ChatGPT Can Now Speak To You In Hindi And 36+ Languages

ChatGPT Can Now Speak To You In Hindi And 36+ Languages

Date: March 07, 2024

ChatGPT has recently introduced its latest Read Aloud feature that allows users to hear responses in Hindi and 36+ languages.

ChatGPT has always been explored for a diverse range of needs. The Artificial Intelligence chatbot is one of the most powerful engines with access to the internet. OpenAI has been a pioneer in introducing generative AI capabilities into the world. The tech giant has recently launched a new capability, Read Aloud, which users can use to listen to its responses.

Read Aloud currently generates voice outputs in 36+ languages, including Hindi. The feature comes in 5 distinct voices that users can choose based on personal preferences. Another highlight of this feature is that it is released across ChatGPT, meaning that it is free for all users. Earlier, ChatGPT rolled out all the new features for the premium users first.

What Does Read Aloud Do?

The Read Aloud feature works perfectly on all platform devices, including web browsers, Android, and iOS. Users can input their messages in the chat box like the traditional prompt format. The AI tool then shares a general textual response to the input prompt. 

To activate Read Aloud features, users can hold the tool’s textual response and click on the Read Aloud button in the menu bar. It will then generate a voice response for them in a few seconds. A read-aloud player will appear on the screen, providing more control over the voice response.

Users can replay, rewind, pause, and fast-forward the voice response as much as they want. Complete autonomy of the Read Aloud function can become a game-changer in the generative AI segment. 

ChatGPT initially incorporated the voice capabilities back in September 2023, after which, Read Aloud was launched by the tech giant this year in March. This introduction of voice capability is a significant milestone in OpenAI’s endeavor to build the largest generative AI platform in the public domain. As the feature is in its initial stages, the team is continuously refining the mechanisms to bring out the most optimized version.

Other players will soon introduce this feature, as OpenAI has actively acted as a milestone for its rival GenAI platforms. With Google ramping up its investment in the R&D of Artificial Intelligence, more features will pop-up in our GenAI platform menus. Until then, enjoy the personalized voice feature already available in your language. If not, it will be soon.


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