Google Is Launching Help Me Write AI For Chrome Browser Users

Google Is Launching Help Me Write AI For Chrome Browser Users

Date: December 19, 2023

Help Me Write, is the official name of the latest AI-powered tool launched by Google which will help people generate text based on their browsing context.

Google has been at the forefront of offering AI-powered solutions to its global users. From Google Assistant to Bard, the American tech giant is making new strides in unlocking AI capabilities for the general public. One of those products is its latest launched AI-powered text generator Help Me Write. According to a report by 9to5Google, Help Me Write is a recently launched product that will be placed on all Google Chrome browsers.

If you have been a regular user of Gmail, Google Messages, or Docs, this product will feel quite similar to the suggestive text autofill support you used to get on them. The new introduction will extend its support to extensive levels, where a person will be able to generate texts from simple prompts. 

Till now, the company has rolled out the same product internally with the name Compose or CCO. The officially launched product for general public use will be branded as Help Me Write.

How Does Help Me Write Work?

The Google Chrome feature will be available to use on Windows, MAC, and Linux versions. The report stated that this feature will appear on autofill popups whenever it finds some content you can improve. It will capture the context through the page you’re on, and actions you can take on it. 

Users can also access it in the right-click menu bar and ask for custom content through prompts. Google might also add options to adjust the AI writing style for each user. This will help the AI tool’s users explore options like a more casual tone or an actionable message. They can also edit the generated responses and set preference templates to make content production quicker.

Is There A Bigger AI Tool Coming Soon?

Google has been launching various AI-powered tools amid an ongoing delay of its foundation AI product, Gemini. The supposedly breakthrough product’s official launch was put on hold after researchers found out that it was not reliably handling non-English queries. The product was intended to simultaneously comprehend and utilize data from diverse sources, including text, images, audio, and videos, and challenge the dominance of ChatGPT in the generative AI space.

Google introduced the Gemini AI model at its Annual Developers’ Conference in May this year. The original plan to launch Gemini in mid-December has now been postponed till further notice. Till then, we might see more confident AI products incoming from the tech giant.

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