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5 Best VR Apps For Entertainment

VR apps making the things real for users.

Top X published date 25th July, 2018 Neha Baluni

Best VR Apps

VR: The next big tech in town. In just ten years, we’ve gone from 3D cinema shows to the entire world encased within a phone, and now immersive experiences are at an all-time high. The Samsung Gear, the Google Daydream, the HTC Vive; however a customer wants to experience virtual reality, they can now do so at an affordable cost. And that means a fresh new market for apps! Devs that can translate existing tech practically are in demand. Designers that can create products for the most unique platform are in the ring, and we’re here with a list of five or our current favorites.

1. YouTube

The king of the internet, YouTube has endless hours of content stored away in the cloud, most of which is free for the whole world to access. In times gone by, procrastination via video was restricted purely to the desktop for most of us. Then to the laptop, and finally to the phone. The next step in entertainment tech takes the screen directly to your noggin, however. The YouTube VR app is a smooth experience for all interested. Your regular library is all there, whether you want to watch it on the sofa, in the garden or hanging off at the end of the bed. Simple, clean, and, practical.

2. William Hill Virtual World

VR bets and wagers – sounds interesting, right? Well, good news! William Hill has gone all in with their own quirky take on portable headset tech. Their Virtual World experience is a computer-generated series of races, games, and football. Whilst not directly ported over onto Android or iPhone yet, the software for their online casino is in the works, and the current desktop site is just as accessible on your phone VR as it is on any other machine. The Sunday races just got a whole lot cooler (and a whole lot more sci-fi!). We can only wait and see what their Google cardboard 'Get in the Race' initiative has in store for the future.  

3. VR Roller Coaster

VR roller coaster

Simulated roller coasters have been around for years – a motorised chair, a fan blowing air on your face, a terrifying hurdle through a forty inch screen. And now that immersion tech has shrunk, your very own theme park can be found easily in your pocket. VR Roller Coaster is exactly what it says on the tin, and that’s terrifying and amazing all at once.

4. Titans of Space

Fancy a stroll through the solar system? Let Titans of Space be your guide. An educational tour past Mars, Jupiter and all the rest, it’s an experience for folks of all ages and backgrounds by DrashVR. Apps like this could soon reach to schools all over the world in just a few years, teaching, sharing, and informing any and all with an interest. Space is cool. Space has always been cool. And now it’s quite literally at your fingertips. DrashVR has clearly got the right idea when it comes to VR. Fingers crossed, their next title is just as awesome. 

5. Google Earth VR

Google Street View is one thing, Google Earth VR is another. Consumers can now go anywhere literally in virtual reality with just a swipe and tap, from Everest to Sydney and back again. Your bedroom is a time-machine and a teleporter all in one when this program’s on the go, and that’s flat-out incredible. Whilst it’s not the smoothest of rides and it certainly can’t compete with the Matrix, this final app on our list is the first step towards a true virtual Earth.

Here’s to more innovation in the future. Here’s to learning, gaming, and information on the rise, with fresh tech and the apps to match it.

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