Best Mobile Tax Apps To Try In 2019
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Best Mobile Tax Apps to Try in 2019

Mobile apps are projected to hit $188.9 billion in revenue by 2020.

Best Mobile Tax Apps to Try in 2019

One of the most overwhelming, infuriating, stressful, and confusing tasks human beings encounter is filing taxes. Many people have been looking for techniques they can embrace to simplify this process. 

However, the efforts of the majority tend to be futile. Some choose to seek assistance from a service for essay writing, presuming they may help them out. They purchase the latest essay samples online and read through them to find out if they can identify a simpler process to do it. Most of them end up finding nothing helpful. So, they have to endure the overwhelming, stressful, and infuriating process. 

Nonetheless, technology has made major impacts in the world today. Various industries have seen a drastic improvement such as education, communication, health, transport, and banking among others. 

Best Tax Apps in 2019 

Additionally, upcoming technology trends have made it possible for people to develop apps they can use to make some processes simple. Various tax mobile apps have been developed to help make the process of filing taxes less infuriating and less overwhelming. 

Best Tax Apps To Not Miss In 2019

With the help of the below-mentioned mobile apps, you can do your taxes on the phone. Below are some of the best mobile tax apps you can use to do your taxes: 

1. TurboTax

TurboTax is an app you can use to file your returns when you have limited time. Many people and self-employed freelancers can benefit immensely from this category of mobile application. You may have a simple tax return to file but time is not on your side. 

With TurboTax, you can file your returns on the go without minding the time as it is fast and efficient. Take photos of your tax forms and upload them directly to the app. Additionally, it guarantees you access to qualified tax professional rights you can use to get responses to any questions you may have. 

The TurboTax app for Android and iPhone is a free mobile tax filing app. However, you may be charged to file your federal and state returns electronically. 

2. IRS2Go

IRS2Go is a free tax return app developed by the IRS. It allows you to connect with the IRS at any time and at any place. Additionally, with this app, you can check the status of your refund. You can also use the app to sign up in order to receive Twitter feeds from the IRS and, beneficially, potential money-saving tax tips. 

3. TaxACT

TaxACT is a tax mobile app which can be utilized with other apps hence making the process of filing your returns a zephyr or a breeze. Here are some points that will assist you and your online business in understanding the app better: 

  • TaxACT Express is a free tax return app which allows you to file your federal taxes with ease from your smartphone. This app enables you to file all your returns from your phone or begin the process on and finish instantly. 
  • DocVault is a tax tracker app that you can use throughout the year to simplify the filing process. With this app, you can organize and save your fundamental tax details and documents throughout the year. You can also use it to save tax-form photos, receipts, banking records, and invoices securely. 
  • TaxACT Central is another free tax app which comprises a tax return checklist and calendar which enables you to organize yourself and file your returns. Also, it contains a help center. Moreover, it lets you check the status of your federal refund and e-filed returns. 

4. Intersog

Intersog is a tax preparation app which equips you with all the knowledge about taxes. It comprises numerous tax terms and phrases you can refer to whenever you do not comprehend something. Hence, this tax filing app makes the tax filing process smooth and simple. 

5. CPAdirect

CPAdirect is a free mobile tax app created by a CPA. This app enables you to get responses or answers for your pressing tax queries. It contains answers on how to file tax returns, itemizes deduction rules, the latest tax changes, and tax rates. 

6. H&R Block

The H&R Block is a mobile tax file application you can use to file your state and federal returns using the step by step instructions they provide you with. Not only can you download it for free but you can also prepare your e-file and tax returns at no cost. It has unique features such as the ability to take a photo of the W-2 and importing it into your returns using your phone. 

7. TaxSlayer

TaxSlayer is a free tax refund calculator that enables you to use a W-2 or your paycheck to approximate or evaluate your tax refunds. This is one of the best tax return apps to help you know whether you need to borrow money or not.   

8. Bloomberg BNA

This free tax app grants you access to schedules and tax rates for some years. You can find out essential information such as capital gains, individual tax rate schedules, retirement plan limits, and standard mileage rates among others. With this app, you can easily alter the reference year. Apart from this, there are various other B2B apps that consist of such advanced features. 

All the above apps can be used frequently. However, this depends on your needs. You may need to calculate your tax refunds or inquire more information about taxes. So, you will have to choose any of the above tax planning apps for your needs. 

The majority of the tax apps discussed above are free. You can download them from the apple or play store and use them to file your returns. However, some may charge you for filing your returns electronically such as TurboTax. 

Final Word 

As mentioned earlier, all the above apps can be used to meet different needs. Hence, selecting the best tax app will depend on the needs you want to meet. 

In conclusion, the taxing season is one of the overwhelming and frustrating moments for many individuals. And while some seek assistance, they cannot evade the infuriating and stressful moment. Luckily, with the help of technology, the filing process is quite simple. Above are some of the best mobile tax apps you can use to file your returns without being worried or frustrated. 

Make sure to stay tuned with MobileAppDaily for more updates related to the leading iOS as well as Android mobile applications. Also in case you have any doubts related to the above-mentioned best tax apps, then just leave a comment and our team will get back to you at the earliest.

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