From time to time, we strive to come up with interviews with mobile industry experts whose knowledge and experience can make a difference in the lives of our readers and all the tech geeks across the globe.

Sunil Rawat, Founder Systematix On Building Businesses and Creating Value

Sunil Rawat is a Founder and CEO of Systematix, who is not only a successful serial entrepreneur with 30 years of crisp industry experience but also an optimistic human driven by values. This time, MobileAppDaily had the privilege to catch up with him and discuss his new role within Systematix, his

  • Wed, 20 Jan 2021

How Wei-Fan Chen developed and founded Fourdesire, a real-life problem-solving app

A developer turned award-winning game designer, a serial entrepreneur, a producer, and a growth hacker, Wei-Fan Chen has won many hats in his extensive career. He founded Fourdesire to promote the correct way of living and inculcate sustainable habits in children and adults. Fourdesire is an app pub

  • Tue, 12 Jan 2021

Max Itskovich explains How to Transformed Challenges into Opportunities

CEO and founder of Mobile and Web Engineering Company Mobindustry Corps, Max Itskovich has been an industry-guru for more than 11 years now. He has worn many hats during his vast career as a developer, manager, and client. He has spoken in +30 conferences and has published +70 articles. MobileAppDai

  • Mon, 07 Dec 2020

Interview with Mr Steve Smith, CEO and Founder of Consumer Affinity, Inc.

In our interview with Steve Smith, the CEO, and Founder of Consumer Affinity Inc, we discovered valuable lessons of perseverance and self-belief. Steve’s rich portfolio showcases consistency and learning-focused job decisions. From Accounting to IT and then setting up a successful software develop

  • Tue, 01 Dec 2020

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Transforming Businesses through New Growth Initiatives: An Interview with Jay P. Founder & CEO, Polestar

Jay P. is the Founder and CEO of Polestar Tech Consultancy, bestowing words on the integrity of work during this global pandemic and changing business verticals. Sharing his views on various aspects of business sustainability and new business development environment, he believes the secret of real s

  • Mon, 23 Nov 2020

Tatsiana Kirimava, Founder & CEO, shared her secrets behind the success of Orangesoft

Tatsiana Kirimava has been the driving force behind Orangesoft for a decade. Sharing her views on various aspects of the mobile app industry, she explained MobileAppDaily what it takes to run a successful company in the industry, new technology and how the future looks like.

  • Wed, 28 Oct 2020

Alexey Nikolayev, SVP NIX sharing intricacies of software development and essence of his 18 years journey

Alexey Nikolayev, SVP of NIX, shares his experience of the journey from a system analyst to a top management position in a 2000 people powerhouse and tells how the software development industry changed over 18 years.

  • Wed, 21 Oct 2020

Interview with Jonathan Burdon, CEO & Founder of SDA Media, an award winning app marketing agency

We sat down with Jonathan Burdon, founder, and CEO of SDA Media, a social media awareness & app marketing company that bagged the crown in the "Top 50 app marketing agencies" list. He shared his insights on predicting marketing trends and the success of a purely performance-based business model. Jon

  • Mon, 19 Oct 2020

Explaining the nuances of App Development industry, Akhil Chandra CEO Studio Mosaic

Akhil Chandra, founder and CEO of Studio Mosaic and Epiphany Labs has explored the depths of the mobile app industry through a multitude of roles he has played over the years. Here, in conversation with MobileAppDaily he shares his experiences as a first-generation entrepreneur and his vision on App

  • Wed, 14 Oct 2020

Alex Kholodenko explains how CodeIT carved its niche as a Global Mobile Application Development Brand

Alex Kholodenko, Founder CEO of CodeIT, describes their journey of humble beginnings in an apartment to a global app development brand today.

  • Thu, 27 Aug 2020

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