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Top 8 VPN Services Of 2018 That Will Entice You

The ExpressVPN is the most preferred among the users. 8 VPN Services Of 2018 That Will Entice You

With the unprecedented limitations and restrictions in place, the need for a VPN or Virtual Private Network service has become inevitable. The scope of the VPN is not restricted to software developers or hackers; anyone can buy one.

With hundreds of VPN vendors making a beeline in the market, it does become confusing for the customer to pick the best VPN service vendor. Before compiling the list, take a look at some tidbits of the VPN services.

Today, I will be taking you through the length and breadth of the best VPN companies, the need for a VPN connection, factors to weigh before going for a VPN vendor and much more. First of all, let’s begin with the applications of a VPN service.

What Can You Do With a VPN Connection?

Apart from providing a secure platform to browse and download the internet content, a complete Virtual Private Network service can also help you with your favorite TV shows and sports events, even if you are away from your country. As you must be knowing, there are several programs that are limited to a particular region, so to beat this hindrance, a VPN service can come in handy. And VPN service does it by changing the IP address of your system or device.

For instance, unlock Netflix from another country, accessing Google from China, or trying to hide your identity due to personal reasons, an authentic VPN service provider can do it all.

What is VPN

The Best VPN Services For Different Functions:

As you can clearly see the winner over here as the ExpressVPN, my personal top pick also remains the same. Now, take a look at other VPN providers also.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services available in the market. It offers top features like high speed, ultra secure, and its best part is, it is easy to use. Its servers are spread across 94 countries and cover such areas which don’t give much freedom to users. The VPN service backs the users’ privacy and security by providing powerful encryption. And in case of any concern, the user can connect with their customer support at any given time.


Notable features of ExpressVPN:

  • Blazing fast speed: With a vast network of over two thousand VPN servers, the Express VPN is optimized for fast connections and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Easy-to-use VPN service: Download, install, and connect with the ExpressVPN in no time. You can setup ExpressVPN on any device with the push of a button.
  • No limitations: After getting it installed on your system, you can stream or download their servers with the IP address hidden from hackers.
  • Offshore privacy protection: The company comes without data retention laws. According to this, no activity logs or connection logs are stored of their users.’
  • Robust security: The privacy of all the users are backed up against hacking and surveillance with 256-bit AES encryption, kill switch, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, and split tunneling.

2. IPVanish

IPVanish is another top VPN service that helps you to go incognito. It hides your IP address in such a way that no one can track your online activity. Furthermore, with the company's zero-logs policy, no record or activity of the users’ are saved.


The boost if security is also given with the fact that the company’s app development and customer support is managed internally. IPVanish has more than one thousand anonymous servers, which offers unrestricted Internet access to every corner of the globe.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN service is available for desktop applications, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and for Android TV as well. Apart from securing the user’s identity, it delivers high-performance speed and secure access to streaming websites and censored content.

The fact that makes NordVPN different from other such services are, you can secure up to 6 devices simultaneously. Also, you can go stealth on the iOS and Android devices with its application.


NordVPN has its servers in 62 countries and covers all the continent except Antarctica. Who needs anonyms connectivity over there?

4. StrongVPN

StrongVPN is another option for surfing the open internet with ease. Anyone can comfortably bypass any kind of censorship with StrongVPN servers, that too while staying private and secure. StongVPN has robust connection protocols like L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, IPSec, and IKEv2.


It is compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. The company has their servers in 26 countries and 46 cities. Also, it boasts its 59,500 shared and dedicated IPs. Much like NordVPN, you can connect five devices simultaneously.

5. PureVPN

PureVPN is yet another VPN service that can help you to go incognito. With it, you can make five multi-logins and enjoy the net surfing. The company have their Ozone-ready servers that offer proactive features to boost the streaming, browsing, and downloading.


PureVPN churns out all this that too with crazy-fast speed. Its grand success can be gauged through its 3 million strong user base.

6. VyprVPN

VyprVPn runs its network without the interference of any third party player, and it helps them to stay more secure. The VPN vendor has its presence on over 70 countries and caters to its users through its set up of more than 700 secured servers. 


