales, operations and engineering, consulting and "go to market" strategy. Considering the diverse nature of cutoff, it looks like Google is planning a hard shift to third-party outsourcing for multiple functions.

"We continue to evolve our business to meet our customers' priorities and the significant opportunity ahead. We maintain our commitment to investing in areas that are critical to our business and ensure our long-term success.", a spokesperson for Google responded to a media house’s email requesting clarity on the action. 

Google has leaped back into the spotlight after an unspecified number of employees were laid off over multiple rounds across global locations. While the layoffs feel brutal, every employee has been provided adequate severance package to get financial support during their job-search period. Earlier, Google laid off employees in a morning zoom call, and later removed their access to the office premises and other tools provided for operations. After a heated response from the employees, it took back its decision and has kept the layoff process extremely supportive for employees.

A small percentage of the cut off roles will be shifted to hubs that the company is employing for its various functions, including India, Chicago, Atlanta, and Dublin. "Throughout the second half of 2023 and into 2024, a number of our teams made changes to become more efficient and work better, remove layers and align their resources to their biggest product priorities," the spokesperson added.

Google has always been considered one of the best employers offering best-in-class policies, environment, and perks. Multple media streams have covered the Google culture boasting the corporate community to follow in its footsteps. With the last two years’ actions, Google has dropped steep down in its employer reputation. However, new job search websites have emerged offering employment opportunities to freshers and seniors in a diverse set of roles for Startups and Unicorns. These websites will come in handy for the job seekers stabilize their career, that got stirred up by the sudden layoffs.

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