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Best Parental Control Apps Of 2018

Track every activity of your kid with these best parental control apps Parental Control Apps Of 2018

In this era of the digital world, technology is constantly affecting our lives, either in a good way or in a wrong way. The backbone of the prime technology of the world is internet and this is an amazing discovery made by humans to connect the whole world in a single loop. We have seen a lot of positive effects on our lives in terms of connectivity. Nothing else has so radically shaped our culture, media, commerce, entertainment, communication, and many other sectors. But with these benefits come great dangers all parents should be aware of that how the internet can also be a perilous place, especially for the children.

It is imperative to know that you must understand the tools and websites that are popular with children of all ages and have some understanding of the risk being online. We are familiar with the pros and cons of the technology. Internet never sleeps or stops in demanding our attention from the exciting world of entertainment.

Even if you have talked to your kids about responsible online behavior and screen time limits on their smartphones, it is still tough to manage what they do when you are not around them. So what is the solution?

The first and the easiest solution to this problem is Parental controls apps!

What is Parental Control App and what it exactly do?

Parental control apps can be used to keeping your kids safe on the internet. A parental control app makes much easier to carry out the parental duties of parents for their children. These parental control apps for smartphones can help the parents to track their child's online activity, block kids from reaching objectionable or dangerous websites. It will make them understand how their behavior should be on the digital media platform. These apps can be handy with young children when they first start to use a computer or get their first smartphone.

Parental control apps

Many types of parental control apps are available in the market, controlling everything from the amount of time your child spends online to filtering the sites your child visits when you are not around with them. It merely monitors online activity, keeping them safe and secure.

How to choose the best Parental Control Apps?

Choosing the best Parental control apps is a very hectic task and not all such apps are perfect for all kind of users. But we will provide a brief guide of all the top-rated parental security apps and how they can be beneficial for your kids. Before starting the discussion about apps, let us talk about the evaluation criteria on which we have given the ratings. So, let us start the analysis of these apps.

Here is the list of best parental control apps of 2018 offered by native android app development company India

1. Norton Family Premier 

This parental control service can be considered as the best among others. Now, there are strong reasons why this is so? This app comes with its best feature mobile-device-management, giving you control over other features on multiple devices. Generally, in most apps, you cannot control or monitor every aspect of how your kids are using their Android phones. But with this app, you can monitor and control the web-filtering and location tracking. The best thing about the web filters is the safety feature that can keep your child away from questionable websites and it can be easily used on the android devices.

Norton Family Premier

Final verdict we can give about this app that it is an excellent parental-monitoring tool and also helpful in location tracking. This app tops the list in best parental control apps of 2018.

2. PhoneSherrif 

After testing on the various Android devices, PhoneSherrif almost near to the Norton Family premiere. If we talk about its key features, then it provides the tool you need to manage how your child uses up to three mobile devices while also logging a wealth of information about what your child is doing on that phone. You can review apps installed on your child's phone and block the ones that are not needed.

PhoneSherrif can help you to reveal every text your child sends through his smartphone and you can also make the blacklist of phone numbers. Like other apps, location tracking is possible in real time. One added feature of this app is a panic button that lets your child send you an alert with his or her live location update.


All in all this app also gives some great set of feature for its users like app management, text monitoring, and easy location tracking. A panic button is also an additional feature.

3. ESET Parental Control 

The key attraction of this parental control app is its simplicity. Almost every parental security apps provide the same feature but what makes this app unique among other its simple and easy setup of all the features. With the help of easy setup, you can have more precise control of web filtering and screen timing over PhoneSherrif. After the installation of this app, it can automatically set web filters based on subjects which can be customized according to your requirement later. 

Other features are like screen time limits are very appreciated by the users. You can manage the time limits on how long kids can use their Android phones, or you also can monitor the time spent on specific apps on their smartphones.

ESET is so good in location tracking and provides pinpoint accuracy of the location. It can also be used as a spy tool. Although it does not offer to manage social media activity. The two dominant features for which ESET is known for are setting up web filters and time limits. This app is available on the Android platform.

ESET Parental Control

It is a good app and known for its easy and smooth user interface and available at an affordable price at the Android platform.

4. Qustodio 

This app comes at the fourth number on the list. Qustodio has a free as well as a premium plan that works for Windows, iOS, and Android. This makes it one of the sophisticated and user-friendly parental control application in the competitive market.

If we talk about some features, then tracking calls and text messages on your kid's device, block obscene contents on the web, control gaming and apps make a well-balanced app. You can get the real-time location updates. Managing social media activity is the extra feature that has been added to this app to give some extra edge.


This app can be so useful if you want to manage devices on multiple platforms and detailed app management features make this app demanding among users.

5. Famisafe 

FamiSafe allows parents to check the browsing history on the phone of their kids and all the places they visited and how much time they spent there. You can get accurate details for all the sites your child had visited with the exact time.

You can set the specific time in a day when the kid is not allowed to use his phone. A special feature like setting keywords alerts prompts to warn you if your child is looking for explicit content. FamiSafe is undoubtedly the most interactive and intuitive parental control app. 


This parental control app is also considered among the top five best apps in this category. It offers some of the useful and easy to manage parental control services under affordable price. 

6. Windows Live Family Safety 

We have talked about the smartphones, but this parental control service is specially designed for the windows devices and you should definitely to this app. You can easily access it from its official website by using a live account. You can set screen time, get real-time location updates an also can check the online activity. This tool is available completely free.

Windows Live Family Safety

If you are a Windows user, then go for this parental control app. This is the best suitable for the desktops, PC and you can access its feature just by making an account online without paying anything.

In Conclusion

So, the list of apps mentioned above is the best and hand-picked that offers you excellent control of your siblings and family members. Many of these apps also exhibit the extent of technology that has gradually caved into our lives and of course, we have gained a lot from it.

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