“Have a vision but be flexible to change priorities!” -Dharmesh Acharya, COO, and Director at Radixweb banner

Dharmesh Acharya, one of the leading tech leaders, has been leading his organization for more than two decades. Recently, MobileAppDaily had the pleasure of organizing an exclusive interview with Dharmesh to know more about his experience, background, and professional journey. Through this interview, Dharmesh has shared some amazing insights and tips that can be influential for aspiring tech entrepreneurs and leaders. So, if you are one of the aspiring entrepreneurs, tech leaders, or a learner, stay with us until the end of this interview with Dharmesh Acharya to have some in-depth insights.

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1) Hello Dharmesh, thank you for joining us for this interview today. How are you doing?

Hi, it’s a real pleasure meeting you. I am doing great, more so because Radixweb’s 22nd foundation day is just around the corner; we have planned some great activities and most importantly, we have dropped our new brand pledge #InnovationYouDeserve which is of immense importance to us.

2) So, for our first question, as you have spent more than two decades with Radixweb, we would like to know your experience throughout the many roles that you have played in the organization.

Although I have been holding the COO’s chair for 20 years now, I am a learner at heart. Through my two decades of experience as a tech leader, I know that a tech leader has to be a forever learner. See, the ‘tech-scape’ is rapidly changing every moment. What’s trending today, might lose relevance tomorrow. So, if a tech person keeps updating himself/herself throughout, they won’t have to worry about losing relevance in the market. I have tried to ingrain this in my teams and the results have been brilliant.

3) What has been the most challenging moment of your journey with Radixweb?

Being a very demanding industry, one of the constant challenges in the field of IT is to keep up with the ever-changing market requirements and the fast-growing pace. It is, thus, exceedingly important to make wise decisions that favorably affect both employees and clients alike.

If I talk about my most daring moment, there have been a few times when I had to go through tough reflections to keep my organization consistently growing at a scale – in a way that not just only matches tech vision but helps our people achieve their professional milestones and dreams; most importantly, help the clients continuously achieve greater ROI on the tech investments they make with us.

4) What are your opinions on the rapidly evolving technological world?

For technology there’s no ‘one size fits all’ – which means every tech firm will have its own concern, thus, its own requirement. To match the pace of this rapid disruption, it is essential for technology to innovate at the pace now. There’s a gripping need to stay relevant in the market. Thus, every other day, we find a new technology on the block while some get outdated. There’s no escape to it. And such evolution is in a way healthy because it acts as the catalyst for many new inventions.

5) Do you have any tips to share with potential tech entrepreneurs?

Have a vision but be flexible to change priorities. As a ‘tech-prenuer’ one needs to have a very lucid view of technology, IT management, resource management, and leadership. Have a set of uncompromising core values but welcome the new with zeal. Leverage people-centricity because your stakeholders (both internal and external) are your biggest assets.

Also, socialize and build partnerships beyond work. Your ultimate goal should be achieving and building for others a sustainable tech future and sound digital health.

6) Would you throw some light on the work culture and ethics followed by Radixweb?

At Radixweb, we are known for our open-door, people-focused, all-inclusive work culture. We prioritize both, our EX and our CX, equally. In fact, last year we were the Great Place To Work certification for unbiased growth scope, fairness of work policies, and equal opportunities. Here, at Radixweb, the people leaders are more of mentors, guiding the teams towards more competent work processes. Ask any employee at Radixweb, and the common link you’ll find is that they feel valued for their contribution. Everyone is given a scope to voice their opinion and is held accountable for their individual tasks.

When it comes to work ethics, we are truly bound by the core values of trust, transparency, and righteousness. Our deals are fair and just. We guide our clients to invest in only meaningful tech investments. Our priorities are vested in the success of their milestones.

7) Are you planning to expand the company into more unexplored areas or regions? If yes, then give us a little insight for our readers?

Yes, of course. We are a two-decade company with a strong positioning across the globe for a true niche clientele. We are already established in a majority of regions like the USA, Australia, and Europe. However, to provide extended support and help to clients from some other regions, we have plans to expand in the Middle East, Canada, etc.

8) As leading an organization is a challenging task with so many ups and downs, what keeps you motivated and calm throughout tough times?

I’ll say Radixweb is one team that’s always prepared to deal with disruption. Ups and downs are a part of life and business. Rather than taking them as a setback, one should look at the learning lessons that the incident has brought to the forefront.

Again, I know I have a strong support team backing my efforts. I know I have people who trust my decisions and my business vision. They know that I’ll eventually guide the entire team to the pinnacle of tech expertise.

9) What has been the most memorable experience of your career that you still think about sometimes?

My most memorable feat was the invention of OnPrintShop - the risk I took to imbibe innovation in the print industry, which has become a revolutionary product after a decade now. The vision, the fear of failure, resolving emerging problems for global printers and making them use technology to make most of their business. Now, when I see OnPrintShop web-to-print solutions getting recognized by the world's top printers like Ricoh HP etc., and helping thousands of printers streamline their business, it gives me immense pleasure.

10) How can MobileAppDaily help Radixweb and contribute to its further growth?

I hope MobileAppDaily takes us and our achievements to the yet untapped markets. It will be quite a feat if we can encourage your tech readership with our vision and in return earn the due recognition from our peers.

Key takeaways

  • A tech leader, even after decades of experience, still has to continue learning to keep up with the evolving market
  • Your stakeholders are your biggest assets
  • At Radixweb, we are truly bound by the core values of trust, transparency, and righteousness
  • Technological evolution is in a way healthy because it acts as the catalyst for many new inventions.

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