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10 Must-Have Best Investment Apps in 2021

If making money sounds sweet to you, then these best stock investment apps are a must for you to have on your phone.

Best Investment Apps

Warren Buffet rightly said, if you don’t find a way to make money as you sleep, you’ll work until the day you die. This sentiment of investing, a practice preached by many, has always yielded great results. But while Warren had the aspirational objective to pursue investment as a career, we understand not all are meant to walk the same road to multiply savings. And so we thought to spoon-feed the beloved reader, with our top picks for investment apps, that’ll do the bidding for you in 2021.

Investment is a crucial financial activity that has been a part of our system for centuries. We invest according to our goals and capacities. From gold, real estate, stock to commodities, investment had been the step for further development of the economy as well as the personal fortune of the investor. 

Today, times have changed and investment is best done with the help of technology. These apps allow you to take control of your investments, keep an eye on the prices at all times, maintain your history, and provide you all the tools you need at your fingertips.  We bring to you what the best investment apps have to offer.

Best Investment Apps for 2021

These top investing apps make the daunting task of reading stock market essentials and cashing in on split-second windows of money-making a profitable experience.

1. Acorns - Best Stock App for Part-Timers

Acorns are best suited to people who have a basic understanding of the capital markets. This best stock market app targets that penny-change lying idle in your savings account. On downloading, users link their bank accounts to the app and answer a few questions. As you use the card linked to that account for everyday purchases Acorns rounds-up the money to the nearest dollar and keeps track until the total of those comes up to $5. It is then that this best stock app invests the money into ETFs, Exchange Traded Funds.

If you wish to know more about this app, you can read the full review of Acorns app here.

Acorns - Best Investment Apps

The best features of this best stock app for beginners are:

  • Monthly $1 Fee for balances under $1 million
  • Investing as little as $5
  • Automated investment as per user profile
  • 7000 stocks and bonds to invest through ETFs
  • The Acorns Later feature, lets you save for retirement
  • Access to the Acorns Spend debit card

Accredited users are charged $100 for every $1 million they invest after touching the threshold of $1 million for the first time. Acorns win hands-down against conventional portfolio advisory services as they have a minimum balance threshold of $25,000 with a fee of up to 1.25%.

Download this best app to invest money for Android and iOS devices

2.  Betterment - Best Investment App for DIY Investors

For lone wolves or contrarian investors whose investment decisions are based on weeks of research, Betterment is the best stock trading app. It lets you automate amounts that’ll be invested weekly/monthly to either individual stocks or the 150 ETFs which Betterment associates with. Also, the best stock market app, recommends guides to further embolden your financial know-how.

The best features of this stock trading app are:

  • Allows a retirement account
  • Account Subscription starts at $1
  • No investment Fee for stocks.
  • Expense ratios for ETFs are 0.30.%
  • Zero fees for inactivity and on outgoing transfers
  • Custodial Accounts for Parents introducing children to investing
  • Stock Back Rewards Program

The Betterment stock trading app serves to balance and diversify risk in a portfolio. Right before the account is set up, users answer questions that let Betterment-bots identify risk tolerance. The bots suggest guides to broaden the knowledge but the call to place the funds belongs to the customer.

Download this best app to invest money for Android and iOS devices 

3. Invstr - Best Investment App for Students

Yes, there is one for this audience as well. Invstr is a market simulator mimicking financial markets in real-time and allowing gamers to stake $100,000 virtual money. With no risk of loss, you can put your theories to test and see how it goes. Invstr added a LIVE feature that lets you stake real money, something that users need to be wary of. The game lets you learn from observing others’ trade, and try your skills in life-like stimulation.

The best features of this stock trading app that enables investment learning:

  • Free
  • Real-time market simulation
  • Place trades on 14 exchanges
  • The app allows virtual investments

Invstr is a good starting point to set crucial fundamentals of investment right. The investment app could pose intermittent lags in price updates but convinces users to come over to the real end of the business i.e., minting real money.

Download this best digital investment app for Android and iOS devices

4. Robinhood - Best Investment App for Newbies

Robinhood investment app tops the charts especially amongst beginners flirting with the idea of putting their money to play. Invest in stocks, options as well as for cryptocurrencies. It is free to sign-up with the user being awarded a free stock upon registration. Refer a friend, whose successful conversion as a registered user will earn you another stock. Keep at it and you can earn as much as $500 in free stock by simply referring and growing this best stock trading app.

If you wish to know more about this app, you can read the full review of Robinhood app here.

Robinhood - Best Investment Apps

The best features of this stock investing app:

  • Zero Commissions on trades
  • Instant deposits instead of a 3-day turn around period
  • Push notifications to keep you updated
  • Trade Cryptocurrencies with instant settlement
  • Gold Membership offers benefits like after-hour trading
  • Sync with your smartwatch

A $0 fee lets individuals hold stocks for longer. However, as the trades are managed by users, instead of brokers, the income gained becomes taxable.

