Google is Making ‘.ING’ Domains An Official Thing

Google is Making ‘.ING’ Domains An Official Thing

Date: November 01, 2023

If you are bored of using the same-old ‘.com’ domains, your brand can now get an innovative domain with ‘.ing’ starting from December 5th, 2023 onwards.

Have you ever bought a domain in your life? Even if you haven’t, you might know that the most famous domain types in the world are .com, .in, .co, .org, and a few others. However, the tech giant has been introducing new domain types to refresh the domain directory and increase the chances of unique registrations. They include the .xyz domain that gained popularity pretty soon but also declined in presence soon after.

Now, Google is officially allowing the registration of the .ing domains as part of its age-old experiment of launching new, fun, and top-tier domains. The initial TLDs were pre-registered through Google’s inventory, but further registration can now happen on GoDaddy, Google’s official partner in this experiment. 

Considering the authority to launch a completely new set of domain types, it surely proves the stature and influence of Google in the tech world extending to the Government’s official records.

How Can You Start Book.ing?

To get your desired domain with the ‘.ing suffix, you can simply search for it on GoDaddy and apply for the domain by paying a higher price than normal domains ask. The official registration of domains starts on December 5th, 2023. Google is asking for an additional one-time fee as part of its early access program. The fee will gradually decline from 5th December onwards when the domains become publicly available for purchase and sale.

There’s another catch to registering to your favorite domain in the .ing world. Referring to the screenshot below, it is clear that the pre-registry process is divided into two subcategories - Pre-registration and Priority Pre-Registration.

google allow ing domain 

GoDaddy does not assure the registration of any selected .ing domain as of now, but it offers a higher chance to land the domain by paying a higher price. There are also 9 phases in which the domains will be submitted for pre-registration before becoming publicly available.

official domain by Google

The cost difference of choosing the priority phase is huge, ranging from INR 16,427/Year in Phase 9 to INR 1,04,32,915/Year in Phase 3. What fuels the price difference is still unclear on the website, except for the higher probability of landing the domain. Surprisingly, registering the domain for Phase 1 also comes with the same cost as Phase 9. Then, what’s special about Phase 3?

Google is also working on a .meme domain on similar lines, and their official public availability will also start from December 5th onwards. If you have a great product that aligns with these new domain categories, do not miss the opportunity for higher visibility and a fresh brand outlook.

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