Tips & Tricks To Use The Best Android Security Tools
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The Best Android Antivirus Protection: The Top Tools to Use

Roundup of the top Antivirus Tools for Android Best Android Antivirus Protection: The Top Tools to Use

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We are living in a digital age. The technology is advancing at a speeding rate to provide millions of ways to remain connected to this ever-evolving world. The best thing about this speeding technology is that every one of us owns a smartphone and that is why there is a continuous threat of malware attack. When it comes to owning a smartphone, majority of users have an Android system at their hands. Android is exceptional owing to its amazing features. And when you are having an Android-based smartphone, it becomes a must to know the know-how of Android security tools.

The google’s OS is often targeted by malware due to its popularity and thus it is important to install Android antivirus tools on your smartphone. These security tools are largely available in the market, which makes it important for you to have the basic understanding.

Here is a compilation of the best antivirus tools for Android

Kaspersky Lab Internet Security Version 11.5

Kaspersky Lab Internet Security Version 11.5 usability lies in improving the battery life and increasing the device performance. The set of features of this Android anti-malware system is just exceptional that includes remote locking, call blocking, message filtering, safe browsing, and much more to offer to an average Android user. There are some additional features that come packed with this antivirus that includes privacy protection for texts. The free-to-download antivirus is the perfect solution to keep your phones and tablets secured from malware attack. One more exceptional feature helps you find your stolen phone with anti-theft protection feature.

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AndroHelm Antivirus

AndroHelm is not as much popular as the one we have just explained. Nevertheless, it is amazingly functional and offers a set of features to avoid the malware attack. The Android app has exceptional features to offer to the users. The anti-malware features provide app scanning on install, protection from virus, frequent app update to the users and other exceptional features. The best in-app feature is anti-theft tracking, remote wiping and much more to it. The pricing structure may seem to be complicated for a number of users but the feature this Android anti-malware app offers are worth the pricing.

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Norton Mobile Security

In case you are looking for robust Android malware protection, try using Norton mobile security. The app includes some of the most exceptional features including call-blocking, text blocking, and contact backup feature available free of cost for the users. The app offers several plans to the users and a yearly license has now dropped to $25, which can offer malware protection up to 10 devices. Norton Mobile Security also includes anti-theft functionality just like any other exceptional Android antivirus protection application. App lock and password manager are exceptional features that come packed with this Android application.  

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As one of the newer anti-virus apps, Avira has gained popularity in a short time-span. Over the years, the app has grown quite popularly. It comes with some of the best features including device scan, real-time protection, external SD card, as well as anti-theft support. Having a set of such exceptional features makes this antivirus application a bit robust than other apps in the similar category. Aviral also tops the category of best Android malware scanner apps as it is much lighter than applications like Norton. It is affordable and there is a free version too available for the users.

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Sophos Mobile Security 7.1

Sophos Mobile Security 7.1 is one of the best Android malware detection application owing to a number of reasons. The app lets you malware detection done 100% safely clearing the possibilities of virus detection in your application. The app increases your device’s battery life to improve smartphone’s life too. There have been zero false warning on the app usability when downloading and installing the application from Google play or even from third-party sources. The trio of anti-virus features in Sophos Mobile Security 7.1 includes call blocking, protection from phishing attack and malicious websites.  

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CM Security Master

The exceptional Android device scanner application tool comes with a set of amazing features to offer to a regular user. There are both free and paid versions of this application available in the app store. Both are exceptional in their own ways but the paid version that costs around $36 per year has an additional unlimited VPN client that kills third party ads. The app offers a network scanner that is pretty clean, an interface that is easy-to-use and app lock in addition. There is call blocker option too available with the application.

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AVG Antivirus for Android

AVG has always remained one popular name in the category of antivirus manager. AVG offers anti-theft tracking via Google maps but the app lacks the rooted firewall availability. There are certain features in the AVG that don’t perform very prominently. AVG offers a 14-days trial period after which the users need to make a payment to enjoy all the functionalities of the application. AVG performs similarly to AVAST as some of the features of both the antiviruses match with each other.

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McAfee Mobile Security Version 4.9

As an Android malware scanner, McAfee Mobile Security Version 4.9 detects bugs in real time. The app has proved to be beneficial 99% of the times. The app offers robust features among which the best includes anti-theft tools, phishing protection, call blocking, safe browsing and the option to save personal data on the SD card or over the cloud. However, there are some limitations with the app as it doesn’t support all types of encryption as well as text message filtering. Other exceptional features include app lock, battery optimizer as well as privacy settings to the users.

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Lookout Security & Antivirus

Lookout’s Android Antivirus was one of the first of its kind to offer an amazing set of features to the users. Its ease of use and some of the exceptional functionalities made it one of the most favorites of the Android users. The app offers a number of free tier and premium programs to the users. The free tier has features less than the premium program. The regular premium tier costs $30 per year and offers a set of exceptional features. The “premium plus” plan comes for $100 per year. This plan contains a full identity-protection service. Lookout does not submit its apps for independent testing to the related labs so there is a bit confusion about the protection this Android app offers against malware protection.      

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ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus

It can be considered as one of the best malware protection application. The decent set of features include anti-theft protection, scanning and scan scheduling, security auditor feature and much more to its set of exceptional features. The app setup process is a bit intrusive and the app will ask the users their email address to download and install the same. The app works pretty well and offers a free trial for about a month to the users. After that, the pricing goes $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year. The app is lightweight so it can be installed without the storage issues.

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Key Takeaway

The apps providing Android antivirus protection are exceptional owing to their anti-malware protection features. The apps listed above offer some of the best functionalities so that you could secure your mobiles, computers, and other devices with an added layer of security. The apps mentioned above have both free and paid version and thus depending upon the specific requirements, the user can install any of the apps mentioned here.

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