Best Google Cardboard Apps For Your Smartphone 2018
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Best Google Cardboard Apps For Your Smartphone In 2018

Google Cardboard Apps for your favorite VR headset.

Best Google Cardboard Apps For Your Smartphone In 2018

Google Cardboard is a virtual reality device that lets you view games and run apps in a virtual environment. With plenty of viewer types available, you will surely find one that fits you perfectly. 

Its cardboard type set up makes it low-cost system, which further encourages interest and development in VR applications. Google cardboard was one of the first VR headsets that came into the market, and with changing technology, it revolutionized the whole concept of VR.

Currently, there are various apps that are compatible with Google Cardboard and can be availed over the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. So, on that basis, I have come up with 13 best apps that will amaze you for sure.

Take a look at the best Google Cardboard apps:

1. Titans Of Space VR

Ever thought of taking a tour to the nearest planet or star? I know, it’s not possible right now, but don’t worry, Titans of space VR will give you a similar experience. The app will take you for a ride through this authentic miniature Solar System, and then squint your eyes in the intense light of a few of the largest known stars. The tour will include curated photos and facts while listening to up to 60 minutes of voiceover.

You need to put Google Cardboard on Android phone, and you will be able to speed through the whole solar system. The things that will accompany this wonderful experience includes space, with 3D models, planets, and moons. The app can fit VR devices like Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Google Cardboard for sure. For ease of everyone, the Google Cardboard app is translated into 15 languages.

Titan of space vr

Notable features of Titans Of Space VR:

  • A guided tour that comes with an optional comfort mode
  • 60 minutes of English voiceover and subtitles
  • Accurate visuals and facts of more than 40 celestial bodies
  • Enhanced 3D effect
  • Engaging soundtrack

2. GoPro VR

Have you ever tried making a collage of your photos and embedding them into a video? I know, it’s a time-consuming process, but sometimes you need to do it. But wait, Gopro might help you with the same on your Google Cardboard headset. You can move your latest footage to your phone and then transforms them into a QuikStory video with effects and music. 

Moreover, the app also offers to control the GoPro with the shots clicked and in creating short clips. You can further your creative work on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and more. The user can turn the whole 360 degrees, zoom in and out. 

GoPro VR

Notable features of GoPro VR:

  • Create a quick story
  • View your photos and videos
  • Create clips and grab pictures
  • Share the shot in the spot
  • Access anywhere with GoPro Plus
  • Remote control of all camera functions
  • Pixel-precise projection
  • Interactivity
  • Split screen
  • Gyroscope support

3. Netflix VR

Netflix is already a hit and if something of VR sort will only add up to it. The over-the-top media services provider has its VR app that comes for Google Daydream type devices. Once fixed, you can see all the Netflix episodes in a virtual reality viewer. 

Being the world’s top subscription services for watching TV episodes and movies, Netflix offers some thrilling shows like Stranger Things, House of Cards, Narcos, Black Mirror, and many more. Just imagine watching these shows in VR that too on your iPhone or OnePlus 6 Stupendous.

Netflix VR

Before going forward, let me tell you that for watching all these episodes, you will be required to subscribe or you can enjoy one month trial period. If you like the episodes, you can go for the yearly subscription. Netflix VR is one of the best Google Cardboard apps.

4. Public Speaking VR

If you are planning to go for some interview or want to enhance your communication skills, you might think of going for some online course or attend a motivational lecture. Otherwise, you have an option of trying the Public Speaking VR app that will help you in speaking confidently, better communication, enriched presentation skills, and more. It will also teach you to manage your eye contact and how to deal with unwanted distractions while speaking; all this through a Google Cardboard VR app. Isn’t it interesting?

With this modern-age technology, you will experience animated audience commotion and background noises. By speaking in such an environment, you are expected to overcome anxiety and nervousness. 

Other than the public speaking, Virtual Speech offers other courses like Job Interview Preparation, Business Networking, Mindfulness Meditation, Sales Training, Learn English for Business, and Train the Trainer.

