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10 Top Augmented Reality Apps Worth Trying in 2021

The Best Augmented Reality Apps in 2021 making life easier for everyone.

Best Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented reality is a powerful technology that is proving itself as one of the best tools to be used in our daily lives. Right from the social media filters to augmented complex surgical procedures, AR technology is growing and finding applications in almost every area. It brings virtual reality into the real world, which ultimately renders an exceptional experience of things we see, hear, and feel.

There is a never-ending scope for augmented reality in this ever-evolving tech world, which you can experience by exploring the best AR apps. AR apps have become a growing trend that keeps on expanding and enhancing the virtual view by offering a composite view to the real-world aspects.

Why Do We Need Augmented Reality?

The answer to why we need augmented reality is simple. The world is constantly changing. Our lives are becoming more complex. Everything we do today is getting more and more complex. So to make our lives easier and tackle the complexity coming up, augmented reality is a must. 

We start counting and we’ll find way too many augmented reality uses. It makes all the sense why companies have begun using the technology. Today, we’re getting games and other augmented reality applications and that is trending to a great extent. 

Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS

So in case you’re wondering which are the best-augmented reality apps today, we’ve rounded up a list of the top 10 AR apps today:    

1. IKEA Place

One of the stands out platforms when it comes to designing and improving homes, IKEA Place is easily ranked as one of the tops augmented reality apps because of its exciting features and ease of use. Whether you want to re-design, build or decorate for any occasion, the app has it all for you. The best part, you get to choose a location or style as per your preference. 

With more than 20 million styles to select from, IKEA Place could be your go-to choice when it comes to designing your home. For users more accustomed to using the website, the app works pretty comfortably just like the website with menus and user interface of the whole app very convenient to use. It gives the app a natural feel and makes it one of the best-augmented reality apps. Users will find many swipe options to shuffle between different options in the app.

IKEA Place - Best Augmented Reality Apps

Striking Features of IKEA Place Augmented Reality App: 

  • Sketch feature to draw directly on photos. 
  • 2.5 million professionals to connect on the app to design your home.
  • An option to hire or collaborate with professionals for your home project.
  • You can search for products or furniture for your interiors directly on the app. 

Download this best app for augmented reality for iOS

2. YouCam Makeup

Getting filters for photos has become a fashion among many people. Hense YouCam Makeup is one of the best AR-powered apps which can add amazing filters to your picture with the help of AR. It’s one of the best AR apps for Android and iOS that can be used by users to get visual edits in augmented reality.

YouCam - Best Augmented Reality Apps

Striking Features of the YouCam Makeup App:

  • A gallery of mesmerizing designs ;
  • Allows the user to check out different filters;
  • Developed with an advanced photo editor.
  • Quick share option for users to distribute with friends and more.

Download this top AR app for Android & iOS

3. GIPHY World

GIPHY World is also one of the fun augmented reality apps for Android and iOS. This is a three-dimensional coloring app that turns colored pictures into appealing animated figures. For users, it’s a fun tool that allows them to convert their images into cartoon characters, animal structures, and many more.

GIPHY - Best Augmented Reality Apps

Striking Features of GIPHY World augmented technology app:

  • Combines physical coloring to bring an extraordinarily magical experience to the images;
  • Integrated with AR educational pages including quiz tests;
  • Built with an enhanced zoom functionality;
  • Availability of a variety of sound effects and more.

Download this top augmented technology app for Android & iOS

4. Google Lens

Google Lens is one of the most useful augmented reality apps which has been widely used among users to search for various things. Unlike the standard version of Google, which only searches the text you extra, with Google Lens, you can open your camera and search anything which your camera sees.

You only need to open this app, capture the object, and wait for the results. The search engine will show all the top results and also links to find more details.

Google Lens - Best Augmented Reality Apps

Striking Features Google Lens Augmented Reality App:

  • Image search
  • Search detailed archives
  • Easy operations

Download this top augmented reality app for Android

5. Augment

Shortly after its launch, Augment ranked amongst the top augmented reality apps and became the best alternative for creating videos by adding characters from both the real and the fictional world. With Augment, an augmented reality app, users can place animated 3D models on their surroundings using augmented reality.

Augment - Best Augmented Reality Apps

Striking Features of Augment App:

  • Allows the addition of holograms;
  • Create models
  • Allows the user to adjust the hologram by resizing, rotating, and moving;
  • Bring your ideas to life.

