Bumble’s New AI Removes 95% Fake, Scam, And Spam Accounts.

Bumble’s New AI Removes 95% Fake, Scam, And Spam Accounts.

Date: February 06, 2024

Are you tired of coming across the most ideal matches that turn out to be fake, scams, or spam accounts on Bumble? AI is here to help.

True love is built on trust, and that was the aim of Bumble when it launched. However, online dating has witnessed more fake profiles than authentic ones ever since it became popular. The online dating platform has introduced multiple layers of security to enhance safety, but fake, scam, and spam accounts kept finding loopholes and growing in numbers. The tech giant has finally taken help from artificial intelligence to fight the inauthentic usage of Bumble. 

The latest AI tool, Deception Detector, can automatically block 95% of fake, scam, and spam accounts from accessing Bumble. It can identify malicious activities and take action on them automatically before even a user comes across them. During the testing phase, Bumble found that the AI-powered tool could detect and block 95% of accounts identified as spam or scams. The AI detection tool is still new and works alongside human moderators to manage complexities.

Research showed that 46% of women expressed anxiety over the authenticity of online dating profiles. The Federal Trade Commission reported that online dating scams took nearly $1.3 billion from victims last year. Bumble, the most used app for the last 5 years, has become the largest ground for conducting such activities. 

“Bumble Inc. was founded to build equitable relationships and empower women to make the first move, and Deception Detector is our latest innovation as part of our ongoing commitment to our community to help ensure that connections made on our apps are genuine,” said Bumble CEO Lidiane Jones in a statement. “With a dedicated focus on women’s experience online, we recognize that in the AI era, trust is more paramount than ever.”

In 2019, Bumble also introduced Private Detector, a tool to identify and block explicit images. The tool automatically blurred identified images of nudity, violence, gore, or explicity. However, it lets the users decide whether to access the image or report the user to keep the control in the user’s hands. The AI Deception Detector does everything without any user’s permission or notice.

AI tools are prone to making mistakes, and the Deception Detector is no exception. Bumble’s team has been working on ensuring users' safety, authenticity, and privacy for over a decade. The latest AI detector may misidentify genuine users, but there has been no report yet. Bumble has launched other AI features to improve user experience, including the AI-powered icebreaker tool for Bumble Friends. The Private Detector and Deception Detector tools are available on both Bumble Friends and Dating apps.

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