An Interview with the Tech Maestro, Prashant Pujara- Co-Founder & CEO at MultiQoS Technologies banner

Companies around the world are motivated to adapt digital transformation in order to keep up with challenges that they are facing today. From massively boosting competition to the race of on-demand services, a rapid speed of digital transformation among businesses can be witnessed. Among the leading companies that are helping businesses thrive through this rapidly changing digital ecosystem, MultiQoS exists.

MobileAppDaily had the pleasure of organizing an interview with its co-founder and CEO, Prashant Pujara. Prashant founded MultiQoS Technologies in 2020 and has been leading it as the CEO since the organization's inception.

Before founding the company, Prashant established a well-known image for himself as an expert in technologies like SAP ERP, Software Project Management, XML, Networking, and Software Testing. This exclusive interview of Prashant Pujara by MobileAppDaily throws some light on the motivations that led to the inception of MultiQoS.

Let’s have a look at the conversation we had Prashant for more details!

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1) Hello Prashant, thank you for joining us for this interview today. How are you doing?

Hello, thank you for the warm welcome! I'm doing well, excited and ready for the interview. Looking forward to our discussion today.

2) So, to start with, can you please take us through your inspiration behind establishing your own organization? What exactly was the inspirational point that pushed you to become an entrepreneur?

The inspiration behind establishing my own organization was the desire for creative freedom and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the industry. The idea of being able to innovate, solve problems, and create a positive change motivated me to become an entrepreneur. I wanted to build something from the ground up and shape my own path in the business world.

3) Throughout your entrepreneurial journey, what has been the most challenging phase for you and your organization?

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, the most challenging phase for both me and my organization was the initial startup phase. It involved overcoming various obstacles, including securing funding, building a solid team, and establishing a strong market presence. Additionally, navigating through the uncertainties and handling the pressures of managing a new business were significant challenges. However, with determination, perseverance, and a strategic approach, we successfully navigated through these challenges and emerged stronger, leading us to the path of growth and success.

4) For aspiring entrepreneurs and market leaders, what would you recommend they should never forget during their journey?

For aspiring entrepreneurs and market leaders, I would recommend never forgetting the importance of staying true to your vision and values throughout your journey. Embrace the power of resilience and adaptability, as challenges and uncertainties will inevitably arise. Always prioritize learning and continuous improvement, as knowledge and innovation are key drivers of success.

Additionally, don't underestimate the significance of building strong relationships with your team, customers, and partners, as they play a crucial role in the growth and sustainability of your venture. Remember, success may not come overnight, but with determination, perseverance, and a customer-centric approach, you can pave the way for long-term success and impact in your chosen market.

5) Do you see the continuously evolving technologies as an opportunity to grow as a tech leader? If yes, how?

Yes, continuously evolving technologies present a significant opportunity for tech leaders to grow and thrive. Embracing and staying updated with the latest advancements enables tech leaders to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. By leveraging emerging technologies, they can streamline processes, enhance product offerings, and create more efficient solutions for customers.

Being adaptable to changing technologies allows tech leaders to tap into new markets and expand their reach. It opens doors to exploring novel business models and revenue streams. Moreover, being at the forefront of technological advancements enhances the credibility of tech leaders, attracting top talent and fostering a culture of innovation within their organizations.

Overall, embracing evolving technologies not only drives growth but also positions tech leaders as pioneers in their respective fields, creating a lasting impact on their industries and ensuring long-term success.

6) Are there any plans in place to grow MultiQoS Technologies across more regions of services and markets?

Yes, MultiQoS Technologies has ambitious plans to expand its services and market reach across more regions. With a strong focus on growth and innovation, the company is actively exploring opportunities to enter new markets and cater to a broader customer base.

By identifying emerging market demands and understanding the unique needs of different regions, MultiQoS aims to adapt its offerings and establish a strong presence globally. This expansion strategy involves strategic partnerships, localized marketing efforts, and building a robust network of clients and collaborators in diverse regions.

Through these well-thought-out plans, MultiQoS Technologies aims to solidify its position as a leading technology solutions provider and provide valuable services to customers worldwide.

7) How, in your opinion, a new IT company can grow in the already existing massive scale of competition?

To grow amidst massive competition, a new IT company should focus on niche specialization, innovation, customer-centricity, quality, strategic partnerships, branding, talent acquisition, scalable infrastructure, and adaptability.

8) What do you prefer as the most suitable app development technology to provide more efficient services to smartphone users while in parallel, growing the ROIs of your clients?

A combination of native and cross-platform development is the most suitable app development technology. It ensures efficient services to smartphone users and maximizes ROIs for clients.

9) To become a successful app development entrepreneur, what skills would you recommend for new developers today?

To become a successful app development entrepreneur, new developers should focus on programming languages, mobile app development frameworks, UI/UX design, problem-solving, continuous learning, project management, communication, and business acumen.

10) How can MobileAppDaily help MultiQoS Technologies in growing further?

MobileAppDaily can help MultiQoS Technologies grow further by providing market insights, app promotion, networking opportunities, expert opinions, and talent acquisition resources.


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