Google’s Add To Chromebook Is A Win-Win For Users & Brands

Google’s Add To Chromebook Is A Win-Win For Users & Brands

Date: May 22, 2024

Google is introducing a new ‘Add To Chromebook’ feature that will make finding Progressive Web and Android Apps easier.

Google has introduced a new ‘Add To Chromebook’ feature for its ChromeOS consumers, which may equally benefit consumers and businesses alike. The latest introduction will enable users to find and install Progressive Web and Android apps easily. For businesses, the feature offers a badge that they can simply paste on their website and marketing assets to create direct download actions.

During Google’s I/O session of 2024, the presenter addressed a common issue among most ChromeOS users. To download any PWA or Android application, users mostly started from Google search. For PWA, they either visit the provider’s website to download and install it, or save it as a bookmark. But, here most users keep the PWAs online while they can run much faster when installed. With Google’s link badge, users can directly initiate a download, without any added layers.

The presenter also demonstrated how users had to go through multiple Google products and services to get to the install button of an Android app on ChromOS devices. From Google search to the Playtstore, and then to the install button. With Add To Chromebook features, users can simply search for an app and directly install it in their system. In terms of security, the layers can be reduced as all products function under Google’s Albhabet ecosystem.

Google also noted that more than 100 million monthly web app users end up keeping them as just Chrome tabs. Due to this users keep on experiencing a lower navigation and functionality experience without unlocking the apps’ true potential. Installed Progressive Web Apps are almost indistinguishable from native apps and software. However, they are lighter and run much faster on lower device consumption, offering more value alongside battery life. If the ‘Add To Chromebook’ button works as Google intends, brands may can tap the 100 million market potential to higher extents.

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