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Best Home Security System Apps of 2021

The home security apps offers instant mobile notifications, which can help you track the premises in real-time.

Home Security Apps

Right from the ringing bells to the magic eye door camera and now to the home security systems, the world of tech has everything that can add up to our safety and security. The confluence of technology with some of the most amazing applications has transformed the way we view home security.

The need for security apps are even more in the wake of rising burglaries and theft that are taking place everyday.

According to a burglary report compiled by Safeatlast, about 2.5 million burglaries take place every year and out of that, 66% of them are home break-ins. And as the FBI states, the average loss per burglary is $2,416.

So, to save yourself from any such terrible loss, make sure you secure your home with state of the art security gadgets and apps.

Best Security System Apps for Home Safety

When it comes to enhancing home security, a significant number of people are now opting for smart video doorbell systems as an effective approach. In addition to this, the apps listed here are handy to use and offers complete home security with features like security cameras, threat notifications, motion detection, and much more

Take a look at some of the best home security apps that can ensure security at any premises.

1. ADT Pulse 

ADT is a well-known home security company that deals in hardwired and wireless security systems. Its security app is one of the best security camera apps for android and iOS platforms. The app is designed to monitor home premises round the clock and allows virtual access to users.

Through the app, the user can access ADT's Home View using the web portal. The main advantage of the room view is that it creates a visual blueprint of your house room by room. It also keeps track of all the security equipment.

Apart from managing the home security system, users can also manage light thermostats and other lights from any remote location. Also, with a simple swipe at the screen, the user can set the priority for home security. Its remote alerts can come handy in case the user forgets to arm it by a certain time.

One thing that you need to keep in mind before opting for the ADT Pulse system is the cost of its devices and the installation fees.

best home security apps

Notable features of the  app:

  • Virtual access to the users;
  • Arm and disarm the system when required;
  • A security camera with the app;
  • Creates security alerts and more.

Download app for Android and iOS

2. Ring

Ring home security phone app is another exceptional mobile application that provides complete security to the home. It’s is truly a security device for today’s digital age that offers dual power options for many devices.

The foremost thing that makes it an exceptional pick is the neighborhood security alert that offers real-time crime and safety updates to the users. The app also provides a ring camera that can be installed to set up a secure environment inside as well as outside the home. The user just needs to arm the security system that tracks every update of the house to ensure complete safety.

Ring’s streamlined user interface is an added bonus for the user. One can quickly navigate between Ring devices, watch live cameras, access stored videos, and can perform two-way talk.

Ring app comes with affordable monthly plans that too, without the need of any contract. Therefore, its cost and affordability make it a favorite pick.

home security system app

Notable features of the  app:

  • Instant crime alerts;
  • Option to interact with neighbors;
  • Direct notifications to the user’s smartphone;
  • Multi-device sync support and more.

Download app for Android and iOS

3. Vivint Smart Home

Vivint is most popular as an elite home security company. The company specializes in smart security for homes and businesses. The range of security apps from the company is quite extensive, and the users can choose the one that seems perfect as per their requirement.

The major highlight of this security app is its speedy response time. The app connects the doorbell camera, security camera, smoke detector, door, and window sensors into a single user interface. And to store all the data, the app is packed with a lot of cloud storage.

This intuitive security system eliminates the need to switch to different security systems. One must note that the web app doesn’t get quite as much control as it’s with the mobile app. Therefore, with this system, you get assurance on complete home security.

android security camera app

Notable features of the  app:

  • Climate controls for comfort and energy savings;
  • Remotely lock and unlock doors for visitors;
  • See and speak option with front-door visitors;
  • Instant notification alerts and more.

Download app for Android and iOS

4. Alfred

Many people make use of their old phones by turning them into GPS navigators, video players, and fitness devices. So, why not use yours as a webcam or IP cam? Alfred erases the requirement of any security system by turning the smartphone into a security gadget and offers complete home surveillance system with professional-grade features.

The app helps in keeping a safe environment at home by turning the smartphone into a handy gadget. Alfred has several exceptional features such as instant intruder alert, night vision, unlimited cloud storage, and more.

The most exceptional feature of this house camera app is that it runs on various OSs, and thus, it becomes easy to use it on almost any device.

best security camera app for android

Notable features of the  app:

  • Motion Detection along with a baby cam;
  • Pet monitor system;
  • Live chat facility in the application;
  • Low-light filters for maximum visibility and more. 

Download app for Android and iOS

5. iSecurity+

If you are looking for an Android security camera app, i-Security can be the answer for you. Tend Insights, the company behind this remarkable home security app offers one of the best security cameras for Android systems.

iSecurity+ live streaming option can be utilized by the users to keep a sharp eye on their premises. The smartphone needs an internet connection to view the live streaming. Else, a wifi connection can also do the needful.

