The Best Home Security Apps for Android and iOS Devices
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Top Apps To Provide Security To Your Homes

Don’t Let Your Home Security Be A Matter of Concern Apps To Provide Security To Your Homes

Right from magic eye door camera to the ringing bells and now to the home security systems, the world of tech has everything that we use to refer as safety. The confluence of technology with some of the most amazing applications has brought a surprise package to us that makes it easy to keep our places safe. As we users are very much into our mobile phones, an app for security will be the added bonanza for us to ensure security at the home. The technology in this direction has reached the zenith and still growing like never before. We users like to own a phone of our choice including the most renowned OS and a variety of devices including iPads and iPhones. In this write-up, you will read about a number of such apps that offer complete security. 

Prior to we go on and look at these applications, here is some basic knowledge for those who are truly interested in home security systems. 

Home security system falls into two distinctive categories, the first being:

  • Proprietary apps, & the second 
  • Alarm apps

Let’s have the basic factual description of both types of apps.

Proprietary apps are developed by the home security companies themselves for their own systems. All these companies own some of the apps and they keep updating and rolling new updates for these apps. The best news about such apps is each application is customized as per the requirement of the users.

Alarm app creates an app with the latest technology. It is an industry leader in developing home security systems, which a host of other companies use. Alarm compatible apps can work with a series of other applications having similar specifications.

Let’s move on the apps that you could install as home security systems. 

Frontpoint Mobile App 

Frontpoint App

Frontpoint Mobile App is basically a company that deals with home security systems and offers smart products to the users. The company offers its very own smart application for users that can be installed on a variety of operating systems including Apple, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows. As any other smart home appliance, the app has all that is required to install security at the homes of the users. The salient features are exceptional that is commonly not available in low-grade security alarm or alert systems. Additionally, there are a series of appliances that users could choose from. 

App Feature

  • Arming and disarming the system
  • Alerts through emails, push notifications, and texts as well
  • Viewing & streaming video footage
  • Home automation that controls lighting, locks, and thermostats in users’ home 

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Alfred home security camera is handy to use. The app keeps a safe environment at the home by turning your smartphone into a handy gadget. Alfred has a number of exceptional features that takes it into a whole new category altogether. The most exceptional feature is the camera that helps the users keep an eye on every moment. The app runs on different operating systems and thus you could easily install the same. Alfred erases the requirement of any security system by turning your smartphone into a security gadget. Alfred keeps the users updated with what is going in and around the home. 

App Feature

  • Motion Detection along with a baby cam
  • Pet monitor system
  • Live chat facility in the application
  • Low-light filters for maximum visibility even in the night 

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LifeShield Interactive App

Lifeshield Interactiv

LifeShield is a DIRECTV® home security company that offers an interactive app to the users. There are some amazing features within the application that is a reason behind the lucrative app download number. However, the app lacks home automation system because of which it cannot control the lighting and other automated systems. The app works with unique code that the users need to set up in order to log in to the application every time a user wants to use the application. Additionally, the app allows users to check the audio/video footage in addition to arming and disarming the system. 

App Feature

  • Remote access anywhere
  • Option to view system history of activity in the home
  • Check still camera shots
  • Option to manage unique access code

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Total Connect

Total Connect represents a perfect combination of innovation, technical blend, and sustainability in a user-centric application. The app offers a series of features that are easy to use and are just exceptional to have in a system that offers security. The app offers login interface through which users can access the system. Total Connect informs about every latest happening through the alert that users receive in their smartphone. Additionally, the app keeps a sharp eye on every visitor in order to provide the related information to the users. The app controls the home thermostat and helps users to save on energy. This unique feature makes this application one of the prominent among other similar systems. 