The users’ activity is protected from end-to-end at the fastest speed possible. Its Chameleon VPN technology defeats VPN-blocking of any kind and is available on smartphones and desktop systems as well.

7. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield has over 600 million users covered with its state of the art VPN services. Their VPN protocol is integrated by 70 percent of the worlds largest security companies and has easily passed many of the security audits. The company secures it network with thousands of servers worldwide.

Hotspot Shield

You can reply on Hotspot Shield to browse the web safely, as it helps in protects the user’s identity and encrypts all the browsing. As per company policies, they keep no records of your activities.

8. TunnelBear

The last VPN service provider on the list of the best VPN services is TunnelBear. To infuse more trust in the users,’ the company has published an independent security audit. TunnelBear comes with AES 256-bit encryption by default and thus, cuts down any possibility of phishing.


The VPN vendor doesn’t keep any record of the user’s activity. With its presence in 20 plus countries, TunnelBear delivers exceptional browsing speed. In case, the connection gets disrupted, it blocks all unsecured traffic safe connection restores.

Now, as you know about the best VPN service providers, learn more about it by taking into account the factors that can help you to find the best VPN service provider and how to test them.

How To Find The Best VPN Service?

Picking a Virtual Private Network service among so many options may seem a bit perplexing, but you can make it simple. There are a number of factors that define the credibility and authenticity of a VPN service. The story begins with server locations and then move to dedicated and dynamic IP, security, logging, client software, bandwidth caps, and ends with product price and customer support.

Therefore, on based upon your requirement, you can choose your pick. Following are some of the steps that you need to consider:

1. Server location: For kicking off services in a country, there is a requirement of at least one server, but that the number of servers doesn’t necessarily reflect the overall performance of the VPN service.

2. The number of connections supported: It all depends upon the service provider. Some VPN vendors allow connection between three to four devices, whereas, some may limit to one device per connection. Therefore, If you are thinking of hogging the VPN resource among all your devices, you may not do so.

3. Connection protocols: Here, connection protocols include OpenVPN, IKeV2, SSTP, PPTP, etc. You may not be familiar with all these technical terms, but you need to understand, better the connection protocols, faster will be the connection.

How To Find The Best VPN Service?

4. Data collection: This may be the last thing that you will be expecting out of a VPN service, but the truth is, many VPN vendors collect the user data with reference to their user policies. It may be in terms of logged accounts, data usage, IP address, server, and more. So, to save yourself from constant monitoring, you better go through the companies privacy policies and terms of services.

5. Liberty to choose the desired server: Many of the VPN service providers offer the option of switching to a different server. So, depending upon the server load, you can change the server for better performance. You can also set a particular server as your default server and reap the added benefits.

6. VPN service cost: For many people, this may be a significant factor in choosing the VPN service. It’s not necessary that the expensive plans for a VPN connection will always come packed with rich features. But it is generally noted that the VPN service with the high price does include a lot of features that may be missing from the free VPN service options or those with considerably lower cost. So, before considering the cost factor, make sure to check the features that come with each plan.

Well, these factors will surely help you in finalizing the final VPN service, but my advice is, do go for a free trial before jumping into it. It will surely offer you an overview of the services that the VPN vendor provides.

How To Test A VPN Service?

Once you are up with the VPN service plan, make sure to test your product. It will give you an actual insight into the VPN service. Follow these steps to know more:

  • If you want to know everything about the VPN service provider, check with the company’s privacy policies. Sadly, this part is the most ignored one. The checklist includes every minute detail that the company follows. From the data, they collect to the restriction the companies bars; everything is covered under it.

How To Test A VPN Service?

  • Check the network speed with the to measure the drop in the VPN service. Try doing it for a different kind of connection and also, by switching the VPN on and off.
  • Not every VPN provider can conceal your identity, some may reveal it by different means like DNS or something other. So, be very much sure about it, and for the same, you can check it by putting the details of your VPN service provider over

Other details may include the server selection, server load, and ping time.

Note: I will keep this article updated with all the new developments and with every new player in the Virtual Private Network domain. In case you think, I have missed any prominent VPN service provider, and you wanted me to include it in the list, please let me know by commenting below, and after assessing your request, I will try to add the same in the list of the best VPN service providers of 2018.

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