Apple And OpenAI May Soon Launch ChatGPT On iOS Devices

Apple And OpenAI May Soon Launch ChatGPT On iOS Devices

Date: April 29, 2024

Apple and OpenAI are reportedly in conversation to bring on-device ChatGPT capabilities to iOS devices from iOS 18 onwards.

Apple’s biggest worldwide event, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is going to be held in June. This year’s event will not be focused on the latest iPhone’s or iPad’s announcement. It will highlight the latest technological upgrades to the iOS, iPadOS, and remaining Apple software suites. The Worldwide Developers Conference will begin from June 10th according to the official announcement from Apple on Tuesday.

This year, Apple will be talking about the AI features it is planning to bring to various devices and software services. Apple is reportedly in discussion with OpenAI to form a strategic and technology-sharing partnership to enable multiple AI features across the board. During the event, AI will be one of the most highlighted points. Apple and OpenAI discussed a potential deal earlier this year, but no conclusion has yet been reached. 

Some internal source of Apple shared that Apple is also considering other AI chatbot tech giants like Google to explore partnership opportunities through its Gemini chatbot. Apart from external support, Apple is also working to develop its in-house capabilities. One of them, according to a Mashable’s report, is that Apple is working on bringing AI upgrades to Siri. 

Apple researchers are developing a model that can better understand what’s on the screen and what’s running behind, much better than OpenAI’s ChatGPT can. The model will also be able to better understand the conversational context, unlike the earlier times where users required keyword-based prompts. These generative AI capabilities will be available on device, instead of cloud-based Large Language Models, as they require huge computing power.


Greg Joswiak, Apple’s Marketing Exec, left a big clue in his latest announcement of the event on X platform. His excitement in tone, combined with the special attention to Absolutely Incredible, is a great hint of something completely new. Whether the deductions and expectations differ from what the company may announce, the WWDC event will surely have something about Gen AI up their sleeves.

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