The best feature of the application comes in the form that users can use it on a variety of servers to create a security environment. The app additionally utilizes a host of innovative techniques to set up the security environment for the users.

home security apps for iphone

Notable features of the  app:

  • Online automatic backup;
  • Instant mobile notifications;
  • 128-bit SSL to encrypt all video transmission channels;
  • Option to set up multiple servers and more.

Download app for Android and iOS

6. Reolink

Reolink is an easy-to-use home surveillance camera app. The app closely monitors the premises and offers remote access of the IP cameras and NVRs on mobile devices.

Above all, the user-friendly interface of the mobile application makes it a prominent one to utilize as the home security system. The home security camera app is compatible with a number of operating systems.

Reolink can easily cater to large premises, as it supports multi-channel viewing for up to 16 channels. The user can even schedule video recording including motion-triggered recording.

home security app for android

Notable features of the  app:

  • Multi-channel viewing;
  • Schedule video recording;
  • Motion-detection notification;
  • Emails or push notifications in real-time and more. 

Download app for Android and iOS

7. Presence

Presence security app can easily do the job of a trained security guard in addition to keeping the device alive enough to offer security to the home.

If you have an older device that is working, make sure you download the Presence free security camera app and turn it into a home security camera system. The app is great for having a two-way conversation with pets and loved ones. It has a number of features that make it a perfect fit for the home or offices alike.

The one thing that sets this home security smartphone app apart from others is its ability to turn on the camera flash for improved visibility. When watching a live video through a camera, the user can even switch between front and back cameras.

best security camera app

Notable features of the  app:

  • Encrypted cloud video storage;
  • In-app or push notifications;
  • Automatically post motion detection videos;
  • Supports multiple simultaneous viewers and more.

Download app for Android and iOS

8. Frontpoint Mobile App 

Frontpoint Mobile App is a company that deals with home security systems and offers smart products like cameras, home automation, and intrusion sensors to the users. Its smart application can be installed on a variety of operating systems including Apple, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows.

Like any other smart home appliance, the Frontpoint’s app has all those security features that are required to be eligible for a home security app. The salient features like support for thermostats and encrypted camera storage are exceptional and are not commonly available in low-grade security alarm or alert systems.

Additionally, there are a series of appliances that users could choose from. It can be premium indoor cameras, smart light bulbs, wireless light control, glass break sensor, and many more. Interestingly, all the Frontpoint’s product can be synced with its home security smartphone app.

free security camera app

Notable features of the  app:

  • Option to arm and disarm the system from anywhere;
  • Alerts through emails, push notifications and texts;
  • Control lights, locks, and thermostats;
  • Viewing & streaming video footage and more.

Download app for Android and iOS

9. LifeShield Interactive App

LifeShield is a DIRECTV home security company that offers an interactive security app to the users. The app works with a unique code that users need to set up to log in to the application every time a user wants to use the application.

Once installed, the user can check the audio/video footage from any place of the globe and arm or disarm the system as per the need. The existing users of LifeShield's systems will find it easy to operate the app, as the app is designed the same as the online portal and console layouts.

The one option that is missing in most of the other home security camera apps is its ability to check on the crime rate in the area where the system is installed. The best part of the app is that you get all these features free of cost.

The only area where the app lacks is the absence of support for the home automation system because of which it cannot control the lighting and other automated systems. 

home security smartphone app

Notable features of the  app:

  • Remote access from anywhere;
  • Makes system history available online;
  • Option to set up and edit custom alerts;
  • Offers unique access code and more.

Download app for Android and iOS

10. Total Connect

Total Connect offers a series of features that are easy to use and are just exceptional to have in a system that offers security.

The home camera app comes with an easy to use login interface through which users can access the system. Total Connect works really well with smart gadgets like garage doors, thermostats, video doorbells, lights, locks, and cameras.

To cater to the masses globally, the app offers support to multiple languages, including French, Spanish and Portuguese.

home security smartphone app

Notable features of the  app:

  • Geofencing arming reminders;
  • Voice control options;
  • Home protection through smart door lock facility;
  • Controls the overall home thermostat and more.

Download app for Android and iOS

Types of Security Apps

In general, security apps are divided mainly into two categories:

1. Proprietary App: Such apps have intellectual property rights retained by the company. The home security companies develop such apps for their systems and keep updating and rolling out new features. The best part about such apps is that these apps can further be customized as per the user requirements.

2. Third-Party App: Third-party apps are compatible with multiple security camera brands. Such apps can work with a series of other applications having similar specifications.

Why is Home Security App a Must?

With the availability of high-tech gadgets and ever-rising threats, it’s crucial that everyone of us secure our homes with some or the other security system.

The following are some stats that prove the significance of home security systems and apps in today’s world:

As we all are very much into our mobile phones, an app for security will be a bonus for us to ensure safety at our homes and offices.

If you are looking for a platform-specific security app, you can consider the following options:

Best Home Security Apps for iPhone

  • Ring
  • Alfred

Best Home Security Apps for Android

  • ADT Pulse
  • Reolink

So, make sure that you are guarding your home with a reliable security infrastructure.

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