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Best Food Delivery Apps For Food Lovers In 2021

Order food online from your favorite restaurant with these reliable food delivery apps.

Best Food Delivery Apps

Let’s recall the time when we would go out to our favorite restaurant for dinner. There, we had to call the waiter and ask him to note down the order you want on your table. It’s true that the moments offered unforgettable memories but have you ever thought about how much time it took to order your favorite dish?

If we compare those good old days with today’s busy scenario, no one has the patience to stand in the queue to get their food orders. To get instant and tasty food, people rather prefer to get food delivery from their favorite restaurant. In this case, famous food delivery apps are the best alternatives they can choose to fulfill their food demands. 

Best Food Delivery Apps To Try Out In 2021

The world of apps for food delivery is as wide as the eating options available to us today. That’s why our R&D team has picked the best  food delivery apps that have gained immense prominence among food lovers across the globe

1. GrubHub - Best Food Delivery App

Grubhub delivers your favorite food right at your doorsteps enabling you to choose from the largest selection of restaurants and menu which is Gluten-free, low fat and organic. No matter if you're Afghani, American, Indian or Italian, the app is here to serve individuals across 900 cities with super-fast online food delivery services.

To make food ordering more convenient, the app offers easy filtering (based on popularity, price, distance, and delivery fee), fast ordering processing, occasional coupons and discounts, and secure payment modes (including PayPal, credit card, cash and debit card). Moreover, users are happy using this app as they quick, responsive and resolution-oriented customer support whenever needed. 

Bonus Benefit: If you’re new to this app, you can save extra dollars on your first order by applying their coupon codes.

GrubHub - Best Food Delivery App

Here are some of the key features of this best meal ordering app:

  • The app is associated with the largest selection of restaurants available across the nation
  • Availability of Chinese, Italian, Greek and other varieties of food 
  • Quality is guaranteed as the app partners with exclusive restaurant partners

Download this top food ordering app Android or iOS  

2. goPuff - Best Food Delivery App

Widely appreciated as a renowned food delivery application, goPuff has been slowly and effectively getting its name recognized in the industry by letting users effortlessly order food from their favorite restaurants' in the city. The food delivery app has been running pretty well, offering to the customers’ online food services from morning to night weekly without charging any hidden cost. 

goPuff - Best Food Delivery App

Here are some of the key features of this best meal ordering app:

  • Go-to digital convenience retailer
  • Super interactive interface
  • Provides advanced payment methods 

Download this top food ordering app Android or iOS 

3. Bite Squad- Top Food Ordering App

Get your food delivered at your doorsteps with the help of the Bite Squad app. The Bite Squad app offers a wide range of restaurants to choose from with low booking fees and speedy delivery. The food delivery app is consistently rated best in the Food & Drinks category by the customers. 

The food delivery app was founded in 2012 and since then it operates in more than 100 cities and delivers from more than 10,000 restaurants nationwide. 

Bite Squad App

Here are some key features of the best meal ordering app

  • Schedule a food order in advance
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Personalized notification according to earlier order preference
  • Speedy delivery and accurate orders 

Download this top food ordering app Android or iOS 

4. Deliveroo - Top Food Delivery App

Online ordering has been made easier with this one of the best food delivery apps in the business. Right from local hotspots from the national famous food outlets, you order your favorite food from hottest restaurants in town.

Deliveroo has attained a place of repute among the most popular food ordering apps across Europe. It offers you a broad menu having a variety of cuisines which are promised to be delivered within 30 minutes. 

Deliveroo - Top Food Delivery App

Here are some of the key features of this best meal ordering app:

  • Helps users find favorite food from reliable restaurants
  • Lets you pay directly from your phone through multiple payment options
  • Provides live updates (progress and arrival time) of orders
  • Lets users put delivery instructions
  • Option to view order history and download report

Download this top food ordering app Android or iOS  

5. Caviar - Best Food Delivery App

Check Out- Detail Caviar App Review

Caviar was incepted for manufacturing credit card readers attached to the smartphones. And now the brand has also extended to provide online food ordering services to the users residing all across the US. 

With this best food delivery app, you can search for restaurants, browse through different food categories, choose the dishes from the menu and finally order. food to be delivered at your doorstep. The app offers additional food delivery options (which consists of 21-day dry-aged beef burgers, Falafel cups, crispy carrot cake, crispy Brussel sprouts and many more) depending on the city you are ordering food from. 

Caviar - Best Food Delivery App

Caviar is available for the users from:

  • Boston, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Fort Worth, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • Portland, OR
  • San Diego, CA
  • Washington, D.C., etc.

Download this top food ordering app Android or iOS  

6. Doordash - Best Food Delivery App

Doordash is a technology company that has been indulged in connecting individuals with the best services in their cities. To empower their mission to connect people with what they need, they started online food delivery services promising customers to deliver their favorite food in minimal time and charges. 

