Flying Taxis and Other Weird Tech Breakthroughs At CES 2024

Flying Taxis and Other Weird Tech Breakthroughs At CES 2024

Date: January 17, 2024

The CES 2024 event has unveiled some of the last decade's most innovative and breakthrough technologies. AI took center stage in the entire event.

Flying cars felt like a distant dream deep into the future. But the CES 2024 event has brought that dream and many others to an unbelievable reality. The Consumer Electronics Show 2024 in Los Angeles has witnessed over 1.3 lakh visitors flowing through its doors. They came to witness the top tech companies from around the world showcasing their innovative efforts, from hair dryers to air taxis.

While the CES event’s entire portfolio was interesting, here are the top tech breakthroughs that could not slip our minds.

1. Samsung's Ballie Personal Assistant Robot

AI is rapidly evolving how humans look and seek companionship. The latest version of the revolutionary Samsung Ballie AI robot now has enhanced AI capabilities and an onboard projector. The robot has become more agile, adaptable to user preferences, and can become a pet-like companion.

2. LG’s Transparent TV

LG has been at the forefront of television innovation. At CES 2024, the team unveiled the LG SIGNATURE OLED T 4K TV. It comes with a 4K transparent screen, wireless audio, and video transmission technology that are first-of-its-kind features. This innovation will drive the new trend of curating and designing living spaces. The product has won 5 CES awards, including a Best Of Innovation honor.

3. Motionsleep’s Motion Pillow

The world had been struggling to find a sure solution to the snoring and breathing problems incurred during sleep. Motionsleep’s Motion Pillow claims to minimize snoring by dynamically adjusting the head and back positions through 7 airbags. The vital ring measures oxygen saturation levels to create a comfortable breathing environment throughout the sleep cycle.

4. AI Electric Baby Stroller

While you can use it for your pet if not for your baby, the innovation in this segment not only enhances safety measures but also makes taking them for a stroll innovatively fun. The Co-pilot Parent Assist System walks along with parents and detects distances and stoppages automatically. It even comes with a rocker mode, which helps put babies to sleep and provides comforting rhythms to calm them.

5. Rabbit R1

A new Operating System, Rabbit R1, has ignited a new era of human-machine interaction. It works on a Large Action Model custom-built consumer AI device running on a revolutionary natural-language operating system. It generates actions based on its users’ learnings of behaviors, app usage, and other patterns to get things done the way they would.

6. Hollo’s AI Twin For Content Creators

Content creators have a 24x7 work period, from posting content to interacting with followers. The California-based company has introduced an AI twin that can be developed in minutes with some photos and voice overs. The AI twin can interact on your behalf while you sleep or are away from the internet. It can potentially help surge the content creation process and reduce the lifestyle stress content creators face due to consistently high daily screen times.

Technology innovation has led to the biggest changes humans have seen. It has brought both positive and negative changes to our lives. With the interesting revelation at CES 2024, the world is moving much closer to an AI-powered lifestyle, comfortable living, better healthcare, and improved safety.

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