Download this top augmented technology app for Android & iOS


An app that turns your camera into an AR weapon, ROAR provides users with AR content along with 3D, audio, and video content. For those enthusiastic about AR, this augmented reality app allows them to create their content using the ROAR studio and share it with the world. The app is one of its kind with a huge fan base. 

Roar - Best Augmented Reality Apps

Striking features of the ROAR top AR apps:

  • It allows users to see diverse types of content. 
  • Users get to create their AR content with ease. 
  • New scene tracking feature for a better experience. 

Download this top AR app for Android & iOS

7. Amikasa

Making floor plans might be a simple task for the architects and professional map makers, but it's never been easier for everyone. Amikasa is easily amongst the top augmented reality apps for iOS that make it easier to design and measure floor plans for all users. They can now download this app to measure the areas and make floor plans exactly like experts

This app is specially introduced to help contractors and interior designers. Now they can attach the application with their measuring tools to come out with effective designing and floor plans.

Amikasa - Best Augmented Reality Apps

Striking Features of Amikasa one of the top AR apps:

  • Users can use the camera to create floor plans;
  • Allows you to add photos and related notes;
  • Provides statistics automatically for surroundings, surfaces, and distances easily rewarding it as one of the best-augmented reality apps;
  • Conducts surveys by providing customized questionnaires and more.

Download this best app for augmented reality for iOS

8. Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the best social media and one of the popular AR apps which has captivated millions of hearts already with its AR-powered filters and animations. The idea of Snapchat is not only attractive but also it is one of the unique features like self-destructive ‘Snaps’ and the users can send a picture or a short video as a message which automatically disappears after a few seconds. 

Snapchat was one of the popular AR apps which made the ‘Stories’ popular, which was eventually adopted by other social media apps like Instagram. The popularity of Instagram has affected Snapchat’s growth and marketers’ interest in using this new social media app as a marketing and advertising platform.

Snapchat - Best Augmented Reality Apps

Striking Features of Snapchat Augmented Reality App:

  • Create and add filters, lens, 3D Bitmojis to your photos;
  • Live messaging and video chat with up to 16 friends at once;
  • Watch their Stories from friends, top publishers, and creators;
  • Check out snaps shared earlier with free cloud storage;
  • Check your astrological compatibility with friends.

Download the most popular social media app for Android & iOS

9. Wanna Kicks

Wanna Kicks is an excellent alternative to free-hand drawing, which gives users the liberty to draw augmented reality doodles within the three-dimensional surroundings of their mobile device screen.

Amongst the best-augmented reality apps, Just a Line is fun as it allows users to calibrate the phone’s space with just a tap. All you need to do is hold the finger anywhere on the screen and draw a line with a free hand to augment any of the clicked pictures.

Wanna Kicks - Best Augmented Reality Apps

Striking Features of Wanna Kicks AR app:

  • Lets you make simple drawings with augmented reality;
  • Helps users create and share doodle videos with friends;
  • Compatible with all AR-enabled devices;
  • Allow users to draw and record doodles and more.

Download this top AR app for Android & iOS

10. Stack AR

An app that soon became popular after its launch and turned into one of the top Augmented Reality apps, Stack AR is a fun game with a real physical feel to it. The play of the game is simple, colored blocks move to and fro and all you have to do is to form a tower by tapping on each block at the right time. 

The inclusion of Augmented Reality makes it even better as blocks fall anywhere on the floor due to wrong taps and cast a shadow that seems very real. It is one of those iPhone augmented reality apps that became number one on the apple chart soon after its launch. 

Stack AR - Best Augmented Reality Apps

Striking features of Stack AR Augmented Reality App: 

  • Shadow cast gives a real physical feel to it.
  • Graphics are simple and great, making it one of the best-augmented reality apps for the iPhone.
  • The app has a very easy user experience.

Download this top augmented reality app for iOS

Ending Point

The emerging technology of Augmented reality has been used in multiple ways in the app world, and its use is still growing at a rapid pace. The scope of augmented reality is never-ending, and it is constantly empowering top augmented reality companies to find new ideas to implement in exceptional ways. These most popular AR apps are only a few examples of how AR is shaping our future.

If you have suggestions for the most popular augmented reality apps, or you want to get your app reviewed on the best app review site, get in touch with MobileAppDaily.

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