Apple Vision Pro Needs 4 Generation Updates To Reach Its Ideal Form

Apple Vision Pro Needs 4 Generation Updates To Reach Its Ideal Form

Date: February 12, 2024

The recently launched Apple Vision Pro has taken the world by storm, but its ideal form is still 4 generations away from becoming a reality.

Apple introduced its latest revolutionary product, the Apple Vision Pro, on February 2, 2024. Even after putting an overwhelming price tag of $3499 on the newly launched product, Apple has received huge booking numbers before the launch. The Virtual Reality headset is now included in the product category of AI products and is giving tough competition to Meta’s Quest 3.

The tech giant intends to utilize its cutting-edge technology and age-old brand muscle to dominate the VR headset market before the competitors even enter the stage. However, the revolutionary product is far away from its ideal form. Factors like weight, design ergonomics, glitches, and others are coming into play as more users try it and share their feedback.

The VR headset is still considered an innovative try-on product, but Apple aims to build a daily usage impression instead. Doing this requires over 4 generations of updates, including hardware and software. Apple has admitted that its product has not achieved its perfect form and is still running in the initial states. But the company has also promised that the current version includes all the state-of-the-art tech Apple has ever developed.

Vision Pro’s Pitch

Apple pitched the iPad as an alternative to MacBook for people who wanted a larger screen for relatively smaller tasks. The VR headset is poised to take over the iPad’s position and become the go-to device for anything handy. Users have been seen crossing roads with the Vision Pro on and say it is not as unsafe as they thought. There have been no reports of any accidents or hazards occurring from the product’s usage in dangerous environments. The product claims to enhance the security and safekeeping of users with upcoming updates.

Issues With The Vision Pro

While safety is not a concern yet, other feedback from users has raised multiple red flags about the product. But the red is not glaring enough and can be rectified easily. Some of the issues raised by users include:

  • The weight of the headset is one of the top concerns as it is not just heavy but disproportionate in its weight distribution.
  • VisionOS, the operating system of the headset, lacks gesture control and requires refinement in the existing controls.
  • Compared to VisionPro, Meta Quest 3 costs a quarter of its cost, giving potential buyers a major diversion.
  • The overall design of the VR headset is bulky, and users are more bent towards a sleekier form.
  • The compatibility with the Macbook requires further improvements, as the mouse and keyboard are not visible enough to function properly.

Apple’s commitment will play a major role in forming the initial impressions of the Vision Pro. How it shapes up is still a positive trend, but the close competitors might make the road ahead a long one. In conclusion, the revolutionary product will require multiple refinements to reach the perfect stage.

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