Facebook Now Has More People Than India & China Combined

Facebook Now Has More People Than India & China Combined

Date: July 27, 2023

Meta’s active monthly user count has crossed 3 Billion people making it the largest populated digital real estate in the world.

Meta is the leading social giant in the world and it is quite evident to all of us. But, one recent report has spread like wildfire across the globe. Meta recently published its quarterly report in which its combined active user count on monthly basis for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and newly launched Threads.

The total population on Facebook has reached 2.064 Billion now from 2.037 Billion in the last quarter. Contrary to this mind boggling stat, Facebook’s popularity is rapidly declining in the younger social users as they shift to GenZ and up mindset supporting platforms. Facebook has also reported its first-ever decline in daily active user count.

"I think we have the most exciting roadmap ahead that I’ve seen in a while," said Zuckerberg.

Regarding the revenue decline of Meta across all platforms, Zuckerberg also said “,We saw unprecedented growth out of the gate, and more importantly, we’re seeing more people coming back daily than I expected.”

Why the sudden Jump?

Are you one of the 100 Million users who joined Threads within its first week of launch? Even if you’re not, Threads has tied the journey for Meta with a growth rate that the biggest of business leaders can only imagine.

Good News For Who?

While we can talk about this newly found information with our friends and family, the major benefactors from this statistic are businesses, and political parties. The benefits for end users will still remain the same - Stay connected with your loved ones.

Is This The Metaverse Population?

Remember the world that Met was creating till last year? Don’t hear much about it anymore, right? That’s because the overall speed of Metaverse development is still suffering even after Meta reported 11% revenue growth. So, even though this is the combined population data of Meta, this is still far from becoming the Metaverse census.

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