App Feature

  • Login option for the users
  • Home protection through smart door lock facility
  • Energy Saver 
  • Controls the overall home thermostat 

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i Security

The company offers one of the best security cameras for the Android systems. The camera offers live streaming options that users can utilize in order to keep a sharp eye on their premises. The smartphones need an internet connection to view the live streaming. A wifi connection can also do the needful. The best feature of the application comes in the form that users can use it on a variety of servers in order to create the security environment. All these features make this app one of the most popular among users. The app additionally utilizes a host of innovative techniques to set up the security environment for the users. 

App features

  • It turns your home computer into the surveillance camera
  • Snaps photo with a command
  • Photos can be taken out of live streaming
  • Responses immediately to users command

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Reolink is the app for you that is compatible with a number of operating systems. You can either get the app for your Apple device or for an Android phone. The camera of this app makes it one of the prominent home security systems. The app monitors the happenings in and outside the home to offer the users the complete footage of the actions going around. The user-friendly interface of the application makes it a prominent one to utilize as the home security system. The app has a number of additional features among which the most important ones are listed here: 

App Feature

  • 4-megapixel camera
  • Easy to use interface
  • Motion-detection notification
  • Easy access 

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Protect America SMART Connect App

Protect America

Protect America offers you an easy way to make your home a safe place. The alarm system has a number of exceptional features among which arming and disarming the system is one worth noticing. You could place the security system at any corner of the home to check the happenings going around. Even slightest of the move is recorded, which makes it easy for the owners to know everything going around the home. The owners have the option to watch the recorded video that the system keeps on the recording when you are not at home. Its exceptional features make it a great tool to deploy as the home security system.   

App Features

  • Home automation
  • Live video streaming
  • Customized setting alerts
  • Text notification if alerts are detected

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Ring from is another exceptional mobile application that provides complete security to the home. The most important thing that makes it an exceptional application is the neighborhood security alert that offers the real-time crime and safety update to the users. Owing to this functionality the app is truly meant for the digital age. The app additionally offers ring camera that you could install the app to set up a secure environment inside as well as outside the home. It’s is truly a security device for today’s digital age. In case, you are going outside, don’t forget to arm your security system that would watch the happenings of the home to ensure the safety.  

Key feature

  • Instant crime alerts from neighbors
  • Option to interact with neighbors
  • Ring camera to ensure home security
  • Direct notifications to users’ smartphone

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Vivint smart home

Vivint Smart Home

Vivint is most popular as an elite home security company. The company specializes in smart security for homes and businesses. The range of security apps from the company is much extended and the users can choose the one that seems perfect as per their requirement. The app connects doorbell camera, security camera, smoke detector, door, and window sensors into a single user interface. This intuitive security system eliminates the need to switch on different security systems. With this system, you get assurance on complete home security.

App Features

  • Complete home protection
  • The camera allows watching every movement
  • Controls thermostat when you are not at home
  • Notification alerts

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Presence is the best tool for those iPhones that are no longer in use but are compatible with security systems for your home. The security system has a number of features that make it a perfect fit for the home or offices alike. With this application on your old iPhone, your phone can do almost the job of a trained security guard in addition to keeping the iPhone alive enough to offer security to the home. With this application, you can best monitor your home.

App Features

  • Turns old iPhone into a security system
  • Captures video feeds
  • Alerts the users when motion is detected
  • Compatible with a series of devices

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ADT Pulse 

ADT Pulse

ADT as a home security company deals with hardwired and wireless security systems. It is one of the oldest companies that offer security systems to the users. The app works to monitor home premises when no one is at the home. The app allows virtual access to the users. Apart from managing the home security system, users can also manage lights, locks, thermostats and more from any remote location. With a swipe at the app feature, you can set the priority for home security.

App Feature

  • Virtual access to the users
  • Arm and disarm the system when required
  • Security camera with the app
  • Creates security alerts  

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Bottom Line

Security is one of the most important concerns that cannot be taken for granted. The list of apps listed here are handy to use and offers a complete security to the home. Choose any one of the above-listed apps to ensure security at your premises. Security is important don’t compromise even with a single element!

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