U.S. to Ban Social Media Apps that Employs ‘Psychological Tricks’

U.S. to Ban Social Media Apps that Employ ‘Psychological Tricks’

The bill to ban psychological tricks around the US social media channel is already tabled in front of Congress.

U.S. to Ban Social Media Apps that Employ ‘Psychological Tricks’

Social media addiction can have a negative and adverse impact on people’s daily life, says a study by the Social Champ. The associated issues may range from short temper and inability to focus to irritation on the smallest of things and change in diet plans.

Alarmed by these trends, the US may pass a law that will put an end to techniques which are responsible for encouraging such addictive behaviors. According to the Guardian, a Republican senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley, has introduced a bill for the same. His tweet reads,

“Big Tech has embraced addiction as a business model. Their ‘innovation’ isn’t designed to create better products, but to capture attention by using psychological tricks that make it impossible to look away. Time to expect more & better from Silicon Valley.”

The bill termed as the ‘Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology (Smart) Act.’ aims to stop companies from integrating psychological tricks in their social media apps.

The bill targets explicitly those “practices that exploit human psychology or brain physiology to substantially impede freedom of choice.”

If Congress passes this social media bill, it will become illegal for companies to use various techniques and strategies that keep users engaged.

There are many social media apps, which have millions of followers. The following are the statistics of people attached to their devices:

  • Facebook: 2.271 billion users
  • Instagram: 1 billion users
  • Youtube: 1.8 billion users
  • WhatsApp: 900 million users
  • LinkedIn: 562 million users

The screaming millions are direct results of the human psychology tricks used by social media companies to hook the users.

A few techniques employed by social media apps to keep the user addicted:

  • Infinite scroll or auto-refill
  • Elimination of natural stopping points
  • Autoplay
  • Badges and other awards linked to engagement with the platform

If all these psychology tricks and practices are banned by the US government, it will significantly affect the working of social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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