Public Speaking VR

Notable features of Public Speaking VR:

  • 360-degree environments
  • Animations and sound distractions
  • Option to add own slides

5. Inside Abbey Road

Abbey Road Studios is a recording studio located in the City of Westminster, London. The Gramophone Company established it. The recording studio was formerly known as EMI Recording Studios and is known for innovative recording techniques adopted by the Beatles, Oasis, Adele, Pink Floyd, the Hollies, and many others.

Google partnered with the Abbey Studio to bring out the distinct picture of it; as many music lovers around the globe wished to have an idea of such a distinguished place. If you are an Android user, you can relish the VR experience of the Abbey Road Studios.

 Inside Abbey Road

The tour starts from the days of the 1930s and ends with a 9-part episode narrated by Giles Martin. You can explore the whole of the studio's gallery and experience the enchanting London Symphony Orchestra. The Google Cardboard VR app offers a lot of options to choose from and to add more to it; you can even record your own track. Now, that’s mind-blowing.

6. Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR

Are you up for some adventure for the extra-terrestrial life? If yes, you have landed in the right place. The Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR for the Google Cardboard will help you to explore the unconventional boundaries. The apps will take you to the 1971 Moon landing.

With this app, you will get to experience the spacecraft, moonwalk, and descent to the surface. To add more fun to it, you can also drive Lunar Rover over the moon surface and experience the life of an astronaut.

Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR

The app developers have also taken care of budget smartphones, and by selecting the “half resolution” option, you can run the app without any lag. But if you have a smartphone with higher specifications, it will do good for you.

7. Google Arts & Culture

The app does exactly what it sounds; the education of Arts & Culture. The Google Cardboard VR apps on such a subject itself sound so fascinating. For this app, Google collaborated with numerous galleries, museums, and art institutions from almost 70 countries to bring you one of the finest collections.

The VR tour of museums and historical sites enables you to experience some of the rarest artworks, masterpieces of the past, and unseen places that you might have missed without this app. The app works very much similar to what it might feel when going for an actual tour. To take a clear picture of the place, you can zoom in and out, classify artifacts by time period, and know about the history of the objects.

Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture also offers a ‘‘personal collections’ option with which you can save your personal favorite places and artworks, and if needed, you can share them with your friends and family. The app is a must-have for students, analysts, and historians. The app has unbeatable reason to be listed among the best Google Cardboard apps.

8. in360 Tube

The app is a perfect fit for 360-degree videos. The app works for all the YouTube videos that you want to view on your smartphone. Its VR environment will help you see wherever you want. And if you don’t find yourself comfortable in the VR surrounding, you can very well switch to 2 D video mode.

After downloading the Google Cardboard VR app on your device, you need to search for 360-degrees videos. Then use the gyroscope to navigate within the video and use VR mode to enjoy the video.

 in360 Tube

The enticing VR app offers four types of user controls that can help in settling in better. One is gyroscope mode in which you can move a device in any direction, then comes the touch mode, which enables the user to touch and drag to direct the action, the third mode is wrapping the video into a circle, and the last one is fully immersive experience with VR Glasses.

Its ‘little planet’ view feature lets you wrap the video into a circle. Furthermore, you can turn the video sat 360 degrees and zoom in and out.

9. Star Wars VR

Everybody knows about the Star Wars epic space odyssey. Just imagine yourself experiencing the space flight from one planet to another and maneuvering spacecraft between the space rocks. It’s completely amazing.

The Star Wars VR app promises to offers a similar experience to the users. Once you get on it, the app will make you feel like a Resistance agent from the ‘The Force Awakens’ battling in a desert environment known as Jakku. If you scan the special movie poster, you can even experience an augmented reality (AR) character for more fun.

The Star Wars team has even taken care of people who don’t have Google Cardboard kit. For such a lot, there are Star Wars-themed headsets available in online stores, which offers a similar experience.

