The AI War We Feared is Now a Dangerous Reality

The AI War We Feared is Now a Dangerous Reality

Date: July 27, 2023

Artificial Intelligence is already on an aggressive growth trajectory, and now it is leading the next-gen warfare technology as well.

By now, you must have witnessed at least once, the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to some extent. Whether it is a beautiful image that you generated, or a creative content line that some AI tool provided, we all have already begun living in a world encompassed by the outputs of AI. While we’re not much interested in the bigger picture of what is going in the field of AI, here’s something really concerning that you must know. 

Artificial Intelligence Will Soon be the Leading Force of Warfare

Leading world countries including the United States, China and Russia are already in the peak stage of AI warfare development. ‘New General AI Plan’ as China calls it, is a strategic technology goal to become the World Leader in AI by 2030. Russia also believes that whoever gets to the top AI-powered warfare technology first, will undoubtedly become the world leader or if things go south, a dictating ruler as well.

But How Will AI Win Wars?

Since ages, war has been at the forefront of revolution in every country. That’s why, we have come from the igniting power of gunpowder to the country eliminating the power of nuclear bombs.

Simply recall the movies where advanced technologies kill global threats like a tiny mosquito. That’s exactly the essence of war once AI gets deployed as the soldier as well as the decision maker on the battle ground. 

The battle ground itself may not be a concept anymore, as AI has the capability to conduct a silent country-wide war too. Autonomous weapons controlled by an AI that has an unquestionable passion to kill, what would you call it? World-threatening.

It’s Not The Command, It’s The Ability To Think!

We do not need to go to the extent of thinking of AI as a sentient being with its own ideologies and right & wrongs. That is still fiction. What we need to be aware of is the power we will give its intelligence in terms of on-ground decision making, identifying enemies from friendlies, and functioning exactly how we want it to. 

Survival instinct is the base foundation of sending AI to war for victory. But that is also the reason why 4 AI robots killed nearly 29 scientists when all they were doing was to switch them off. Artificial Intelligence is still under control of the one who commands it. But, when you combine intelligence that is connected to the internet with an instinct to survive, it may have the autonomous power to do more than just eliminate enemy threats. Unfortunately, we will only get to know about when the D Day comes, unless someone succeeds in becoming a whistleblower.

Arpit Dubey

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