Best Free Antivirus For Your Computer’s Security in 2018
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2018 Best Free Antivirus For Your Computer's Security

Use one of these free antivirus to ensure your computer’s safety. Best Free Antivirus For Your Computer\'s Security

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What you think protects your precious data including photo, movies and much more, yes its the antivirus. The very first day when you buy your computer your first step is to install a trustable antivirus. Moreover, all the stored data and other things depend on your virus defender. With the evolution of the internet, it becomes quite easy to get your hands on the anti-viruses without any spending any money. However, it is quite difficult to pick the best one when you have thousands of choices on the internet. But, we have made your work a little easier by handpicking the best free antivirus available in the market. Just check out the list that we have prepared for you and make sure that no virus makes it to your computer.

I know that Windows 7 comes with a pretty impressive version of Windows Defender, but it isn’t capable enough to handle all the typical viruses seeking to enter your computer. So, you need a better antivirus for our computer that can keep all the harmful threats away from your computer and spot them every time they try to sneak in.

1. Bitdefender free antivirus download


Bitdefender is among the top most used antivirus that comes free for the users. The antivirus offers a number of inbuilt features and ensures the security of your computer. Besides, the user interface is simple and friendly that takes no time to go through all the options. Bitdefender goes on autopilot mode and runs in the background to hunt for the viruses on your computer. Moreover, there is a custom scanning, boot scanning and many options for you in the software. This antivirus owns the maximum number of options offered by any free software available in the market.

Along with this, the company makes sure to drop timely updates for the antivirus that help it's in getting smarter. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or like to collect stuff from the internet, the Bitdefender will assure the security against any vicious attack on your computer. The best part of the antivirus is that it frequently remind to run an antivirus check on the system to make sure that nothing is hiding in the computer.

2. Avast anti-virus


Here comes my personal favorite antivirus that I have been using for years now. Although Avast and AVG have merged officially, the company said that both software will be available separately for the users. The antivirus comes with deep scanning options and multiple modes. You can switch on the boot scanning anytime to hunt down corrupted files and dangerous threat. Avast smartly works in the background and regularly keep scanning the system. The antivirus informs you even about small threat including damaged file. The notification center works really fine, and you will get a frequent reminder.

Recently the latest version of Avast receives a gaming mode that reduces the power load whenever you run a heavy game. Besides, multiple options including the quick scanning and other shields against the viruses make sure that your computer is safe. Avast is the most powerful and friendly free antivirus available nowadays. Along with these,  among all antiviruses, Avast is the most lightweight antivirus.

3. Sophos Home

Sophos Home

The most sophisticated and market renowned antivirus that comes with more features than any premium one. Sophos is more than an antivirus it offers a number of additional features beyond the computer security. The other benefits of the antivirus include the inbuilt web browser, anti-phishing tool and content management for the parents. With Sophos, you can manage the security of 10 PC’ and make sure that your children are engaging in only desirable web content. This antivirus solution is pretty fast and performs through scanning. During the test, we have found that it does point out the virus more efficiently.

The anti-virus gets the regular updates from the company that makes more desirable. In case you are looking for a compare package for security then Sophos is your answer.

4. Kaspersky Free Antivirus Download


Kaspersky is another very effective antivirus that you can download on your computer for your data security. According to recent reports, the antivirus is among the most selling antiviruses in the market. However, the free version of the software is enough for you to ensure the security of your desktop. Kaspersky offers a wide range of option in the protection where you can customize many things. The software is fast and reliable that quickly scans your computer and hunts down all the infected files. You can either delete those files or ask the antivirus to repair them if it’s possible. The user interface of the antivirus is easy and comes with a number of options. The software gets updated automatically whenever a company drops one. Once you start using the Kaspersky, you won't like any other antivirus solution for your computer as it required very small space and didn't hinder your computer’s speed. Besides, you can also enable the different modes that are customized according to your different needs. The notification center of the software is too active that inform you immediately in any case of breaching.

5. Avira antivirus


If you ask me to leave Avast and choose any other antivirus than Avira will be my first choice. Avira received a new design in 2018 that makes it more intuitive and friendly for the users. The process of threat finding and spotting the viruses is more precise than the other antivirus available free of cost category. Avira also offers additional features including the phishing tool along with data monitoring on your computer. You can switch to a different mode like gaming or extreme for ensuring the balance of load on the CPU. The software virus checking center is always active, or you can choose it to to be silent.

The new updates hit the anti-virus frequently that updates it working and performance exponentially. How were, the paid version of the software owns some more premiums features that could help you in tightening the security. But, according to me, the free version is quite good enough to keep all the viruses away from your computer.

6. Panda Antivirus


Panda Antivirus offers a huge discount on the full version that will relieve you from the pop-up ads and offers more features. Hover, before you think about buying you must know about the free version and its capabilities. The Panda antivirus is fully cloud-based antivirus that hardly takes any space on your computer. This makes the antivirus faster and easy to run on the computer that does not hamper the CPU in any terms. Moreover, Panda seems to have special influence over the process of copying, installation, downloading apps and common system tasks. The software silently runs in the back and keeps an alert eye on your computer’s behavior. You can also see the health of your CPU and recently improved condition of your computer.

Besides, it is bundled with some more features that will help you with the computer's performance. There is also a game mode that switching to which will increase the CPU speed while playing high-resolution games.

7. Adaware Antivirus


The software changed its name from Ad-Aware to Adaware when the company rebranded from Lavasoft to Adaware. The antivirus comes with strong virus defender that makes sure about your data security. Ad-Aware also requires very less space to get installed and the simple interface doesn't make anything complicated. With the easy to use interface and straightforward design, it doesn't put a load on your computer and works great. However, compared to the antiviruses mentioned above the Adaware results aren't that great. However, if you are looking for a simple antivirus that juts scan out the infected files from your computer than it is the right choice.

8. ZoneAlarm Antivirus


Maybe we listed ZoneAlarm at the last of the list but it doesn't mean that it is not good enough. With the antivirus, you will get the entire package of security for your computer. If you don't have much faith in your router and Windows inbuilt defender, then you should have ZoneAlarm antivirus in your computer. Again, this antivirus is also simple in the user interface that offers good security options. From spyware to malware it is capable of spotting all the harmful files toward your computer.

Using ZoneAlarm is simple, and the best part is that with the free version you will get almost all the features of the software. The antivirus is licensed by Kaspersky itself, so there is nothing worry about anything.

9. AVG antivirus


AVG antivirus is a choice for most of the users, who like a reliable and light antivirus for their computer's security. The antivirus does take a tiny space and doesn't put any pressure on your computer that could result in unpleasant performance. Besides, you will get a hard to break security with the antivirus that will spot all the infected files and virus instantly. AVG also helps the computer in improving its performance by controlling the CPU load. Moreover, you will get a single software that takes care of your computer from 369 degrees. After using AVG, you will notice the improved speed of your computer and more smooth processing. The paid version of the software includes some premium features that add more security options and performance improving settings. However, the free version has all you need to assure the security of your computer.

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