Star Wars VR

Notable features if Star Wars VR app:

  • News, media, and social updates
  • Notification of special events
  • Interactive features related to the series
  • Notifications of announcements and releases
  • Light Side and Dark Side with sounds and animations
  • 3D characters

10. Wizard Academy VR

Who doesn’t like magic? Be a kid or an adult, an adventure trip to a magical land is something we all crave for. Specifically, if you have an iPhone, the game is a must try for you. Right now, iOS doesn't offer much of VR apps; therefore, this app remains the hotspot for everyone.

It’s a virtual reality app that includes some challenges like labyrinths, archery, and busters. The gaming part may require you to solve algebra equations, solving the maze in a castle, shooting weird looking germs and much more. The VR app is an absolute platform to shun all the tiredness of the day.

Wizard Academy VR

The app brings out all the education that you have gathered throughout your childhood. From solving puzzles to apply physics in breaking down castles, you have to give your best. While interacting with the game, you will actually find yourself moving around with actual arms and legs.

To get the best experience of the app, the developers recommend the use of RealControl system along with the Cardboard and it makes it one of the best Google Cardboard apps.

11. New-York Times VR

To all the media and journalism lover people, the app is for you. The New-York Times VR is all about the 360-degree videos of a newspaper which has won Pulitzer Prizes that too 125 times and ranks 17th in the world in terms of circulation. The app is available both on iOS and Android platform. The best part is, the Google Cardboard VR app is free to use for everyone.

One can tour the rich video section of the media giant and have a full view of the documentaries involving ISIS, the Syrian crisis, NATO forces fighting Iraqi rebels, and much more. To keep the app enticing, the globally known media organization keeps on updating its media list on a monthly basis and add some of the most sorted videos across the globe.

Thus if you are longing for in-depth coverage of the top subjects from the history or the current scenario, get this app installed on your system and be familiar with the reality.

New-York Times VR

Notable features of New-York Times VR: 

  • Exclusive 360-degrees videos
  • Push notifications about the new films
  • Streaming or downloading films options
  • Spatial audio
  • Daydream enable option

The app is just not limited to video content; it also brings you all the latest information and news that is happening worldwide. The video list contains the day to day clips of news updates. The app is apt for the people who want to stay updated with all the current information and wish to experience more than the boring text content of a newspaper or an online website.

12. The North Face Climb by Jaunt VR

Doesn't it sound full of adventure at the first go itself? Yes, it is something related to what you are thinking right now. The North face, the climb and Jaunt VR, a global partner of choice for producing and distributing immersive virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality content.

The jaunt VR house keeps on posting behind the scenes episodes of some of the most viewed TV shows like Rogue One of Star Wars franchise, The Royal Opera House, Fifty Shades Darker in VR, World of Tank and many more. It makes it an interesting platform for many of the viewers who don't want to miss even a single update f their favorite shows.

 North Face Climb by Jaunt VR

The excellent VR app will take you on tour with Cedar Wright and Sam Elias at two iconic American locations - Moab and Yosemite National Park. The visually fascinating scenery will put you in total awe. The app offers more than 150 cinematic VR experiences and content from ABC News, Paul McCartney, Ryot, Bild, and ESPN. What else you want?

However, the app requires parental guidance for some of its content, as it may include violence and use of strong language. 

13. Final Kick VR

What comes to your mind when I say ‘Kick?’ Is it football? If yes, then you are on the right track. The VR app is all about football; here, don’t confuse yourself with American Rugby.

 Final Kick VR

The app is simple as it can be. You being a player will be playing matches against top teams around the world. You will be dribbling the ball, shoot penalties, score goals, and much more. All this may be sounding normal to you, but think again. Playing football in a VR environment is altogether a different experience. With some excellent graphics, you will feel the field.

The Bottom Line

So these were the best Google Cardboard apps that will take you to another level. The VR headset can give a tough competition to other gaming consoles like XBox and PlayStation. Though the controls are limited in the Google Cardboard, still it is worth trying.

So, pick up your VR headset and get going with the best Google Cardboard apps.

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