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Best Parental Control Apps For Android & iOS In 2021

Track every online activity for your children with these top parental control apps.

Best Parental Control Apps

In this era of the digital world, technology is constantly affecting our lives, either in a good way or in the wrong way. The backbone of the prime technology of the world is the internet and this is an amazing discovery made by humans to connect the whole world in a single loop. We have seen a lot of positive effects on our lives in terms of connectivity. 

Nothing else has so radically shaped our culture, media, commerce, entertainment, communication and many other domains including the mobile app industry. But with these benefits come great dangers, all parents should be aware of how the Internet can also be a perilous place, especially for children. 

It is imperative that you know the relevance of websites and apps that offer safety to you personally and children of all ages. Some sort of understanding of the risk of being online is the vital need of the hour. We are familiar with the pros and cons of technology. The Internet never sleeps or stops in demanding our attention from the exciting world of entertainment.

Even if you have talked to your kids about responsible online behavior and screen time limits on their smartphones, it is still tough to manage what they do when you are not around them. So what is the solution? The first and the easiest solution to this problem is Parental control apps! Bur every developer should always analyze the psychographics of the kids to build a mobile application for kids that matches with their requirements.

What Is A Parental Control App and What Exactly Does It Do?

Parental control apps can be used to keep your kids safe on the internet. A parental control app makes it much easier for parents to carry out parental duties for their children. 

These parental control apps for smartphones can help parents track their child's online activity and block kids from reaching objectionable or dangerous websites. It will help them understand how their behavior should be on the different social media platforms that are trending this year. These apps can be handy with young children when they first start to use a computer or get their first smartphone. 

Many types of parental control apps are available in the market, controlling everything from the amount of time your child spends online to filtering the sites your child visits when you are not around with them. It merely monitors online activity, keeping them safe and secure.

How to Choose the Best Parental Control App?

Choosing the best Parental control apps is a very hectic task and not all such apps are perfect for all kinds of users. But we will provide a brief guide to all the top-rated parental security apps and how they can be beneficial for your kids. 

Before starting the discussion about apps, let us talk about the evaluation criteria on which we have given the ratings. So let us start with the analysis of these parental control applications:

List of Top Parental Control Apps For 2021

Before starting the discussion about apps, let us talk about the evaluation criteria on which we have given the ratings. So let us start with the analysis of these apps. Here is a list of the best parental control apps for 2021 that parents need to download at the earliest:

1. Google Family Links

Your Go To App For Your Kids’ Online Safety

Let’s start our list of best free parental control apps with Google Family Links, an app by Google itself that lets you control your child’s online activity directly from your smartphone. Best for children under the age of 13, the app lets you create a google account for your kids just like your own account, with most of the features accessible but a sense of great security. 

best parental control app

Notable features of the Google Family Links, one of the best free parental control apps: 

  • View your kids’ app activity
  • Lock their device
  • Track their location
  • Manage your child's online experience 

Download this best free parental control app for iOS and Android

2. Parental Control Kroha

Monitor Your Kids’ Activity Online 

Another best parenting control app for Android, Parental Control Kroha lets parents protect their kids who use smartphones or tablets. Parents get to control their kids’ activity online, manage screen time, choose which websites are safe for them to use and even track their location. On top of that, parents can control the night mode of their kids’ devices from their phones as well.

parental control app

Notable features of the Parental Control Kroha, one of the best parenting control apps for Android:

  • Easily install and set up 
  • Access 5 different devices with one year license 
  • Block games and other apps
  • Location tracker  

Download this best parenting control app for Android

3. OurPact

Track Your Child’s Location On The Go

Our Pact is another best free parental control app for iPhones that offers parents a lot of options when it comes to parenting control. With this app, parents can keep a track of when their kids leave school or come home or just about go anywhere else. Parents get to control which app their kids can use by easily blocking any unsafe app. 

parental control apps

Notable features of the OurPact, one of the best free parental control apps for iPhone: 

  • Location tracker
  • Manage screen time
  • Set daily screen time allowance
  • Option to block any app  

Download this best free parental control app for the iPhone

4. ESET Parental Control

Set Web Filters With Ease

The key attraction of this parental control app is its simplicity. Almost every parental security app provides the same feature, but what makes this app unique among others is its simple and easy setup of all features. 

