Amazon Introduces AI Ready, A Free Course In Generative AI

Amazon Introduces AI Ready, A Free Course In Generative AI

Date: November 23, 2023

With an aim to provide free education in Generative Artificial Intelligence to 2 million professionals by 2025, Amazon launches its latest AI Ready course.

Amazon is one of the largest investors in the development of Artificial Intelligence technology. Both Amazon and AWS wing have heavily invested in the R&D of Generative AI tools that their audience can leverage to improve their capabilities. As a part of helping out in the educational aspect of these tools and understanding the general concepts of AI, Amazon has launched free AI courses aiming to educate nearly 2 million people by 2025.

AI Ready, the latest free course launched by Amazon, will now be available for all who are interested in learning how to use AI. The tech giant claims that there is a strong demand for AI-ready talent, and it is growing at a fast pace that professionals must keep up with to stay on top of the competition. That’s why these courses are segregated for two sets of people. The advanced set is for the technical ones, including coders, developers, or someone who has already invested in AI learning. The beginner set is for non-technical people who want to expand their competencies through the support of AI tools. It believes that successfully completing these courses can help professionals get an average salary hike of 47%.

Amazon is launching AI Ready to help those with a desire to learn about AI and benefit from the tremendous opportunity ahead. The following initiatives are designed to open opportunities to those in the workforce today as well as the future generation,” said Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of Data and AI at AWS.

Amazon Ready’s Three Initiatives

Under the umbrella of Amazon Ready, the giant is launching 8 free AI courses. It is also launching a new Amazon Web Services Generative AI Scholarship in collaboration with Code.org.

The free Generative AI courses include foundational and advanced training in the latest AI technologies. These courses will augment 80+ free and low-cost generative AI courses already provided by AWS.

One interesting sub-course is the Generative AI Plan For Decision Makers. It’s a three-course series that covers generative AI project planning and tips on how to transform an organization into an AI-ready team of experts.

Another useful course included in this series for free is the foundation for advanced usage of Amazon’s AI CodeWhisperer. The tool is powerful enough to generate codes based on user prompts that not only help non-technical audiences progress in their projects but also help mitigate the majority of costs of building an MVP product. So, if you are looking to grow your career either in AI or boost it using the power of AI, these Amazon courses can help you out for free.

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