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Recently, MobileAppDaily had the privilege of joining Ganesh Verma, CEO of Cerebrum Infotech for an insightful interview. During the interview, we got to know about the passion that Ganesh keeps to provide clients with the best quality services. He also thinks that clear communication at every stage of the development process is the key to better client satisfaction. In this short interview with him, we got to know his visions and plans for the company as well. Read these insights given by Ganesh that we have mentioned further.

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1) Hello Ganesh, first of all, thank you for joining us for the interview. How are you feeling today?

Hello, I am doing great! How are you? It’s my pleasure to do this here with you today!

2) As a tech expert yourself, you must be noticing constant changes in the digital market. What do you think about them?

In the tech world, change is the only constant and I believe it’s a great thing. With the advent of new technology, we are able to provide clients with the latest features that help them automate many day-to-day operations.

3) What part of your career do you think was the most important that helped you in learning so much and made you a better professional?

I think every part of the career teaches you something but I believe that the initial part of my career was of utmost importance. It’s here that along with the basics of my work, I learned discipline, dedication, and determination. I was able to work my way up because of the extensive learning experience that I got in my initial years, and learned never to be stagnant.

4) Being in the industry, what challenges do you think companies like Cerebrum Infotech face often?

Well, Cerebrum Infotech has successfully overcome challenges such as project infrastructure, quality assurance, system, and application integration. Since the company has been in business for over a decade, it has learned to tackle challenges and find the best solutions.

5) Any experience from your career that you would like to share with MobileAppDaily readers?

I have learned that one has to ensure that the client’s trust never gets broken. If you are committing to deliver a project on a certain date, you have to deliver it, and that too with good quality. Also, a business must ensure that they maintain honest communication with clients throughout the project. Communicate with them every milestone achieved and the total progress on the project.

6) What do you prefer, Android or iOS? Why?

At Cerebrum infotech, we provide both Android and iOS apps. To be honest, it all depends upon the requirements of clients. We guide them in the best way to choose the app for their business. It depends upon the target audience of clients, their budget, and many other things.

7) What visions do you have for Cerebrum Infotech?

Cerebrum Infotech has been going strong for many years, and over the course of time, it has improved its processes manifold. In the future, I want Cerebrum Infotech to leverage new-age technology to provide innovative solutions to clients across the world. Also, we have been working on drastically improving our processes to provide the best experience to clients.

8) Any target markets where you are planning to expand your company’s coverage?

We have been serving diverse industries, and our target is to find the best possible solutions for all these industries to automate many of their processes. We are looking forward to opening offices in European countries in the near future.

9) What makes you motivated enough to face new challenges every day?

I believe every day is a new beginning. There is so much that we can learn every day and make a difference. My motto is to always give 100%, and that’s what keeps me doing. Challenges help us evolve; it’s because of challenges that we try to do better than before.

10) How do you think MobileAppDaily can contribute to the growth of Cerebrum Infotech?

MobileAppDaily is a reputed platform that helps its readers understand the changing mobile trends. It is an inspiration for technologists, app agencies, and analysts. MobileAppDaily is contributing wonderfully to the industry and Cerebrum Infotech learns so much from the platform.

Key takeaways

  • Challenges help us in evolving and doing better than before
  • The plan is to use new-age technology to provide better client services
  • The initial part of my career taught me discipline, dedication, and determination, which later, became helpful for my growth
  • With constant changes in technology, we are able to use them for our leverage by providing new features to client projects

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