With the help of its easy setup, you can have more precise control over Web filtering and screen timing over PhoneSheriff. After the installation of this app, it can automatically set web filters based on subjects that can be customized according to your requirements later.

parental control apps

Notable features of ESET, one of the best free parental control apps for Android:

  • Screen time limits
  • Tracking location with pinpoint accuracy
  • Manage social media activities 
  • Set up web filters

Download this best free parental control app for Android

5. Kids Place

An Application Launcher for Your Kids’ Safety

The Kids Place Parental Control is basically an application launcher that parents can install on their kids' devices, including smartphones and tablets. The main aim here is to provide assistance to the parents in protecting their children from the dangers of the internet. 

Because a responsible parent needs to utilize a great parental control app to deal with the various issues related to the internet. A large number of these issues can even cause harm to their kid if left unattended.

free parental control app

Notable features of Kids Place, one of the best free parental control apps for Android:

  • Dedicated Time Allowance.
  • App Restart Feature.
  • It is easy to use interface and setting controls.  

Download this best free parental control app for Android

6. Safe Lagoon

Manage Your Kids’ Screen Time 24/7

Another free parental control app that protects your children 24/7. Safe Lagoon helps parents manage screen time for their kids while protecting them online. The app offers call blockers and SMS monitoring while parents can use filters to prevent their kids from using inappropriate websites. 

best free parental control app for android

Notable features of the Safe Lagoon, one of the best free parental control apps:

  • Tracking instant messaging apps
  • Lock or block games with a schedule
  • Lock or unlock a child's phone
  • Track location  

Download this free parental control app for Android  

7. MMGuardian Parent App

A Parental Control App That Tracks Social Media Activity

The MMGuardian parental control app is used to control the MMGuardian children app which is installed on the child’s smartphone. Parents can track their child’s activity on social media or even track their location. The best part about this app is that besides being able to make use of a wide variety of parental control features, parents can also track where and to whom their children are making voice calls too. 

best free parental control app for iphone

Notable features of the MMGuardian Parental Control App:   

  • Browsing activity tracker
  • Social media tracking
  • Calls tracker
  • Location tracking

Download this parental control app for Android 

8. FamilyTime

Your Geofencing Protection App

If you are looking for a parental control Android mobile app then FamilyTime can be your brilliant option. Being one of the best parental control apps, it allows parents to easily customize the content that their children can have excess to. This free parental control app version also provides you with a limited set of features.

And in order to gain access to the entire set of features, users need to upgrade themselves to the premium app version of FamilyTime. With the support of geofencing, you will also receive alerts when the kid leaves or enters a specific region along with the option of location tracking.

best parental control app for iphone

Notable features of the Family Time parental monitoring app:

  • Simply operate the app's control panel.
  • It is highly compatible with different versions of Android and also iOS devices.
  • It supports the geofencing functionality.  

Download this free parental monitoring app for Android

9. Famisafe

Track Browser History of Your Kids

There are multiple challenges that app developers face while creating a particular app, for example, keeping the needs of users in mind, the Android app developers allow you to keep a check on the browser history. There are many apps that offer such a feature but is every app worth a try? 

Well, FamiSafe allows parents to check their browsing history on the phone of their kids and all the places they visited and how much time they spent there. You can get accurate details for all the sites your child has visited with the exact time.

You can set a specific time in a day when the kid is not allowed to use his phone. Special features like setting keyword alert prompt you to warn you if your child is looking for explicit content. FamiSafe is undoubtedly the most interactive and intuitive parental control app.

best phone monitoring app for parents

Notable features of Famisafe, one of the best parental apps:

  • It is well known for its interactive features.
  • Greatly customized web-filtration.