Doordash is gaining prominence for offering users the facility to select from their favorite local restaurants. With more than 1,10,000 menu options and partner restaurants in 600+ cities, it has become one of the best food delivery service app. As for US residents, the app works in San Francisco, Oakland/East Bay, Los Angeles, LA Valley, etc. 

Going beyond food ordering service, the food delivery app also offers the “DoorDash Delight" feature which acts as a scoring system. Here, users can put their feedback based on food quality, popularity of a restaurant, order delivery time and overall customer satisfaction level to rate the best restaurants near them. 

Doordash - Best Food Delivery App

Here are some of the key features of this best meal ordering app:

  • Simple delivery options
  • Easy to schedule deliveries
  • Real-time order tracking
  • No order bar as you can order as little and much as you want

Download this top food ordering app Android or iOS  

7. Just Eat - Most Popular Food Delivery App

Just Eat is one of the most popular food delivery service applications that help foodies to order dishes from the restaurants they rely the most upon. Right from morning breakfast to midnight meal, Just Eat satisfies your anytime hunger with tasty and delicious food. 

The app offers a pre-order meal feature that allows users to order their meals even before the restaurant open. Also, the app supports the most popular payment methods including Apple Pay, Paypal, and credit/debit cards along with exciting deals and cashback coupons. 

Eat24 - Most Popular Food Delivery App

Here are some of the key features of this best meal ordering app:

  • Users can search top-rated takeaway restaurants by their postcode
  • Option to pre-order even before a restaurant opens
  • You can filter down your cuisine as per your mood
  • Feature to receive regular push notifications about your order

Download this top food ordering app for Android  and iOS 

8. Postmates - Best Online Food Delivery App

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Postmates is a well-known company established with the aim to pack and deliver almost everything to the end-users. And so, being a delivery service alternative, it has extended its niche as one of the best food ordering apps that offer users fast online delivery of delicious food.  

The app has also added a party section to make people aware of the new place they can have their food delivered fast and with no delivery charges. In short, Postmates gives you the option to expand your selection of cuisines to have tasty and fast food to your place. 

Postmates - Best Online Food Delivery App

Here are some of the key features of this best meal ordering app:

  • Tie-up with more than 5,00,000 local and global restaurants
  • Availability of 3,00,000 Postmates (employees) to accomplish delivery orders
  • Free delivery on all orders for up to $15 

Download this top food ordering app for Android and iOS 

9. - Best Fast Food Delivery Service App is another best food apps to taking out that is easy to use and offers delivery in just a few steps.  Enter your address, if you want to get access to a host of sponsored restaurants and a variety of dishes to choose from. 

The sidebar available on the app’s home screen displays similar and many popular items, allowing users to quickly pick the recipes from there without wasting time. In addition to it, the app provides the facility to add menu descriptions that allow users to get their item prepared exactly as per their taste preferences. 

Apart from food, grocery, and beverage delivery, the app also helps users schedule their pick-up and drop for laundry and dry cleaning services. Also for new users, the app offers exclusive app-only discounts, allowing them to avail special 15% off on their first order. - Best Fast Food Delivery Service App 

Here are some of the key features of this best meal ordering app:

  • Lets you search by cuisine, food item and wine varieties
  • Offers price comparison from local and app associated dry cleaners
  • Throws push notifications to alert users about new exclusive off and discounts

Download this top food ordering app for Android and iOS 

10. Seamless - Best Famous Food Delivery Service App 

No matter your cravings are for Mexican, Italian or Greek food, the Seamless delivery app delivers all your favorite food (off a wide menu) from famous restaurants in New York. This is what an app that delivers food from anywhere do too, but the best thing you’ll find with this app is the fast-food deliveries with exciting discount offers and occasional deals. It’s ultimately proving to be the best way for users to earn from their ordered meals in terms of cashback and additional discounts. 

As for payments, Seamless is good at offering easy and proven payment modes such as credit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay. 

Seamless - Best Famous Food Delivery Service App 

Here are some of the key features of this best meal ordering app:

  • Lets you explore local food from famous restaurants
  • Real-time order tracking 
  • Reorder your favorite meals 

Download this top food ordering app for Android and iOS

Final Word 

Fine dining has become a trend among people nowadays but, more than that what’s grabbing users’ attention is online food ordering from the best food delivery apps. 

The market for food delivery applications is getting wider day after day, which is why the number of applications is increasing at an exceptional rate. Like other apps, food apps have also been picking the momentum and offering food lovers their fantasy food right at their doorsteps at reasonable prices. 

When you go through our compiled list of best food delivery apps, you will find different apps that can meet your food requirements with fast, tasty and quality recipes. If you’re a foodie and want to explore more about a variety of local food, the offered food delivery apps prove to be your all-time companion. These food delivery apps also help in retaining the customer with loyalty programs along with other marketing tactics.

To know more about these apps, you can go ahead and browse the best app review websites where app experts explain all the apps with the right facts and information. In case you still have any queries, feel free to drop a comment in the section below and the team of experts at MobileAppDaily will get back to you at the earliest. 

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