From Binge-Watching to Button-Mashing, Netflix levels Up!

From Binge-Watching to Button-Mashing, Netflix levels Up!

Date: August 16, 2023

Netflix is launching a full-fledged gaming platform with an extensive game library. Now Netflix & chill, but also play your favorite games with just one subscription plan.

If someone invites you to their place to Netflix & chill, they usually want to do something more interesting while using Netflix as their wingman running in the background. The term Netflix & Chill, however, means that people get together to watch something good on Netflix and have a chill time together. Now, Netflix has added another layer to it, called gaming.

We know you have already seen the games section for quite some time and may have played some. But the ones you have played in the past will be very different from those they are launching on the platform. They will be bigger, better in graphics, and more intuitive. 

Will Netflix Become A Gaming Platform?

It will not. Since 2021, Netflix has already been providing multiple games to play, but the integration was so smooth that the users either ignored the games list as another section or tried their hands and were done with them too soon. 

Who would want to use an OTT entertainment platform to play games?

Netflix knows that very well. That’s why the new gaming feature will be introduced with a separate gaming controller platform itself. We will get a complete dashboard with an extensive library of games, a console settings section, and much more. Imagine having a subscription to watch your favorite shows and getting additional access to play amazing games straight from there. 

How Do You Hit The Play Button?

The new Netflix games will be available on Mobile, PC, MAC, and even your smart TVs. Though it will start rolling out in the UK and Canada first, the rest of the world will access them soon after. Mike Verdu, the VP of Netflix’s gaming division, has told the media that it will be accessible on all digital devices that are compatible with Netflix’s entertainment division. It will now only depend on those individual devices' RAM and other graphics-processing capabilities to know how good the experience will be. 

The team also said that they will make these games compatible with OTT devices like Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, LG TVs, NVIDIA Shield, Roku, and Samsung Smart TVs and will add more in the future. 

Will The Games Be A Game-Changer For Netflix?

At first, Netflix started testing games related to their published shows. Even now, you can play games based on shows like Too Hot To Handle, The Queen’s Gambit, among others. 

But the actual fun starts here.

Netflix now allows you to play heavy-duty games like Asphalt Xtreme, visually mesmerizing games like Oxen Free, arcade frenzies like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, and high-speed FPV games like Into The Dead 2.

While some of the released games will be console-only, most will be tailor-made to be compatible with mobile devices. Overall, Netflix can become one of the prominent gaming libraries like Steam, Origin, and Xbox. It will only depend on how smooth the new game launcher platform and the games available to play in it will be.

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