How Mobile Apps are Improving the Hospitality Industry?

How Mobile Apps are Improving the Hospitality Industry?

Date: February 16, 2024

Around 80 percent of last-minute bookings are made on mobile devices.

Today, smartphones can perform most of the tasks with various installed apps. In an industry where the services you offer are the ones that attract customers, hotels are taking advantage of mobile apps to show what they have. Gone are the days when people would line up and provide details of how long they would stay.

Today, it’s a scroll-scroll! Mobile apps are improving the hospitality industry in these six easy ways. 

1. You Get a Direct Contact With Guests 

As you know, smartphones are part of our lives, and we are always with them to the bathroom, in the office, anywhere! You might have no idea of how much that can benefit you as a hotelier. By building a mobile app for your hotel, your staff will have direct links with your clients and be in a better position to receive their queries and serve them more efficiently.

If a person downloads your app, they are interested, and that indicates you have a potential customer. What’s more, most people prefer mobile apps since they are more efficient than social media profiles or websites. 

2. They Make Booking Simpler  

Look at this from a rational perspective. A guest has jet lag or is tired from a long trip. He/she comes through to the front desk and has to go through the tedious work of submitting ID proofs before check-in. At that moment, they just want to rest, and they wouldn’t be happy to be subjected to all that process.

Let’s say you have a mobile check-in app. Your customers will book a hotel before they even start their journey, making things easier for them. They want check-in and booking to be smooth, and you want your customers to be satisfied. 

3. Can be Used to Order Room Service 

A while back, room service would be requested via a phone call. It’s still possible, but an app can be more helpful, especially if the phone lines are jamming. Through an app, customers can get an overview of what your hotel is providing, unlike a phone call that can keep you stranded.

The hotelier can list each service they offer in the app and allow customers to order services required without any hassle or need to talk to a representative. 

4. You Get the Information You Need Easily 

For the sake of making things easier, who wouldn’t want to get all that information from anywhere and regardless of the time? The app will help your customers get their answers quickly.

Mobile apps are incredible and provide relevant information to customers. It will save them the hassle of calling the front desk or passing by the hotel to drop their details and inquire about something. Basically, everything will work via the app! 

5. You Can Use the App to Share Updates 

The app should be capable of sharing updates about your hotel. For instance, you can inform your customers that you have expanded to a city near them or you have partnered with an airline or booking site. You can also use the app to build a communication channel to keep the guests updated about the newest deals or offers.

The app should be a multi-channel communication system where guests can ask for room upgrades, laundry, cleaning, etc. 

6. Helps You in Marketing 

Printing of ads can be costly and may not reach as far as a mobile app can. With the app, you can share news, latest deals, and other jaw-breaking offers. Customers will also take advantage of those offers via the app.

Mobile apps make things more straightforward and easier especially in marketing. You can also include a share option in the app to let your customers spread the word. 


It’s good to take advantage of anything positive that can maximize your profits. Creating an app for your hotel is something you should consider. It will make it easier for your staff and customers to communicate, and who knows? You could be the next billionaire.

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