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10 Best Personal Safety Apps you should install in your Android and iOS devices

From wearable triggers to instant location sharing, these best safety apps will get help in every emergency.

Best Personal Safety App

Society is like a growing organism that always keeps balancing between its positive and negative developments . Personal safety was a problem of yesterday which persists till today. Of course now we have new danger, hence our solutions should be new as well. 

A few years back coming back from a friend’s home was not followed by a text saying “reached safely”. Such is the pity and there isn't much we can do about it, other than being prepared and aware.

Reaching home safe is a big concern owing to the continuous increase in crime rates. We are living in a world where an incident can happen anytime. Putting a full stop to these incidences is of course not possible but we can have a list of apps on our smartphones that could contribute a little towards our safety.

Best Personal Safety Apps

1. Círculo - Best Personal Safety App

A great initiative taken by the President-elect Mr. Biden, Circulo is the technological aspect of the well-received Guardian Project. The app focuses on the security details of individuals with ease of usage and simplified daily life applications. With Circulo you can share your valuable details with a small group of people, like your family and friends without worrying about the privacy of your information. 

Circulo is fully-encrypted and assurese in infringement from the development ends. Rest, the app accesses no personal or restricted information of the user at any point in time.

Top features of Circulo, one of the best safety apps for American residents:

  • App is fully encrypted.
  • No data sharing on any part.
  • Share information with friends
  • No requirement of sharing email, phone number or even name

Download this great personal safety app for Android

2. Sister - One of the Best Free Safety Apps

Sister is available for free for the users as a personal safety application for the users. This application has a series of exceptional features for the users. The name of this application truly represents its core.

There is a button in the application and pushing the same sends SOS messages to the selected contacts. This is something that a victim looks out for whenever he/she feels unsafe walking down the streets on a dark night. The app is handy and comes for free for the users. 

Top features of Scream Alarm, one of the simple safety apps:

  • Loud scream activated with a touch
  • Easy and precise
  • No distractions
  • Failsafe

Download this great app for Android

3. One Scream Alarm - A must-have Women Safety App for iPhone Users

Accidents and attacks often trigger panic and anxiety which makes even simple tasks, like reaching out to your phone impossible. One scream Alarm is one of the best safety apps for women which can get you help when you need it the most.

One scream Alarm works on simplicity and it is a must-have women safety app for all iPhone users. During your anxious moments, the app will sense your distress and will activate an alarm, sending custom text messages to selected recipients. You have 20 seconds to cancel before the app reaches out for help. 

Top features of One Scream Alarm, one of the best safety apps for iphones:

  • Emergency messages sent during emergency
  • Scream activated messages 
  • Choose recipients
  • Cancellation time - 20 secs
  • Useful at suspicious situations

Download this one of the best safety apps for iphones

4. bSafe - Best Personal Safety App

bSafe allows you to add guardians (the contacts you rely upon to ask for help). These contacts will follow you when you are on the way back home. Like any other safety app, it has an SOS button that sets off an alert to the guardians by sharing the GPS location.

As soon as you will install the application, you need to choose the list of guardians from your contact lists. Among these contacts, there should be one such number that you can reach through the telephone. Access to other guardians is available via text messages or by combining both of the ways. 

Top features of bSafe, the best apps to keep you safe:

  • Voice activation
  • Live streaming
  • Automatic recording
  • Selected guardians
  • Fake calls and follow me alerts

Download this best women safety app for Android and iOS

5. Red Panic Button - Best Personal Safety App

As soon as users download the personal safety app, they need to mention emergency contacts. Users’ location is then sent to these contacts via Google maps as soon as they press the red panic button. The app shares the users’ present location with the contacts that are already fed in the mobile application.

The users may opt to send the email panic alert through Twitter or Facebook panic button that would post an alert message for the users on their social networking sites. This will tweet an emergency alert message to others. 

Top features of Red Panic Button, one of the best free personal safety apps:

  • Send automated emails with a touch of a button
  • Dynamic contrast
  • Talk back feature
  • Compatible with other safety apps

Download this one of the must-have apps to keep you safe for Android and iOS

6. Watch Over Me - Best Personal Safety App

Watch Over Me is one of the modern and updated personal security apps with an failsafe feature for every kind of trouble you should be avoiding. You can turn the app on at the first thought of danger and then the app will take care of you.

You can share your location, start streaming, take pictures and ask for help in case you can reach out. If you don't tell the app to snooze upto a certain time duration, the app will reach out for help.

Top features of Watch Over Me, the amazing app to keep you safe:

  • Send emergency messages
  • Automated action
  • Send time, pause feature
  • Tell the app when you stop looking for you

Know more about this amazing app here

7. KiteString - Best Personal Safety App for Women

KiteString is more of a text-messaging application than an app. The app serves as the best safety application when users are out. In case, the users do not check into the app it sends a personalized alert to all the numbers listed as emergency contacts.

The app is an absolute shot to try when you are out with a new date or meeting someone after the very first tinder conversation. And, the best news, it is not an application and thus you do not need to download the same in order to set up your very own safe environment. 

Top features of KiteString, one of the most used safety apps for women:

  • Send safety messages during emergency

  • App sends messages to contacts in case of delayed response
  • One of the best safety apps when going out

Know more about this great app for personal security here

8. React Mobile - Best Women Safety App

React mobile is different from others as it lets users send silent SOS messages to preselected contents. The app makes your phone a robust safety device that is your companion when you are out of the home. The app sends a group alert and lets family and preselected contacts walk virtually with you.

The main screen displays a Send SOS page along with the map, contact as well as send SOS alert through text, Twitter, email and Facebook including the GPS coordination. There is an option to activate the shield that brings a pop-up to call 911.

The only way available to stop the shield is to press and hold the shield icon following entering the cancel-alert code 5555. 

Top features of React Mobile, one of the best safety apps for iPhone:

  • Send SOS message to your contacts
  • Share your location
  • Get 911 or similar help, depending on the country.
  • Streaming on social media including Facebook and Twitter

Download this one of the best safety apps for iPhones

9. Life360 - Best Women Safety App

In the category of safety apps, Life360 has a remarkable position. The app works by allowing users to create a circle of the most important persons within the application. The contact can be of family members. The locations of these members can be examined on a confidential map that the app offers to the users.

The app helps in keeping the track of the family members in order to confirm their security whenever they are out of the home. The users can send an alert message to the circle members with a single tap only.    

Top features of Life360, one of the best safety apps:

  • Track family members
  • Share live location
  • Seek help with a single tap
  • Send custom emergency alerts

Download this app for Android and iOS

10. Safetipin -  The best safety app for Women

The app has been designed for women safety with some impressive specifications. It includes all the essential specifications of the app including emergency contact number, GPS tracking, safest route and more. The app displays all the alternative routes from a place to another in order to help commuters choose a route that seems the safest.

Safetipin is available in different languages including English, Spanish, Hindi, Bhasa and more. The app collects information on different places on a number of parameters including lighting, visibility, diversity, walking path & more.

Safetipin has also been featured in our Best Women Safety Apps.

Top features of Safetipin, one of the best apps for women safety:

  • Emergency text
  • Custom emergency contacts
  • GPS tracking
  • Multiple language support

Download this app for Android and iOS


In the time when safety is a rising concern these apps surely offer a few lines of defence to avoid the unwanted mishaps. The rise in the crime rates is more of a reason to have any of the following applications on your smartphone. It is essential to remain safe at a time where there are no robust measures to ensure our security

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