AI Can Now Personalize Playlists On Spotify Using Prompts

AI Can Now Personalize Playlists On Spotify Using Prompts

Date: April 08, 2024

Spotify recently launched another AI feature to enhance the musical user experience. Users will be able to create custom playlists using AI prompts.

Music as a form of entertainment can get extremely boring after a point of time. That’s why music apps provide genres, moods, and various categories to refresh the musical experience. Spotify has been putting efforts in a similar direction backed by the power of generative Artificial Intelligence. The famous audio streaming app recently took the spotlight with its AI DJ feature, which audiences worldwide love tuning into. Now, the app has launched an AI playlist creator which can generate custom playlists based on prompts.

The AI feature is currently available in the BETA version for Android and iOS users in Australia and the UK. The feature will be commercially launched worldwide after rigorous testing in the abovementioned audience set in the months ahead. Spotify is leveraging the huge repository of user data it has accumulated over the years to understand listening patterns accurately. It can provide custom playlists to users’ tastes, likes, dislikes, and any complex music listening situation.

With the introduction of AI playlists, users can get highly creative in their playlist creation. The AI feature allows users to write prompts like beats to battle a zombie apocalypse or songs to calm down my cat. The AI feature also has pre-built prompts based on the user’s interests and music preferences. However, the AI feature is guardrailed by closed security walls and cannot answer prompts outside the audio streaming service it provides. The AI feature will not respond to questions related to offensive, branded, or current events.

To try the latest AI playlist feature on Spotify, users can go to the ‘Your Library’ section by clicking the + sign button on the top-right corner of the screen. Along with the ‘Playlist’ and ‘Blend’ options, users who opt for the Beta version also get the ‘AI Playlist’ option. Users can choose from prompt suggestions or write their own. The AI feature will generate a playlist that users can save by hitting the ‘Create’ button.

In a world where AI is associated with the dangers of risking humanity, Spotify has mastered the AI art of entertaining humans. The platform is also exploring AI summaries, audio ads, and more.

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