Discover Canva Docs, an AI-powered alternative to Google Docs with features such as Magic Write and Visual Links.

Discover Canva Docs, an AI-powered alternative to Google Docs with features such as Magic Write and Visual Links.

Date: March 09, 2023

Learn about Canva Docs, an alternative to Google Docs that offers versatile features for creating visual documents.

Have you ever heard of Canva Docs? 

It's a new and intriguing alternative to Google Docs that was launched in December. It's already more versatile than Google Docs, Word, and other traditional writing tools, although it has some limitations. 

Canva Docs lets you insert almost anything inside a document, including slides, graphics, photos, and videos. It is an excellent tool for creating visual documents privately or collaborating with colleagues. One of the most surprising features of Canva Docs is its Magic Write. It is an AI text generator that uses an artificial intelligence engine from OpenAI to generate bullet points or topic ideas for you based on a few keywords. You can use Magic Write to spin up an article outline in seconds, a social media post, an image caption, or a pro/con list. 

Another fantastic feature of Canva Docs is its ability to paste in any YouTube link and play the video right within the doc. It can also show a smart visual preview of the site instead of the drab text URL. Furthermore, Canva has built-in apps for common services, making it easy to drag in images, gifs, icons, drawings, animations, brand logos, and many other things into your designs or docs. 

Additionally, you can convert a document into a slide deck with just a button click. Choose from a variety of provided style options and then edit the slide design to your liking. 

Collaboration is also simple with Canva Docs. You can add comments and invite colleagues to view, comment or edit a file. There are some limitations to Canva Docs, such as the cluttered elements drawer and the mediocre templates. 

The AI-powered writing feature also has its limits as it draws on an OpenAI engine that was trained on older materials. Some add-ons, including fonts, templates, icons, and images, are for paid accounts only. 

Overall, Canva Docs is an excellent tool for anyone looking to create visually appealing documents quickly and easily. Have you used Canva Docs before? If so, what do you think of it? Let us know in the comment section! 

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