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Best News Apps For Android and iOS Device

Are you looking for continuous yet best news updates? Here are some unbelievably outstanding News apps for your iOS and Android device to get you started!

Best News Apps For Android and iOS Device

Technology has comfortably slipped into the journalism world, while smartphones have become massive information banks. Sea of words is just a fingertip away; life has become extremely flexible and comfortable than before. There are plentiful mobile news apps available for Android and Apple devices and are solely dedicated to sharing the local and world news.

However, it is tough to select the best among the various. So, the Mobileappdaily team has made an effort to compile the categorized list of the finest News apps which are the best for Android and iOS devices.

Why categorized? Different people have different choices which also means the reading selection is going to based out of different dimensions of varying news categories like entertainment to politics to technology to social to economic.

To suffice the same there is some gem of the mobile News apps exist that are specifically developed for iOS and Android platforms, let’s have a look:

Political News Apps

1. BBC News

BBC mobile news app brings you the latest collection of content with a more significant impact and personalization features. This free mobile news app is regarded as one of the best political news apps for its overall performance.

So, there is everything through which you can only get more. From top stories to the latest world’s breaking news is committed to giving you everything in a much compiled, simple and clear way from the trusted newsrooms and journalism networks.

BBC News Application

This news app features a + sign through which you can quickly add a route directly to the stories you prefer to read. These topics and news stories added will appear in a personalized form on your Android or iOS mobile devices as MyNews feed.

Such an amazing way through which you can easily order stories by topic or time and also experience the functionality of Manage Topics so that you stay informed round the clock.

BBC mobile news app has been designed to keep you connected to every corner of the world, this is why it will suggest the topics based out of that you have recently checked or searched which could roll on to your mobile screen from entertainment to technology to politics to business to themes to people to places and much more.

Stunning push notifications will keep you alert for the breaking news, so what are you waiting for? Download it now for free and stay ahead.

Download: Android, iOS (Free)

2. AP Mobile News

Ap mobile news app brings the latest and the best headlines as well as news articles for you on your Android and iOS devices via trusted journalism sources and the Associated Press.

This news app is one of the most trusted sources for the real-time news coverage which you can easily access anywhere anytime. The launch of the AP mobile news app will ask you whether you want to receive location-specific news or the complete world news.

Ap mobile news application

The news is classified and based totally on the continents and the countries. So, in this case, you have an option to select between the sections of Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa. This app is the best to get access over the world news about politics, though this news app does not showcase any settings options. However, this app is totally free and quite easy to use.

Download: Android, iOS (Free)

3. Circa News

Circa News app is a known best news app for Android and iOS mobile platforms. One of the best features of this mobile news app is named as wired. It is a fantastic feature which happens to get updated throughout the day.

It accommodates a summary of the day’s breaking news or headlines and links the various stories that you prefer and follow. You can smartly customize this news app which features exciting options to find articles by clicking on the search bar on the top.

All you need to do is to scroll through the breaking news or headlines to reach to your pick of the news article list. The best part of this mobile news app is that you can create your news feed in a much easier way.

Customize the topics from the collection of business, politics, science and much more. However, this mobile news app does have a downside that it does not own dark mode and also unable to provide the filters.

Download: Android, iOS

Sports News Apps

1. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo sports mobile app has been the fastest and the best way to get the latest scores, stats, and information about your favorite teams. If you are a real game lover, then download this app today on your Android or Apple devices. Yahoo Sports mobile app gives you the insights on NFL, NBA, WNBA, NHL, MLB, for scores, highlights, breaking news, and stats.

yahoo sports news  

You can also dig into the complete information about soccer-premier league, Europa League, La Liga, Italian Serie A, Bundesliga, Brazil Serie A, MLS, Ligue 1 and much more. You have to sign in to your Yahoo account to get more information.

You can easily star mark your favorite teams and leagues to get personalized news and the latest updates about sports. Homepage accommodates all the essential content list which includes news, videos, and scores. Set alerts to your favorite teams and leagues and the Game is ON!

