Noise App, By Apple, Protects You From Potential Hearing Loss

Noise App, By Apple, Protects You From Potential Hearing Loss

Date: January 03, 2020

If a tower falls in your neighborhood, producing a sound of more than 90 decibels, will your Apple watch send you an alert?

At the Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2019, Apple talked about the issue of hearing losses due to loud surroundings. To help tackle this, and Apple introduced the Noise app in its Health app to monitor surrounding noise. The app will send an alert to the Apple watch when a cacophony reaches potentially harmful levels.

The Noise app also controls sound coming from Apple-designed or calibrated headphones and this is exclusively for the series 4 model. Kelly King, an audiologist and program director at the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, said, “It makes a lot of sense that it would be positively impactful.”

King also said that noise-induced hearing loss is insidious. 

“We are learning more and more that the likelihood of long term damage from those temporary exposures is quite high, and of course they build up over time.”

However, despite its usefulness for people to prevent hearing loss, the Noise app, leaving no room for potential development and usefulness in other fields.

Apple noise app is available as a part of the Health app in iOS 13 and gives responsive alerts to its user against harmful noise, whether it’s blasting through a stadium speaker or through your AirPods.

It seems like a great step by Apple, although it needs additional support on a wide level to make a real impact.

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Arpit Dubey

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