Users Share Angry Tweets On X Over ChatGPT's Power Outage

Users Share Angry Tweets On X Over ChatGPT's Power Outage

Date: May 10, 2024

OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the AI-powered chatbot has been suffering from an unprecedented power outage since this morning 11 AM, as reported by multiple users on X.

OpenAI, the leading AI-powered chatbot maker, has been experiencing unprecedented outages across the globe since this morning. Its AI chatbot ChatGPT is showing random errors on various stages of the website navigation, app usage, and other avenues. Users have taken to X platform to express their anger over the consistent outage since 11 AM on Friday.

A significant portion of ChatGPT users reported ‘Request Timeout’ messages while attempting to use the chatbot. ChatGPT users on Android mobile devices were shown an error message indicating server issues. iOS and web version users also experienced similar error messages. 

Downdetector, an online outage monitoring platform, has shared its response on the recent outage, claiming a widespread problem within OpenAI. Nearly 90% of the reported problems stemmed from ChatGPT. A smaller percentage of 8% error reports came from website users. About 2% of people reported problems while trying to login to their ChatGPT accounts.

While many expressed serious concerns, many posts that went viral were simple memes about the topic.

seems to have resolved the issue as its website status has changed to ‘all systems operational’ message, meaning, everything has gone back to normal. Similar problems were witnessed last month on the AI chatbot when nearly 91% users reported error messages and system breakouts. During the last outage, OpenAI admitted that the outages were caused by increased latency and errors affecting both ChatGPT and APIs.

Last month, OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman resurfaced into the spotlight for evaluating alternative power options to fuel the rapidly rising consumer usage and evolving AI capabilities. The ongoing issues may be a result of the lack of decision on the CEO’s part. However, the platform may soon release its official statement, owing to the widespread public outrage since this morning.

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