Download: Android, iOS (Free)

2. 365Scores

Join the journey of sports awareness with 365Scores, the extravagant mobile news app which is available to give you the fastest score updates of live stats, breaking news, In-Game insights, Highlights, Lineups, Live tables and much more.

NBA, NFL, champions league, La Liga, MLS, Serie A, Liga MX, MLB, leagues of soccer, Football, Tennis, Basketball, Rugby, etc. you name it, and you have it on your mobile screen. With a complete personalized content and notification with this sports news app, you can select what teams and leagues you want to follow to pick your favorite games at that point of time.

365score news application

You can enjoy the best moments of a match along combined with day and Buzz stream in case you missed the live feed. You will be delighted to follow the sports TV schedule, pre-game and live insights for all the major football and tennis competitions.

With this sports news mobile app, you get the pleasure of using live match tracker which is the best way to feel the game.

Download: Android, iOS ( Free, with in-app purchases )

Collective News Apps

1. Flipboard

Flipboard is one of the most reliable information accumulator news apps, and indeed, it turned out to be highly bespoke along with holding the best UI experiences which is unmatched.

This news app is user-friendly for your Apple and Android mobiles through which you have to select the topics as per your choice, and the content will be showcased according to the same. The launch of the news app will come up with the variety of cover stories, i.e., categories. Tapping through categories will lead you to specific articles.

flipboard news mobile application

Flipboard news app though gives you an interesting opportunity to choose your passion while it creates a smart magazine for each user. You can read, like and share the stories based on more than a thousand topics.

Flipping through the pages on your mobile makes Flipboard more unique. However, this news app is pretty heavy and takes more of the phone data which inclined towards the higher page load time. This application has one more downside it supports ads, but it is a free news app, it can be insightful, try it now!

Download: Android, iOS (Free)


News contents published by some most reputed news creators around the globe are the integrals of INKL mobile news app. Ethical journalism means which does not happen to be just a click-bait; it means to be more responsible and accountable for each word that rolls out from the newsroom.

INKL news app is free of advertisements and gives you a complete sense of privacy on iOS and Android devices.

INKL news mobile application

There are no paywalls in this brilliant news app; this app allows you to carry on with the topic based searches. Loading speed matches with the blink of an eye and gives in-depth information about various news topics.

The Best part is that news can be easily read offline, so certainly you can follow the news more frequently and share it on social media as well. When you will click INKL news app stay rest assured to receive only highly curated and top-grade published news.

This news app is themed dark, and when you tap on an article, the header will have the publishers logo followed by the article.

Download: Android, iOS ( Free, with in-app purchases for pre-paid or subscription )

3. Google Play Newsstand

Google Play Newsstand helps you to discover the collective news, and the interesting part is that it gets updated on a real-time basis. Being Google’s creation this news mobile app is apt in pulling the news content the moment they are published on the websites.

What else can be so instantaneous? It is a single destination for you to read the latest news, browsing the topics, news sources magazines, etc. over your Apple and Android devices.

Google Play newsstand apps

You can go for a quick scan of the latest news headlines along with in-depth, informative articles, videos and also podcasts. You will find all the news details in ‘For You’ section, the moment you are going to install this news app on your iOS or Android device you will be subscribed to different news feeds already.

They can be found in the library section; you can add or remove the subscriptions as per your choice. Reach to the explore section and start your search by name or scroll down to the various categories. Weather widget on the home page is followed by top stories, highlights and much more.

This app is more focused on delivering region-specific as compared to world news. This news app, however, needs to be configured as per your favorites in case you are looking for the relevant content.

Download: Android, iOS (Free)

4. SmartNews

SmartNews is simple to use news app designed for Android and iOS devices. To swipe through different categories once you launch the news app swipe through left to right.

