Are iPhone 15's Latest Features Worth The Hype?

Apple, in a recent event, officially revealed the latest version of the iPhone 15 and all its features. Are they worth the hype the event created?

iPhone 15 latest features

Apple launched its latest iPhone 15 series at the Wanderlust event, and it quickly became the talk of the town. The latest versions will be available for pre-order from September 15th, and the deliveries will start from September 22nd onwards. But should you consider buying it? Is it worth upgrading from your iPhone 14 or older versions? Let’s explore what’s new to know if it is worth investing in.

new iPhone15

The New Body

iPhone 15 will now have a completely new body frame made of Titanium, making it stronger and much lighter than the previous models. Even the action buttons are made of Titanium, giving it a full-bodied singular look. The new models will roll out in 4 titanium color variations that look sleek and classy simultaneously. It will now come with a USB-C port that changes many things for its users. The USB-C will be compatible with the new AirPods but will require a lightning cable converter for charging.

The New Heart

Even though the basic versions, including iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, will continue with the previous years’ A16 bionic chip, the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max will have a refreshed A17 Pro bionic chip with faster processing speed and smoothness assured. Apple also announced the iOS 17 software update, which will be released on September 18th. The new iOS will come with Roadside assistance, offering emergency SOS using satellite technology. This RSA feature is in partnership with AAA and is free for all new iPhone users for 2 years. But, it will be available to the older model users at a premium pay-per-use basis.

The New Capabilities

The action button replaces the earlier mute button. But iOS 17 has 20 new ringtones that might prevent you from using the action button. They are attractively amusing and keep the essence of exclusivity intact, as the main ringtone has been doing for ages. 

The new 48 MP camera will let you shoot spatial videos that can be watched in the Vision Pro. It also supports lossless audio, offering a lag-free and least latency audio experience during gaming or entertainment sessions.

Even though the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max come with a QI2 open charging standard, the best in wireless charging, it is not QI2 certified yet. Apple even added a magnetic power profile, which many Android makers are adopting in their phones quickly.

The New Compatibilities

If you ever bought the Apple polishing cloth and failed to use it properly on any device, the new iPhone 15 Pro Max will make the buy worthwhile. Even the brushed titanium frames support the polishing cloth in maximum efficiency. The USB-C port will allow users to charge AirPods and Apple watches through the phone. iPhone 15 will be the first model to come with Thread, an open-source smart home protocol that lets your phone become more connected with your home devices.

The New Conclusion

If you are someone who will buy the iPhone 15 for the first time, it will be a great investment. But, anyone considering upgrading from iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max can stay with their current phones for now as the difference is not worth the money spent. Apple has been working on making its device more environment-friendly, thus introducing the game-changing USB-C port for universal compatibility. This can make things difficult for users who have Apple devices that support only iPhone-style ports. Overall, it’s much more than just warming over the older versions like Apple used to do in the earlier upgrades.

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