Download this best parental phone monitoring app for Android and iOS

10. Mobicip Parental Control

A Modern Digital Family App

The recently revamped Mobicip parental control app packs a bunch of robust features tailor-made for modern digital families. Offering the widest cross-platform support (iOS, Android, Chromebook, Kindle, Windows & Mac), Mobicip limits screen time, filters Internet access across all browsers, block apps & games, track locations and much more.

best parental monitoring app

Notable features of the Mobicip Parental Control, one of the best phone monitoring apps for parents:

  • Robust Internet Filtering.
  • Efficient screen time management.
  • Provides rich browsing history reports.

Download this Parental monitoring app for Android   

11. Safe Browser Parental Control 

Choose What Your Kids Browse

Another best parental control app that controls the sites your children search for, Safe Browser Parental Control, insures that your children search websites that are safe and secure and not inappropriate in any way. 

free parental monitoring app

Notable features of the Safe Browser parental monitoring app:

  • Filters the content your children browse.
  • It is highly compatible with different versions of Android.
  • 15 day trial for personalized filtering. 

Download this best parental control app for Android

12. SecureTeen Parental Control

Your Very Own Parental Control Software

SecureTeen Parental Control is another top parental control app that you definitely need to check out in the year 2021. This is a well-known parental control software that makes it easy for parents to track as well as control the screen time of their children on a regular basis.

Some of the best features of this parental control app are the ability to keep a check on your kid's online activity 24/7, time activator with a daily time limit for cell phone/tablet usage, SecureTeen’s built-in app blocker, monitoring of call details, etc.

top rated parental control apps

Notable features of the SecureTeen Kids Control app:

  • Stealth Mode.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Highly Compatible.

Download this kids control app for Android and iOS  

13. Qustodio

User-Friendly Parental Control App

This app comes in fourth on the list. Qustodio has a free as well as a premium plan that works for Windows, iOS, and Android. This makes it one of the most sophisticated and user-friendly parental control applications in the competitive market.

If we talk about features, then tracking calls and text messages on your child's device, blocking obscene content on the web, controlling gaming and apps make it a well-balanced app. You can get real-time location updates. Managing social media activity is an extra feature that has been added to the app to give it some extra edge.

best parental phone monitoring app

Notable features of the Qustodio parental control app:

  • Effective app for managing multiple users.
  • Option to set a time for specific apps.
  • Text and call history can be saved.  

Download this best parental control app for iPhone and Android

14. WebWatcher

The All-in-One Online Protection App

WebWatcher is another great parental control app for Android as well as iOS devices that come in handy to keep a close watch on your children's online activities. Some of the features this application includes are web browsing, deleted text messages, location tracking and much more.

This parental control app for iPhone also enables its users to get detailed information on various social media platforms including Viver, Tinder, WhatsApp, Kik, etc. Apart from this, parents can put certain time limits on different apps on their child's smartphone as per their preferences.

best free child monitoring app

Notable features of the WebWatcher parental control app:

  • It provides very detailed reports about online activities.
  • Alert Word Screenshots.
  • Skype tracking. 

Download this parental control app for Android
15. Parental Control- Screen time & Location Tracker

Track Screen Time & Location Without Hassle

Parental Control, probably the best phone tracker app that helps parents track their children’s smartphone activity, allows parents to control screen time, social media activity and exercise all other major features that you can expect from a parental control app. The app offers a precise location tracker for parents to track their children. 

best mobile parental control app

Notable features of the Parental Control app:

  • Manage the screen time
  • Location tracker 
  • Apps management
  • Social media filters

Download this best parental control app for Android

Final Thoughts

So, the list of apps mentioned above is the best and hand-picked that offers you excellent control of your siblings and family members. Many of these apps also exhibit the extent of technology that has gradually caved into our lives and of course, we have gained a lot from it.

For more updates on the best apps and mobile industry news, make sure to visit MobileAppDaily’s news section. In addition, our mobile app experts regularly release in-depth app reviews of applications that are trending on the charts in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

And in case you are interested in reading more such interesting articles, make sure to hit that ‘Subscribe’ and stay briefed on the latest developments happening in the mobile app landscape.

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