Canva Launches Enterprise Solutions For The Second Time

Canva Launches Enterprise Solutions For The Second Time

Date: May 24, 2024

Canva has tried to serve enterprises since 2019, but the product failed to meet the demands. It has now made a comeback with a more equipped version.

If you have tried to create visual media in the last 7-8 years, Canva must have appeared in your feed. It emerged as one of the best tools for designing visually appealing content online for free. However, with time, it introduced premium subscriptions with added-value features. In 2019, Canva also introduced an enterprise solution that failed to meet the expectations of major enterprises. After 5 years of R&D and dedicated efforts to solve the challenges of enterprises, Canvas has relaunched its enterprise solutions with more robust capabilities.

The most common feedback from businesses using Canva at a large scale was that it could not help resolve media fragmentation from development to editing and approvals. These processes are an integral part of any medium or large enterprise, and bringing the entire process to one platform can be a game-changer for Canva.

On Thursday, Canva announced a new enterprise tool that efficiently acts as a single-point solution for multiple departments of any organization. This upgrade includes the things that you would want in an enterprise product, like single sign-on, enhanced security protocols and layers, and larger team management so that the IT department keeps things organized. The refreshed tool also offers centralized brand management and dedicated support.

“We now have cohorts with up to 5,000 people using Canva inside an enterprise, and because of that, there’s a new type of Canva enterprise product that we’ve needed to ship to meet the needs of those larger groups. And that’s what we’ve actually done with Canva Enterprise,” Cam Adams, cofounder and CPO of Canva, said about the new product. “We’re no longer just thinking about empowering every person. We’re really thinking about the second decade of Canva being about empowering every organization. And when we think of enterprises, we’re really looking at bringing all that fragmentation together into the one platform,” he said.

Canva identified a huge loss of opportunity as it observed larger organizations subscribing to the top plans, only to be left dissatisfied in multiple aspects. With the new Canva for enterprises, three key issues will be solved.

First, designs will no longer be confined to one group and will span multiple departments and industries. Second, the company integrates Myriad AI tools to facilitate heavy-duty functions and open higher creative levels. And lastly, the workflow component that allows multiple departments to come together and collaborate in masses.

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