Each category has a listed view for the articles and news which you can scroll through. Discover section will help you to manage various subscriptions. This news app has also won best app 2013 award and maintains the same reputation till date.

smartnews application

However, there are a few downsides of this mobile news app like it is not available in the dark mode, UI look is quite old, you will not be able to customize the app except selecting the article sources there is no change which you can apply as per your choice. Still, this news app stands strong as a good one and best in the category of simple to use apps.

Download: Android, iOS (Free)

Technology News Apps

1. TechCrunch

This news app is generally compared with BBCNews and The Washington Post. This news app is capable of rolling out quality content over Android and iOS devices. This tech news app gives you detailed updates about new devices, apps, and games also related news about the startups can also be searched here.

If you are someone who is a die-hard fan of tech world then definitely this tech news app is everything for you providing updates for quality tech and startup journalism.

Techcrunch News Mobile Application

This mobile news app gives you free access to all the content from its website; it has breaking news alerts for the topics you search or read the most. You can easily save the stories and save them for later, i.e., you can read them offline as well once saved for later.

This tech news app has a vast database from the industry’s leading startups, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Download: Android, iOS (Free)

2. Appy Geek

Appy Geek is a complete tech solution for tech news. Themed in the dark, this mobile news app showcases stunning UI animations, the moment you will launch this new app on your Android or iOS device you will find yourself already subscribed to with the popular topics and suggestions.

Subscriptions can easily be changed from the settings section also you can find long editorial articles in the digest section of this fantastic news app.

Appy Geek News Application

Appy Geek is best to download over iOS or Android mobiles to experience the easy and best streaming of videos within the news app. This news app has one of the best features which gives you a space to leave your comments on the articles published on different websites without leaving the news app.

This mobile news app also gives fantastic options to select the region and the language as per your choice you want to get in the news. This news app supports more than ten languages which include English, Espanol, French, and Spanish.

You have a great chance to grasp the news in the local language which is one of the best flexibility features this app has. This news app is free along with in-app purchases to remove the ads.

Download: Android, iOS (Free, With in-app purchases)

RSS Reader Apps for News

1. Inoreader

Do you know how to access all your favorite newspapers with one click? We present you the Inoreader app which is a free news app for Android and Apple phones. This amazing news app keeps you updated with the latest happenings around the world from the best magazines and newsroom sources.

The entire feed rolls into your mobile phone instantly which has a brighter side of not accommodating any ads or additional links. It is one of the most powerful RSS feed readers and saves a considerable amount of your time while you can grab the best news around.

Inoreader mobile app news

Simplify your life with this alluring mobile news app which gives you the daily dose of best and impeccable articles and magazines for free. There are at least 28 topics through which you can make a selection, and above this, there is an interesting tracking feature which will track the news articles which you follow or read on this daily mobile news app.

Stay rest assured of seeing the only fresh collection of news articles and updates once you pick your mobile for news access.

The interface is straightforward to work on, and its professional plan gives you the offline mode access as well with which new news articles will be synchronized which you can read on your mobile anywhere anytime. Stay informed more smartly with this astonishing mobile news app.

Download: Android, iOS (Free with in-app Purchases)

2. Feedly

Feedly is one of the best and popular RSS mobile apps; you will find clustered news source database as per your news preference. This news app has articles along with the collection of cross-platform support for third-party apps like Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Feedly is capable of organizing all the publications, blogs, YouTube channels for you in a single place strategically. It becomes comfortable, clean and undoubtedly impactful for your sight to consume more information.

You will enjoy the quick access to the different sources of news and information which helps you to keep up with significant trends in your industry and build expertise on the topics among your priority list. Feedly is in connect with more than 40 million feeds, through which you can get in-depth information from various news sets.

Feedly News mobile application

Feedly has got good speed, and it is a simple news app which has made it one of the best free reader available. You can choose to start with the blog, magazine, or a newspaper to be added with this news app and explore the blogs from tech, business, food, marketing, entrepreneurship, design, and photography, etc. stay tuned!

