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MobileAppDaily had the privilege of interviewing the CEO of SEASIA INFOTECH, Rupinder Pal Singh. Rupinder is actively involved in the IT industry for over two decades now, and throughout his career, he has worked in several leadership roles. Rupinder has been with SEASIA INFOTECH for over ten years, and under his leadership, the leading UI/UX design company has crossed various milestones of growth. Rupinder’s educational background includes top names such as London Business School (LBS) and Punjabi University, Patiala. He also holds 11 research papers and frequently attends academic and industry conferences as a speaker.

Through this interview, Rupinder has shared some amazing insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and tech leaders that can help them improve their skills and create the right roadmap. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the discussion we had with Rupinder.

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1) So, you have been contributing to the growth of SEASIA INFOTECH for over a decade now. We are curious to know what part of your journey with SEASIA has been most challenging.

Well, the last two years have been incredibly difficult for individuals and businesses alike. There were several challenges that needed to be dealt with immediately. Transitioning to a remote working environment and streamlining operations took a lot of effort; however, thanks to the cooperation from all the employees and good decision-making on the management’s part, we were able to have smooth sailing.

There were other challenges too. With so much happening around us, I had to find ways to keep my team’s mental health in check too. I am rather proud that we have emerged stronger out of the situation. It was, of course, a team effort. Despite all the difficulties the employees might have been facing on personal levels, not once did they let our clients down.

2) How would you describe your experience at SEASIA INFOTECH since the moment you started your journey with the organization?

It has been quite a journey!

We started off in the year 2000 as an offshore development center for Hewlett-Packard. Working with some of the best US government entities for more than 8 years helped us internalize concepts, such as data security, structured delivery processes, and more into our corporate DNA. Spinning off as an independent entity in the year 2009 was a turning point for SEASIA, and we never looked back.

The experience of building the company from scratch has been beyond rewarding. There were challenges, of course, but I am glad we could successfully rise above them. Bringing your vision to life is a feeling like no other. If given another chance, I would love to relive the thrill, every bit of it, all over again!

3) Can you take us through the operational process of SEASIA, from order placement to delivery of services?

Yes, sure. The operational process at SEASIA is rather streamlined. We pair the CMMi-5 process framework with Agile methodology to deploy customized delivery models for our clients.  
The first step after order placement is discovery, the phase where we identify the Who, When, What, and Why of a project. Next up, the team plans the roadmap, followed by designing and developing. The last two steps are testing and improving upon feedback to make sure the final product meets clients’ expectations.

4) For aspiring entrepreneurs and technology leaders, what skills and technologies do you recommend they should pursue if we look at the current tech market scenario?

Anyone who wants to make it big in the technology domain should focus on mastering skills, such as data analysis, iOS and Android development, UX/UI Design, data science, and project management, among others.

They can also find massive opportunities in emerging technologies including but not limited to the metaverse, blockchain, Web 3, artificial intelligence, and more.

5) Are you planning to explore more markets or services through SEASIA INFOTECH in the future? If yes, then would you like to share some insights?

Oh, certainly. Exploring more markets and services is definitely on the roadmap.

In addition to expanding our offices in regions, such as East Asia, Europe, MENA, and Australia, that are emerging as big players, we would also like to have a stronger presence in North America. At present, we have offices in Australia, India, Canada, the US, the UK, and Ghana.

Talking about the services part, we are already working on enhancing our capabilities in working on emerging technologies, like blockchain, metaverse, and Web 3. The possibilities are endless if you are passionate and curious enough.

6) In your opinion, what tactics have been the most effective to grow SEASIA INFOTECH and its reputation in this level of competition that exists today?

SEASIA, at its heart, is a people’s company. The success of our clients is a priority at SEASIA. I think I would credit SEASIA’s growth and reputation to four pillars:

We are passionate about our client's success; we aim to deliver the best results with top-notch execution.

We are a responsible company that is determined to make the world a better place with our creative and advanced technical applications.

Our diverse culture promotes healthy exchanges of thoughts and ideas. There is room for everyone and everything, but most importantly for learning, sharing, and improving.

Integrity is at the core of SEASIA. You can always trust us to put our best foot forward to exceed your expectations and timely delivery of our commitments.

This sums it up, I guess.

7) To inspire our readers, would you like to share some numbers that reflect the growth of SEASIA INFOTECH?

SEASIA INFOTECH has come a long way since its inception. This year, so far, we have already delivered over 2000 projects successfully for over 200 clients, and are well on our way to taking this number higher. We have more than 500 people working on these projects, dedicatedly and wholeheartedly. Our clientele is spread across at least 50 countries across the globe, and there’s no stopping.

8) What does the work culture at SEASIA INFOTECH look like? And, how does the organization maintain employee satisfaction and client satisfaction as well?

As I might have mentioned before, SEASIA INFOTECH is a CMMI-certified company. I have always believed in providing all our clients with the best of what we have to offer, and if there is one thing that I have learned from all these years of running a company, it is you can’t have satisfied clients without happy employees.

In order to establish an employee-friendly work culture, we put our people in charge of what they are doing. We make sure each of our employees feels appreciated and enjoys working with a close-knit, skilled team. I personally try to ensure that everybody at SEASIA is getting ample opportunity to enhance their skills as they work.

It is a matter of pride that SEASIA INFOTECH is built on a working morality of quality products, ethical action, and client success.

As far as maintaining employee and client satisfaction is concerned, we do so by providing high-quality software solutions along with providing an absolute working atmosphere to the employees, which play an important role in the development and success of long-term tactics.

9) For our last question, would you like to take us through some of your professional achievements that you are proud of?

I would easily rank leading SEASIA, one of the world’s most diversified groups of tech companies, as my biggest achievement as a professional. Managing all the day-to-day global operations, product research, and development, along with the marketing and corporate development of a leading name in the industry, fills me with immense pride and joy every day. I feel honored that my operational expertise and technology insights are helping strengthen SEASIA’s culture of innovation, expand the company into new markets, and extend our product portfolio and global reach.

Lastly, we appreciate the time that you made for the interview. All the best for your future endeavors!

Key takeaways

  • Our diverse culture promotes healthy exchanges of thoughts and ideas
  • Presently, SEASIA INFOTECH has offices in Australia, India, Canada, the US, the UK, and Ghana
  • Even for aspiring tech leaders in the current market, data analysis, iOS, and Android development, UX/UI Design, data science, and project management are some of the crucial skills
  • At SEASIA, we pair the CMMi-5 process framework with Agile methodology to deploy customized delivery models for our clients

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