Download this best app to invest money for Android and iOS devices

5. Stockpile - Best Investment App for Parents

Highly recommended that you check out this investment app, especially, before ThanksGiving. Who knows with Stockpiles’ Stock-as-a-gift-card feature, you might end up gifting, something that is & will continue to grow in value. Moreover, if you’re a new user you get $5 to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin via Stockpiles ETFs. What if it reached $100,000!

Stockpile - Best Investment Apps

The best investment features of this trading app are:

  • Buy Shares for Gift cards
  • Low commissions on trades
  • Custodial Accounts
  • Over 1000 stocks including S&P 500
  • Buy American Depository Receipts to invest in foreign companies

With an investment account, you can buy stock with cash but will be charged $0.99 per transaction. To avoid foul play & fraudsters, Stockpile doesn’t permit penny stocks in addition to any other stock that trades below $6.

Download this best digital investment app for Android and iOS devices

6. Wealthbase - Best Investment App for Freebies

Wealthbase has, arguably, the best promotional offers for those who want to learn to trade. You can start your virtual trading with $100,000 in virtual cash, stocks, ETFs, or cryptos. People can trade securities like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options & Forex. 

The best features of this investment app include: 

  • Virtual money
  • No Stock Trading 
  • No Fees
  • 24/7 online chat support
  • Free Research Advisory      

Wealthbase attributes special emphasis on teaching the technicalities of trading. Anyone who wants to get in without bearing transactional charges would find Wealthbase as one of the best online investment apps to learn investing money. 

Download this best stock app for Android and iOS devices

7. Webull - The best mobile stock trading app

Webull is the best stock market app for those who want to keep an eye on the live status of markets around the world. From NASDAQ to NSE, Webull covers them all, that too in real-time. Webull was developed as a forex trading platform, and thousands of traders have used it all over the world. This best app to buy stocks gives 2 free stocks, valued at USD 2.50 to USD 250 when you start your account. 2 more free stocks are given between the valued at USD 2- USD 1600 at the time of initial deposit of USD 100. 

In other words, a trader with no experience can start with Webull and get the first introduction to the market without even spending a single penny.

The best features of this best mobile stock trading app include: 

  • Zero commission
  • Trade-in Cryptocurrency.
  • Convenient trading 
  • Fast and real-time data.

Download this best online trading app for Android and iOS devices

8. Fidelity Investments - One of the top stock market apps

One of the best online investment apps for Android and iOS, you get over 70 years of trust with Fidelity Investments the best stock trading app. Users can pay their bills, deposit money, and do much more in just simple taps. Even though recommended by CNBC because of its convenience, the stock app offers in-depth market research for users to keep a track of. Because of its cutting-edge design, the Fidelity Investments and stock app have a very good feel about it. 

The best features of this stock trading app include: 

  • Customized feeds for your interests and investments 
  • Timely portfolio and market research
  • Control your finances in just a few taps
  • News and tailor-made content  

Download this best mobile trading app for Android and iOS devices

9. TD Ameritrade Mobile - Best Investment App for Experts

With 364 branch locations within the states, you can’t help but list one of the largest brokers in the country. High trade fees are no pain point to customers who go with the trust this investment app backs thanks to its parent company. It’s even hard to point follies in the app’s mobile business, as the subsidiaries are institutionalized to target beginners as well as expert traders. TD Ameritrade Mobile for former and TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader for experts.

TD Ameritrade Mobile - Best Investment Apps

The best features of this best investment tracking app: 

  • Commission-Free ETFs
  • 4,000 No Transaction Fee Mutual Funds
  • Trade Forex, Foreign ADRs, IPOs, and much more
  • Best in class customer support

We must bring out how much customer support and feedback is valued at Ameritrade. Users can choose between the Facebook messenger, iPhone message app, Amazon Alexa/Apple Business chat services to seek professional assistance.

Download this best investment tracking app for Android and iOS devices

10. SoFi - The best app to buy and sell stocks.

SoFi is an excellent forex and CFD broker that has developed one of the best stock trading apps we’ve ever seen. The app is well-designed and easy to use; it also offers various features traders need to maximize their trading.

In addition to this, the financial services along with instruments provided by this may be restricted in certain jurisdictions. This app to buy stocks is a good option for those who are looking to invest in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, trending stocks, and ETFs.

The best features of this best stock app: 

  • Cryptocurrency and stock investment
  • Borrow easy loans
  • Live stocks
  • Auto-investing stocks, trending stocks

Download this free stock trading app fo Android and iOS devices


2021 is already a month old, and with this curated list of top investing apps, you can lay back, relax and sip that cup of coffee, as your portfolio makes money, even as you sleep. And in case, you still have some questions regarding the top investment apps mentioned above. 

With a bunch of best stock investment apps in the list offering virtual trade, we would recommend newbies to start with those. We hope you liked our picks and found them useful. If you want to ask anything specific or you are an entrepreneur who wants to get your app reviewed, get in touch with MobileAppDaily.

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