Delete These 21 Apps From Your Phone Right Now

Delete These 21 Apps From Your Phone Right Now

Date: August 21, 2023

Researchers from McAfee have found 21 applications that conduct malicious activities, and Google has immediately deleted them from their app and play store.

Google has recently immediately banned 21 applications globally from its Playstore for conducting malicious activities. The research conducted by the R&D team of McAfee identified these 21 applications, which have a collective download count of over 2.5 Million.

It is said that McAfee has tracked these apps for malicious intent and has brought shocking revelations to light.

  • The applications can run advertisements in the background even when turned off or kept unused.
  • The applications drain a phone’s battery and mobile data even when the phone screen is off.

Further research is still going on to identify more potential threats from these 21 applications, but for now, Google has immediately removed them from Playstore. If you have any of the apps mentioned below installed, it’s high time to delete them immediately.

1 Baro TV

It’s a live TV app that allows you to access multiple international channels for free but at the cost of your phone’s battery life and mobile data even when you are not using it.

2 DMB App

It’s a digital distributor application for content in Europe, but it can drain the users' battery anywhere.

3 Jihosoft Mobile Recovery App

An application that lets you download free software for Android phones is ironically draining data from your device.

4 Music Bada

It’s not infamous for the quality of music you can download through it, but is now quite infamous for its malicious activities.

5 Music Downloader

It’s another one of those free music downloader apps that cost you your device’s safety.

6 Baro

A cross-border digital gifting app for those who don’t want to do the real thing that also takes away your phone’s actual data.

7 Baro TV

It will be tough to convince teenagers to remove this app just because it uses some data and our battery life without our consent.

8 NewLive

An online streaming and gaming application with the capability to run ads even when you are not using it.

9 Baro

A weather forecast, pressure, and digital altimeter app that runs ads in the background even when the phone screen is off.

10 Ringtones Free Music

Ringtones are still in, but not as much as the safety risk this application poses on your mobile device.

Even though the remaining apps did not make it in the Top 10 for their malicious activity capabilities, they are equally dangerous and should be deleted immediately for your safety concerns.

11 ALLPlayer

12 Com’ONAIR

13 Watch RealTime TV DMB

14 StreamKar Live Streaming

15 Liveplay

16 OnAir Airline Manager

17 MMusic

18 PUBG Mobile (KR)

19 Music Player - Audio Player

20 AT Player

21 Trot Music Box

Make sure to delete not only these malicious applications but also your accounts from them wherever applicable. Stay safe and keep reading the latest news in tech on MobileAppDaily.

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