Google Announces DigiKavach to protect India from financial frauds

Google Announces DigiKavach to protect India from financial frauds

Date: October 19, 2023

Google, during its Google For India event, announced multiple efforts it is going to take to help Indian citizen empower their digital experiences

Google has been one of the top-used international platforms in India. From highly educated to nearly illiterate, the platform is preferred by all for multiple reasons. Considering the rising trend of digital fraud in India, the company has announced an early detection and threat warning tool, which it named DigiKavach.

DigiKavach is designed to monitor, track, and analyze fraud patterns and notify the authorities to take adequate measures before they grow to a widespread, alarming state. The Google team will first study the scammers' modus operandi and then follow up on the source to eliminate the threat from the roots.

The insights generated from these surveillance operations will be shared with authorities, key banking management, and private sector leaders to elevate the impact of early action against fraud. It aims to facilitate a strong and wider ecosystem that also cross-shares unethical and underground financial practices.

The Mountain View, California-headquartered tech firm will collaborate with the Fintech Association for Consumer Empowerment (FACE) to empower the initiative's technical strength. Under this collaboration, FACE will flag potential threats ‘on priority’ with all the concerned entities.

Google For Make In India

Apart from helping the citizens of India stay away from online fraud, scams, and spam, Google is promoting other aspects on a large scale. In recent updates from Google, the company has announced that it will be manufacturing its latest Google Pixel mobile in India. It has joined the likes of Samsung and Apple, considering not only the business benefits of manufacturing but also the stable growth pattern and skilled resource bank India has proven to have.

India’s Electronics and IT minister, Ashwini Vaishnaw, said, "Mobile manufacturing was practically negligible nine years back. But today, India has close to $44 billion worth of manufacturing in India, with close to $11 billion of exports."

The first production will be of Pixel 8 smartphones beginning in early 2024. Post this, Google Chromebooks will also be put in the production pipeline. This partnership will empower bilateral relationships between international tech giants and India and showcase India’s prowess in the IT sector.

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