Google Doesn’t Want Us To Trust Its Own Chatbot Bard

Google Doesn’t Want Us To Trust Its Own Chatbot Bard

Date: July 28, 2023

Google’s UK head Debbie Weinstein has released a statement telling people not to completely trust Google Bard chatbot’s information.

When Google Bard was launched, we felt that now we won’t have to search for things on multiple pages. This tool was supposed to be the Artificial Intelligence prodigy to upgrade the traditional search engine experience. But, the accuracy and reliability of the information provided by Bard is not fully trustable. 

Debbie Weinstein, the boss of the entire UK’s Google team has herself released a statement that says ,“We're encouraging people to actually use Google as the search engine to actually reference information they found”.

She clarified that the utility of Google Bard should be considered majorly for experimenting or collaborating to solve problems. At best, it is a great tool to generate ‘Creative ideas’. 

Google Bard and other AI chatbots like ChatGPT have been witnessed giving wrong information or outdated solutions to users’ prompts.

Who Do We Rely On?

The fact that the officials of Google themselves tell us not to rely on its ingenious AI platform for information gathering, we have to go back to the old school methods.

We have to rely on the traditional research and collection method of finding multiple result pages on Google’s Search Engine, and base the knowledge to our best judgment.

How Advanced Has AI Actually Become?

Even though the growth trajectory of Artificial Intelligence development has shown an exponential graph since the end of 2020, it is still in a toddler stage. We have been picking on the surface capabilities of AI and the world is simply replicating it to get mesmerized. As a matter of fact, the intelligence quotient of AI itself is quite low to be even called a threat to the world. 

Why Tell The World Not To Trust Its Own Product?

Google’s UK division also released a report of the highest searched prompts in 2023 on Google Bard. While they were mostly on How To topics, the concerning part was what came afterwards.

From asking how to earn more money to finding out how to save a business from bankruptcy, people are searching for solutions that in the real world, a human expert should be asked for. 

This creates a sense of reality in our eyes as well in terms of what to expect and how not to become overconfident on something that is still in its initial learning phase. So, the next time you use any chatbot powered by AI, use it for reference and back it with your own intelligence to accept with eyes wide open, the solution offered by it.

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