Download: Android, iOS ( Free, with in-app purchase )

3. Flym News Reader

Flym News Reader is a straightforward yet modern free News app. This easy to use news app is available for download on your Android devices within which you can add news feeds and subscribe to the new ones from the browser via share feature tab.

Flym news reader is a known best mobile news app which is available in dark as well as light themes. Offline reading is available which includes the images related to the news.

Flym News Apps

You can easily retrieve the complete text of the feed when the content is shortened, there is so much to do with this mobile news app isn’t that exciting? Yes, it is, you can star mark your favorite entries and search for your articles.

Go ahead and filter the keywords through which you want to search for the news you are looking for, the custom widgets will help you to get the best-filtered news information on your mobile screen.

Download: Android (Free)

Financial News Apps

1. Bloomberg

Introduce your mind to the world of global business and finance news with the Bloomberg finance news app. you will find astonishing market data, and also portfolio tracking tools from different parts of the world and trusted sources.

This finance mobile news app keeps the fine balance between the two sides of the financial news. You will find the home page stunningly accommodating all the financial news covering the entire globe.

Bloombarg Application

Beneficially, this finance mobile news app is capable of delivering the news in all the formats which include written content, videos and also audios. It gives you access to all the Bloomberg produced shows this mobile financial news app yet seems to be rough, also it takes time to load the page. Though this app is free and provides quality information, that’s for sure.

Download: Android, iOS (Free)

2. Yahoo Finance

Yahoo finance news app is a final destination for all the financial news you require on your mobile device, track the economy and market as per your preferences. This financial news app runs smoothly on Android as well as Apple mobile phones and brings you the best and the most relevant financial news from around the globe.

yahoo finance apps

The home page has all the stock guides which you can quickly scroll through the mobile app. The news section remains the world financial news specific. The written content has a variety of short videos which will allow autoplay when we scroll through the feed.

The fascinating aspect of yahoo finance news mobile app is that it allows you to stay aware of a stock’s performance compiled with the simplified graphs.

Set your preferred region to receive financial news which is bespoke. The explore tab is the best place to discover the exciting and more engaging financial news; now this app has everything which you need to stay informed financially, what are you waiting for? Download it now!

Download: Android, iOS (Free)

Entertainment News App

1. E! News

Download some flamboyance into your Android or Apple devices. E! News app has everything which is required to unwind your mind. You can watch the latest videos, and also behind the scene extras from your favorite E! Shows.

You have a great chance to be the first to know always about the breaking news in the entertainment category via mobile alerts. So, keep the latest trends and get in-depth fashion and beauty news in E! Style collective. Tune in to the exclusive live streams which include ‘Live from E!’ and live from the red carpet.

E News Apps

Download: Android, iOS

2. TMZ

Entertainment news mobile app is one exclusive news app which receives massive traffic. Different mind different choices, apparently they all need a breather, right?

You get anything and everything via TMZ entertainment news mobile app, round the clock on your Android and Apple devices like breaking celebrity news accompanied with videos and galleries.

You can free your spirits watching TMZ Live, TMZ Sports, and also clips from TMZ TV, what more you can ask from a free mobile entertainment news app. keep your entertainment spirits high!

Download: Android, iOS

A Few Local News Apps: Recommendations

Local news apps are exclusively designed for those minds which are only interested or concerned about the local updates and happenings. These apps flow the information and news coming from trusted local journalism sources.

A. The Washington Post in the USA – Download: Android, iOS  

B. The Guardian in the UK - Download: Android, iOS 

C. The Hindu in India - Download: Android, iOS

D. InShorts - Download: Android, iOS

Lively, robust and high-quality mobile news apps are calling you, what are you waiting for? Let your mind feed on some interesting and worthy data collection.

With this article, we have been able to recommend you the best collection of Mobile News Apps which are available just a tap away. So stay informed and stay thrilled to have this high-end technology right into your palms!

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